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Technician23 avis
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3.8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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A comfortable work environment in the day.

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A good work environment, where I learned the telecom trade. In the day, sponsored apprenticeship, good work culture and training. If I had to do it again, I would.

Points positifs

Professional, safety concious, development.

Points négatifs

Pay rate....negotiating wage increases
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Unclear Expectations

Poor management and unclear expectations. No safety training, and training is very weak. They try to sell off everything to the customer to meet monthly requirements.

Points positifs

Work by yourself and never see management

Points négatifs

Poor leadership
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Don’t care about anything other than wasting resources and time as well as sales if you sell your safe if you don’t your public enemy

As per union repI’ve seen TELUS go from bad to worse to disaster one of the most toxic employers to work for. You have no job security if you are not making your manger money from sales commissions and upgrading customers. I felt like I was working for a pimp.
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Great health benefits

Rapidly adapts to changes (i.e. adjustment of workflt during Covid lockdown). Accommodates role changes temporarily for health, family/personal reasons.

Points positifs

Lots of contests for free lunch, bravos (gift cards) etc
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Great Company

Was a great company to work for; though, the role I was in was either over-worked or under worked and not paid enough for the cost of living in the area. The sales targets were very annoying as well.
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TELUS is an amazing company and the training is extraordinary

TELUS is an amazing company and the training is extraordinary. There is a lot of support from management and senior technicians in the field. the atmosphere is amazing and welcoming. Help is always a phone call away and I like the fact that one can grow in the workplace with support from superiors.
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work hard at your job, and little pay

Starting at $20 hr for the work we do is not great but you do learn a lot if you are young it could be a great place to start a good career most people that work for Telus retire with Telus
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Tech Job

The workplace is nice and relaxed. When you head out to do installation the work environment become dependent on the customer. There are awesome ones and not-so-awesome ones. If you can get your head around the job/technique/installation method, you will find the work more relaxing.
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Productive and professional

Best company, professional attitude towards work, good team, we were all ready to help each other anytime. Learnt and improved alot of technical skills from this company .
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Large corporation work environment

Constant changes in management structure. Inclusive company with defined goals and mission. Work environment and culture is good. Salary is average or below average. Good benefits package
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Good company with endless possibilities for movement within the company

Fast paced work environment that needs attention to detail to provide the best services possible Hard to have a great work life balance as a technician as they need you to work roughly %50 weekends
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This was a great place to work a few years ago. Now it's all about sales. I was hired as a technician now I have sales targets which force you to compromise your values so you can keep your job. The company says they want to hear how you feel when you fill out the pulse check review, but they don't. The reality is that they bully you into a positive review of the work environment. Every new contract, customer service department, or the technicians lose some benefit or perk. The new DHT work force gets paid really lousy wages, and they are expected to sell at every job. If you want a high pressure job where you are treated poorly and threatened all the time then Telus is for you. Oh yeah and you get to work weekends too, it used to be overtime pay now its straight time.

Points positifs

Ok wage great benefits union guys are great discount on services

Points négatifs

Work life balance, managment hates the staff, lose something everytime the contract is negotiated, no way to move to another role unless you want to be a middle manager which is a worse job.
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if you dont mind being pushed to sell it's ok

I like the technical aspect of the job but the demands for techs to also be sales people is getting out of hand. Have herd 2 separate managers told there teams if you cant do sales then we will help you make you resumes
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Fun place to work pay is not good for digital home Technician

Please do not apply for digital home Technician it's the lowest tier no one respects you. They starts you at the lowest salary comparing to difference of the job you are doing ( difference Is inside and outside ) the fundamentals are the same but there are$14.00. Difference in salary.

Points positifs

Good benefits they are really nice people there

Points négatifs

All politics no life balance its all about the shareholders
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A really good trade for anyone lacking college education, TELUS treats their employees very well and offer a competitive wage for the industry. unfortunately is an unrecognized trade now.
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Excelent place to work

Working at TELUS has been great the culture is really friendly and I'm learning new skill every day. My schedule is flexible and there is opportunities for so much growth within the company.

Points positifs

discount on products and services, Union, benefits.
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Great company

Great company and wages. Good job security and work/life balance. Lots of room for growth within company. Most positions are union however benefits take awhile to kick in.
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Great pay and working alone without help

I was employed with TELUS as a Digital Home Technician, where I installed Optik TV, Internet/WiFi, and home phone. There was a 6 week training period that covered the theory aspect and also the install and repair aspect. Once you're working on your own, there's lots of troubleshooting but you aren't taught what steps to take in each common problem. I agree it was nice to be able to work independently but don't think there's always somebody that you can call for help. Overall, the other techs are very helpful if you do get a hold of them and the managers are around in the morning some of the time. Plenty of opportunities to make some extra cash if you make a sale but the agent over the phone will most likely steal your sale. Wasn't for me and I chose to pursue work where there is more support and room for growth

Points positifs

Overtime always approved, sales earn extra pay, training, tools and uniform supplied

Points négatifs

Training not long enough, rarely time for lunch or 15min coffee break, your work comes home with you
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Great job-great people, very supportive of continued learning. Fairly autonomous work days

Enjoy the job very much would like to see what else is out there. Would like to explore the possibility of returning to broadcast or working for a different environment.
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Content employment

Overall a secure job Management made it miserable (new manager) Prior to him taking the lead it's was a very enjoyable atmosphere and the team was great

Points positifs

OT availability

Points négatifs

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installing and repairs

installing fibre optic to households. repairs on tv and cable and internet.

Points positifs

free tim hortons cards, meetings .

Points négatifs

8 hours a day
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