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Bonne compagnie où travailler en général. Les payes sont bonnes, les différents avantages sont de qualité, régime d'achat d'actions de l'entreprise en plus!Maiiisssss malheureusement, haute gestion qui a eut raison de la santé mentale de moi ainsi que de d'autres collègues. Le micromanaging était insoutenable. On se sentait géré comme des enfants et non comme des managers. Très triste..
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Fun place

Great team love my job, some days it’s super busy other it’s slow but commission and pay is pretty good. If you’re looking for a small team and decent pay this is it
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Very professional and supportive

TELUS Communications is an amazing organization that offers so many opportunities for career growth and success. The organization is very supportive of a healthy worklife balance and gives so many tools that cater to this. Management is very accessible and easy to approach.My years at TELUS showed me that the environment and potential to make a six figure salary is very good and has a very little turnover rate of employment. The only reason why I left is because I completed my Masters and Doctorate and had an opportunity to work in my field of study. If not, I would have never left.
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extensive knowledge & great time

great team and fun work environment. benefits are great as well. they really go above and beyond to ensure that you understand your work and do well at whatever you do.
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Workplace changed to much

Since maybe 3 months the company leaders are creating a toxic workplace and it’s getting pretty tough to work there since they ask for the moon and the wage isn’t as good as it was
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Too much corporate BS

Very political, management is very kick managing. Good pay, until you cap out. Worked there 13 years and they downsized. Took a package first chance I got
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Looks great on paper, but the honeymoon phase doesn’t last lonng

Toxic upper management vs. union employees culture, seasonal layoffs to save $$$ followed by hiring unqualified people at half the salary. Constantly introducing new metrics that don’t follow the job description and punishing long term employees who can’t keep up. Stay far away.
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Overall great workplace

I worked as a residential service tech here for 9 years before being offered a package. Learned a lot throughout the years and many great things about Telus such as pay, benifits, freedom to work on your own. I would have stayed longer if I felt there was room for more growth and the role had changed a lot throughout the years transitioning more towards sales.
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Stressful but good benefits

Overall it is a good company to work for with lots of benefits for employees. High focus on performance management but the support isn't always there.
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Decent employee experience

Enjoyed my experience overall, strong leadership influence, low pay, lack of growth opportunities available, decent benefits package, disorganization and miscommunication during rebranding which caused confusion
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The famous TELUS culture is dying

There is a good work-life balance. Unfortunately, the workplace culture is going away. Benefits are being cut. The hardest part of the job is to get support from leadership or for them to consider product improvement recommendation. Most enjoyable part of the job is working with the competent co-workers who you can rely on. Another great part is being compensated with salary raises that accurately reflect your performance.
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Great company

Culture and good values! Exceptional company! Would highly recommend. Great health benefits and spending account. Only con is the constant change within the company.
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Telus est reconnu comme un excellent employeur pour de nombreuses raisons qui font de cette entreprise un lieu de travail attractif et gratifiant. Tout d'abord, Telus se distingue par sa culture d'entreprise axée sur l'innovation, la diversité et l'inclusion. L'entreprise favorise un environnement de travail collaboratif et respectueux où les idées sont encouragées et la diversité est célébrée.En tant qu'employeur, Telus accorde une grande importance au bien-être de ses employés. L'entreprise offre des programmes complets de santé et de mieux-être, des possibilités de développement professionnel et des avantages sociaux compétitifs. Telus s'engage à soutenir le bien-être physique, mental et émotionnel de ses employés, ce qui se traduit par un haut niveau d'engagement et de satisfaction au travail.De plus, Telus est reconnu pour son engagement envers la responsabilité sociale et environnementale. L'entreprise mène des initiatives pour soutenir les communautés locales, promouvoir la durabilité et réduire son empreinte environnementale. Les employés de Telus sont fiers de travailler pour une entreprise qui se soucie de son impact social et environnemental.En résumé, Telus est un excellent employeur en raison de sa culture d'entreprise inclusive, de son engagement envers le bien-être des employés et de sa responsabilité sociale et environnementale. Travailler chez Telus offre non seulement des opportunités de croissance professionnelle, mais aussi la satisfaction de contribuer à une entreprise qui valorise ses employés et la société dans son ensemble.
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Well In my opinion, there are five voluntary benefits that organizations can offer to their employees.1. Flexible working arrangements:These include options such as remote working flexitime and shorter work weeks. this gives employees a better work life balance and increases overall job satisfaction.2. Wellness Program:This may include gym memberships fitness classes and access to wellness resources. promoting employee health and well-being increases productivity nd reduces healthcare costs.3. Employee Assistance Programs:These Programs provide support and resources to employees who are struggling with personal or work related challenges. this may include advisory services financial planning and legal assistance.4. Professional Development Opportunities:Providing employees with opportunities to improve their skills and knowledge through training programs workshops or tuition reimbursement contributes to career growth and job satisfaction. To do good5. Volunteer Programs:Encouraging employees to participate in volunteer activities such as providing paid time off or organizing company-wide volunteer events increases employee engagement and creates a sense of purpose. we can get promoted
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Fun and exciting

I really like telus as a work place as I am a student and they’re accommodating to my hours and I still get a good pay. Obviously it is a commission job so the more you put in effort the better the pay. Managers are also very chill but lately they have been taking numbers and everything more seriously.
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not a good place to work anymore

you have to sale a lot. You have high numbers of sale to reach and if you don’t reach your goals, you get a warning. After 3 warnings you lose your job. You have to do unpaid training that isn’t on your schedule everytime you dont reach a goal. The pay is getting lower every year. I dont recommend at all. It was a great to work there 2 years ago but now it’s not worth it.
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Decent benefits and pay

Good benefits including $700 personal wellness and $5000 for mental health. Unfortunately the company I worked for was acquired by Telus and several of us high performers have been let go since the acquisition.

Points négatifs

Large corp only cares about itseslf
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Has gone downhill over 2 decades

-Does not care about employee loyalty or reward with decent $ compensation-Pushes to move up, by making clerical roles a negative powerless experience-once in Management there is no job security-toxic environment of fear
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Great employer

Great company culture, lots of opportunities and great work life balance. Lots of ways for growth and explore. Lots of benefits and flexibility for workers and in a professional role.
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Decent pay and benefits, good coworkers, but that's about it

The training period was fairly comprehensive with a competent facilitator, and the following ride-alongs with senior technicians are usually beneficial. But once you are cleared to work as a technician, almost everything from there on is extremely flawed. The job scheduling is very erratic, the jobs are often under-quoted ("SWT'd") for the time needed to properly complete, and the dispatchers can often spring jobs on you even if you have no time for those extra jobs. And then once you receive the jobs on your job board, they are often missing proper information, contain information that has nothing relevant to that particular job, or are just created because an angry Telus customer coerced the phone agent to create the ticket.The tools and vehicles provided by Telus are often sufficient. But if you require assistance from the Cable Repair team or Network team - who are vastly under funded for the scope of the operations - you and the customer can both be stuck waiting for long periods of time to fix the problem. Likewise can be said for phone supports offered to technicians - it is all off-shored, and though the agents are often very helpful, it is just like dealing with any large company over the phone. Except you are trying to squeeze these calls into an 8 hour day, where you usually have 2-4 other jobs to get to still.The metrics system that Telus employs to grade their technicians is no better. You are expected to install products (and also fix problems with the very trouble prone products and infrastructure), but this accounts for very little on your scorecard. The - 
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Really Amazing Place to Work

Telus goes above and beyond for each and every one of its sales representatives. The commission structure is also one of the best there is and the benefits are great
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