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They are pretty open to new ideas. Work life balance is pretty good, option to go full remote gor FTEs. Would highly recommend this place for somone looking to learn new technology.
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Greedy business.

In 2020, TELUS could have paid all employees 35k more a year and still made $2b+ profit.Instead they slowly cut the pay off their sales reps and other employees and they get everything they can from their customers.A typical big business who only want to make more money from riding the backs of their employees and their customers. I truly believe that this business is only making this world a worse place.

Points positifs

Cheaper phone plans
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It's an okay job but wouldn't be my top pick

If you just want to get a job without really caring about what you do and cold calling while being verbally harassed by customers is fine for you then go right ahead. Otherwise, I would say stay clear from working for Telus. People who never wanted to do cold calling were forced into it out of the blue due to the covid situation. Unfortunately, the higher-ups brought a LOT of stress with their unrealistic sales expectations and they were really disconnected from the reality of a sales rep life.

Points positifs

The money you can make selling.

Points négatifs

The insane pressure put by higher ups, and sometimes the unreal expectations.
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Money hungry corporation

This company will find a way to pay you as little as possible. You don’t even make minimum wage (they pay $13/hour) but they try and justify it with commission which they are constantly lowering. They claim they provide 2 weeks paid vacation but if you request time off you rarely get it because every store is understaffed (again to pay less). They have very high and unattainable sales goals and if they are not reached you get threatened with a write up. The ONLY pro to working here is the occasional target incentives and benefits. Do not work with Telus if you value your time and mental health.

Points positifs

Occasional incentives and benefits

Points négatifs

Long hours, low pay, and disrespectful to employees.
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Put employees first

Many bonuses and incentives. Base pay is less than minimum wage, but once you factor in bonuses and commissions you can be making well over $25 an hour. Benefits cannot be beat. It comes down to the work you put into it. You go to work and put in effort you get paid more. They hold employees to a high standard for customer experience.

Points positifs

Great benefits and pay

Points négatifs

Off season/ certain locations can be extremely slow leading to less pay
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Its either complicated problems or fixing someones email.

A typical day you will be helping people understand their devices and how to use them, while sometimes making sales then spend an hour setting up their new device and copying all their old content. Majority of your work will be helping tech challenged people understanding how to use basic features on their phones. You are expected to be an expert on all the services offered by telus. This ranges from cell phones to internet/tv/homephone as well as their new additions such as home security and their fall alert system for the elderly. There is a lot of information to know and this makes it a difficult job to just jump into and be successful at. Training for, how to operate the systems and knowing the intricacies of the job, falls short and often relies on lots of on the job training (often not conducted by managers but instead coworkers). Internal listed policies are difficult to locate and are often contradictory making the job even more confusing. Targets are strongly enforced but are often hard to meet as the stores can often lack customer traffic and the traffic it receives can be disqualified from further sales. More customers are utilizing online ordering and with online only offers this further pushed customers away from the store making it feel like they are trying to make our stores obsolete. Pay comes from 3 things, base hourly pay, performance bonus, and commissions. Commissions are lower than they've ever been and base pay is less than minimum wage. I've heard reps used to make 3 times what we make now. At least it's better than min wage. Depending - 
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this job definitely gives you the best training ground as a gateway into sales, builds an excellant sales training for future interest into sales, also has a great perk of living in Vancouver.
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Great Place to Work

Telus is a good place to work. You enhance your knowledge on daily bases by learning New Skills and Training provided by most experienced Leaders. The Management is very supportive and always ready to help. Work culture is great.
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fantastic experience

good work life balance, great pay, low stress, customers mostly know what they want, no complaints....................................................
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great experience i recommend it

i really liked working at telus it was a nice environment a great experience it was a team work always motivating you to reach a certain target i recommend it
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Productive and fast working environment

Great workplace culture, fast paced working environment, learn new skills and knowledge on a daily basis. Keeping up to date with all new and relevant technology makes it a fun work environment.
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Great place

Great company culture. For the most part awesome management and teamwork. Great communication between staff and different levels of management. Relaxed team environment and overall great environment. Incentives changed too many times, with each change beinging less and less for the employees.
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it was hard job. to go door to door because people went to visit the territory and no one wants to buy teluas when shaw has cheaper rates. very challenging and exhausting job
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Productive team

My job here was based on commission so I had to greet and help any clients that walked into the store and I had to make sure that no client could leave the store disappointed or not satisfied. TELUS really helped me to become the best at my communication skills and also honest and loyal to clients. Management was very friendly and outgoing and they were supportive of my needs and growth. Workplace culture was very nice, lots of young people around my age and people with different background that helped me enjoy my work environment. The hardest part of the job was talking too much to clients to convince them to buy the products. The most enjoyable part of the job was it was competitive and always felt nice to sell more products and win trips around the world.
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I have been working for this compagny for 6 years. I have had the opportunity to change roles. The people are great. The managers are really understanding. Overall Telus is a very great company to work for.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Excellent Workplace culture and environment

Management is helpful and very supportive, provides adequate training. Telus is not a profitable company and it reflects down to employee compensations.
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Good company - some challenges

Telus is a good company that offers great benefits, and a collaborative team environment. Some great coworkers that are fun and helpful and make coming into the office fun. Lots to learn - busy role and never a dull moment. Had the opportunity to work with some fantastic clients. Training provided that was top notch and something you can use in other organizations. Lots of job stress in this role. Management - I have a mixed review here as have had both great and poor experience with management changes. Expectation was to be in the office Mon - Thurs - work from home was not encouraged or supported yet the tools Telus offers to their clients encourages the WFH ideology.

Points positifs

Benefits, Training, Great coworkers. Stock options. 3 weeks VAC to start

Points négatifs

Micro management, Work Life Balance could be improved, Commission payments can take a long time to be paid out, Some managers are not supportive or quallified for their roles.
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Door to Door

I was responsible for going door-to-door to proactively sell communication and TV products and services to residential or business customers. This role requires a person to be highly motivated, enjoy selling and be up for a challenge.

Points positifs

Communicating with people

Points négatifs

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Good Job

Good job, need to be in a location where it is busier as you get paid as you sell. Commission based is great if it is busier then there is more opportunities. Part time and full time put under strict deadlines to get sales out with everything included so prepared to get talked to if those aren't done. Overall the benefits are great as part time and meeting your sales goals there are many incentives.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Do not waste your time

Door to door sales is not so funny. It is a great opportunity for newcomers, but that is. It is possible to make 70 $ per day if you work pretty hard..

Points positifs

Survival job. An opportunity to improve your sales skills

Points négatifs

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It was an unique experience

Great Management team. Day started with briefing . And then employees performed door to door sales / any promotional events. Office staff were friendly, supportive, informative. This experience helped me learn many different sales techniques. Overall, I enjoyed being a part of TELUS.

Points positifs

One hour Lunch Break

Points négatifs

Had to perform door to door sales in different residential areas
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