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Bonne compagnie où travailler en général. Les payes sont bonnes, les différents avantages sont de qualité, régime d'achat d'actions de l'entreprise en plus!Maiiisssss malheureusement, haute gestion qui a eut raison de la santé mentale de moi ainsi que de d'autres collègues. Le micromanaging était insoutenable. On se sentait géré comme des enfants et non comme des managers. Très triste..
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Decent place to work

Not much room to grow, busy work days. no possibility for remote work. Title: A Mixed Bag - My Experience at TELUSRating: ★★★☆☆I've spent a considerable amount of time working at TELUS, and while there have been some positive aspects, there are also a few negatives that need to be addressed.
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Fun work enviro

nice place to work, lots of nice people. Training needs work, had to learn for myself and nobody teaches u what to do beyond the bare minimum. self start
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Great if you can get in

The great benefits, remote work and autonomy balance out the busy work culture (to be at 100% capacity is to not be working enough).Hardest thing is to get into the company. Hires are 80% nepotism.
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Used to be a great place to work. Now it is the poster child for corporate greed.

What is the best part of working at the company?Your peers are mostly good people. Policies and leaders are not.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?The sales expectations and all related metrics. This is a company that doesn't understand real roadblocks and rewards gaming. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Depends on the area you are in, most are currently toxic. What is a typical day like for you at the company?This isn't a short answer question.
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Terrible place to work

SMB in Telus is a mess, constantly hiring and firing. Managers are decent but under too much pressure and can't train or coach their team members. They "restructured" the whole channel and it's a disaster now. The people who DID help are now gone, targets are too high, the upper management lie constantly and look like they all hate each other. Everyone is out for themselves and the "CULTURE" is non-existent. DO NOT WORK IN THIS CHANNEL.
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What is the best part of working at the company?Company shares. Company provided toolsWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Heavy sales focus to the point of losing sight of reason, very poor management from top down.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Crew environment was great, manager and higher was extremely toxicWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Go to appointments, help customers out, be told I'm not doing my job because it's I'm not selling anything even though our customers had what they wanted/needed
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waste of time

one of the worst companies I have ever worked for. Impossible metrics to meet, demand you to sell, no compassion for the customer or any of its employees, constantly tracked and make you feel like your under the gun every day you work here. Very little pay increase, latest union contract was a joke and no raises were provided due to telus greed.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

everything, avoid at all cost
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Good pay

Stressful but good pay. Get ready to do repetitive work. They changed their management style rapidly and you are just a number to them. If you dont mind dealing with customers is a good job.
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Toxic Management, you’re disposable

Toxic micromanaging environment where you’re treated like just a replaceable number. Stats are everything. Very poor work life balance. Reprimanded for using the washroom.l not on your scheduled breaks. They may give where they live but all they give their employees is a hard time.

Points positifs

Ok pay

Points négatifs

Very stressful
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Good place to work, loyalty is not rewarded

Good place to work, lots of opportunities for advancement, good perks and benefits. Great work styles if you want to work from home. There is a huge emphasis on creating quarterly personal goals.
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Old Boys Club

It's who you know, not what you know; couldn't be more true. Promotions and recognition are based on managers favourites and managers won't hesitate to through you under the bus. Strongly recommend pursuing employment elsewhere.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Terrible management
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TELUS HEALTH team has the best culture

Leadership is caring and kind, genuinely cares for employees. Direct manager spent time coaching and helping with career development, best department to be in.
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Account specialist temporarily good long term look forSomething else

Stressful toxic woke environment Management doesn’t not care about mental health you are just a number to them. constant threats from managers if you not exceeding your target. 6 months probation is used against you in 1 v 1 meetings that if you don’t do certain numbers you’ll be laid off in just 2nd month of the job. Hiring for account specialist keeps going year around which says a lot about retention. Micro managing to the wire according to them you are always doing something wrong. If you are passionate about sales or need some job for a couple of months then do it. Otherwise apply to do something else at Telus but not account specialists.

Points positifs

50k base that’s not enough but not bad either

Points négatifs

It’s not a 9 to 5 they expect you toWork24/7
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Used to be an amazing company

This used to be the best company to work for and then after covid and with the changes and inflation greed really set in to telus for employees who have worked there for over five years minimum, we're getting paid out and severance packages because they were too expensive to keep. The company doesn't care about competent workers, good customer service service skills. You will be reprimanded if you try to do the good thing for someone. Rather than trying to make them spend more money. There were numerous times where I would stop employees from doing shady things and I would get in trouble for it. As a superior it was a complete joke.This company used to be very generous to its staff andto the customers. Now the customers mean nothing and the staff mean lesser than that.I've never been the person to break down a company, but this company is ridiculous. Unfortunate and a huge time waste for a part-time job. Given it used to be fantastic, but it's not even worth that anymore. Because part-time isnt part-time they expect everything for nothing.The managers and area managers are complete joke as well. At the location I worked 3 managers just left with no reason, and without telling anybody, stayed on the pay cycle and none of the area managers even let raced and eyebrow about it the onrs who suffered were the full time reps who had to run the loctions for NOTHING, but if a full time employee was away for more than three days, god forbid. They will also take advantage of you. I was given multiple opportunities and promised a multiple positions spent a year of my time there - 

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Like any other big company they have big company problems. Unfortunately there is an us and them mentality. Ended up being one of the better places at the end.
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Good for students who need something on their resume, experienced applicants not so much

If you are starting your career and need a student or intern job to put on your resume - apply here to get the work experience. Anyone else who likes to do a good job and be recognized for it , paid fair market value or have any career growth- stay away.

Points positifs

Work from home for some, cute fuzzy animal commercials

Points négatifs

It is who you know and not how well you do your job, Salary is way below market, Be prepared to be let go at a moment's notice, it is not how well you do your job but who you know
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Supportive management

Great hours and supportive management. Has a great team working with frontline therapists. Wish there are more upwards promotions and salary negotiation opportunities.
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A great place to work and develop your skills and career.

Really enjoyed developing my skills and working with different people from different generations. One of the best things about this place are the people and the relationships you build. Management is great and there are remote roles. Benefits package is probably top 3 in the province. You will do well here is you are the type of person that can adapt to change. New products, processes, people, teams, org changes are the norm. It is one company that has many departments from marketing, finance, legal, HR. Great benefits and there are sales incentives if you are in a sales position.

Points positifs

great benefits, many opportunities to develop skills

Points négatifs

annual raises are slim
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A solid employer

I worked in a call centre. This kind of work is highly regimented and requires a lot of focus on the caller and their concern. TELUS is good at training you and equipping you to do your job. This wasn't true twenty years ago but things have changed a lot for the better. My immediate support persons have been excellent and were very supportive. At the operations and director level managers were open to feedback and as open as possible with the direction the company was taking. I worked there for a long time, too long to be in a call centre environment. There have been opportunities to move that I did not capitalize on. Recently the role I had was modified to include a sales component. I wasn't made for sales so I left with a very generous severance package which made it easier to leave and transition to something else.

Points positifs

Pay, benefits, management

Points négatifs

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Grosse pression de vente mais peu rapporter

Grosse pression des directeurs à vendre mais les commissions sont meilleurs que chez les compétiteurs. Dépendamment du lieu, certains représentants brisent les règles pour s’enrichir, ce qui donnent du travail de soutien supplémentaire aux autres
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