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Sales Representative180 avis
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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great first sales job!

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As a beginning to a new sales career or as a student it is perfect. Although, as it is retail there will always be a plateau. The company itself has great values and the pay really shows what you put in.
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Workplace changed to much

Since maybe 3 months the company leaders are creating a toxic workplace and it’s getting pretty tough to work there since they ask for the moon and the wage isn’t as good as it was
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You're either the shark or the fish

Be prepared to harass every customer that walks in until they relent and listen to you talk about home services.For all of Telus' public talk regarding mental health awareness and anti-bullying, they fail in showing that same duty of care for their own staff.If you are an aggressive salesperson and can thrive in an environment where numbers are the only thing that matter, then you will probably see success. If not, be prepared to be scapegoated and left to fend for yourself.

Points positifs

Commission and bonuses.

Points négatifs

Stress, numbers driven, impersonal.
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Decently productive place to work

I enjoyed working for Telus and I gained a lot of knowledge about the sales process while I was there. Good amount of pressure from the managers to incite employees to take advantage of opportunities to sell a product or a service to a customer. But if you’re sales-driven like me, then you should find a high volume store as it can get boring if you work in low volume stores and not make a lot of sales
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Well In my opinion, there are five voluntary benefits that organizations can offer to their employees.1. Flexible working arrangements:These include options such as remote working flexitime and shorter work weeks. this gives employees a better work life balance and increases overall job satisfaction.2. Wellness Program:This may include gym memberships fitness classes and access to wellness resources. promoting employee health and well-being increases productivity nd reduces healthcare costs.3. Employee Assistance Programs:These Programs provide support and resources to employees who are struggling with personal or work related challenges. this may include advisory services financial planning and legal assistance.4. Professional Development Opportunities:Providing employees with opportunities to improve their skills and knowledge through training programs workshops or tuition reimbursement contributes to career growth and job satisfaction. To do good5. Volunteer Programs:Encouraging employees to participate in volunteer activities such as providing paid time off or organizing company-wide volunteer events increases employee engagement and creates a sense of purpose. we can get promoted
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not a good place to work anymore

you have to sale a lot. You have high numbers of sale to reach and if you don’t reach your goals, you get a warning. After 3 warnings you lose your job. You have to do unpaid training that isn’t on your schedule everytime you dont reach a goal. The pay is getting lower every year. I dont recommend at all. It was a great to work there 2 years ago but now it’s not worth it.
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Really Amazing Place to Work

Telus goes above and beyond for each and every one of its sales representatives. The commission structure is also one of the best there is and the benefits are great
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Great place to work.

Its a great workplace. The manager is very understanding and you learn a lot on the job. Do not need any previous experience just the acumen and drive to do better everyday.
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Good work environment

Telus seems to genuinely care about your well being and has many support systems to help you succeed. Benefits are amazing, even for part timers. As a commission based job, pay can vary but if you can sell you can make a healthy amount.
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Good place to work

Good place to work although high stress. You are expected to hit your numbers as in any corporate sales role. Lots of meetings, some micro managing, travel as well.
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Not enjoyable

Always being micromanaged, unrealistic sales expectations, little to no support in place from management, did not enjoy. working from home was a bonus.
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Great company

Great company, lots of incentives and great benefits for both part and full time workers. work environment can be hit or miss due to some management issues
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Hostile and toxic, favouritism, poor management

Hostile and toxic, favouritism, poor management Not worth the toll on your mental health, they also don’t care about your mental health and will use it against you
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Easy sales job. Great work environment.

The job is easy. Lots of down time and great incentives for sales. Co-workers are very friendly and managers are accommodating.Great job for students or any one who wants a part time position.
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An amazing company to work for

Telus is a really great company to work for. As a sales representative you earn commission based on each sale that you make and any add on that you include. The company does provide great benefits including health benefits, TFSA, RRSP and stock options. I worked inside of a Koodo/Telus Kiosk and corporate stores inside Erin Mills Town Centre Mall in Mississauga On. The hours were very consistent with the mall hours. You get amazing recognitions for performance.

Points positifs

Amazing benefits and very casual environment

Points négatifs

Low wage for sales role
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Decent first job

Decent first job, learned customer service skills and how to deal with the public. Supportive coworkers but was stressful at times with the pressure of earning commission
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Good Workplace

I enjoyed my time there and I thought that it was an overall good work environment. My colleagues were friendly and helpful. Also, the hours were reasonable.
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Great job to have, especially as a part-time worker

Pretty good job with great benefits even as a part-timer. Pay is a low base but with commissions, you can make a lot of money there if you put in the work. Great employee benefits like insurance, monthly discount on your phone bills, occasional fun merch from the various tech companies and potential for bonuses when they run sales contests. As with any sales job, you’ll have quotas to meet and specific targets for different months. A lot of customer service to do, you should expect to have to deal with clients, their phones and learn to work independently. Schedules have been pretty accommodating and flexible but you have to give many hours availability. This also depends on your manager. Overall would recommend, great job especially with all the perks you can get.
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Used to be an amazing company

This used to be the best company to work for and then after covid and with the changes and inflation greed really set in to telus for employees who have worked there for over five years minimum, we're getting paid out and severance packages because they were too expensive to keep. The company doesn't care about competent workers, good customer service service skills. You will be reprimanded if you try to do the good thing for someone. Rather than trying to make them spend more money. There were numerous times where I would stop employees from doing shady things and I would get in trouble for it. As a superior it was a complete joke.This company used to be very generous to its staff andto the customers. Now the customers mean nothing and the staff mean lesser than that.I've never been the person to break down a company, but this company is ridiculous. Unfortunate and a huge time waste for a part-time job. Given it used to be fantastic, but it's not even worth that anymore. Because part-time isnt part-time they expect everything for nothing.The managers and area managers are complete joke as well. At the location I worked 3 managers just left with no reason, and without telling anybody, stayed on the pay cycle and none of the area managers even let raced and eyebrow about it the onrs who suffered were the full time reps who had to run the loctions for NOTHING, but if a full time employee was away for more than three days, god forbid. They will also take advantage of you. I was given multiple opportunities and promised a multiple positions spent a year of my time there - 

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Points négatifs

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Great pay and work life balance

The pay is great if you know sales, work life balance is good with paid sick days and great healthcare. 40% of plans and many other perks. One thing I would say is they do micro manage which I do not like.
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Getting worse over time

Used to be good, but commission structure has gotten worse and worse over time. Market is an oligopoly so pretty hard to get any significant traction. A lot of their products are scams but managers will force you to try and sell it to people who don’t need it. Try working a different industry, telecom is washed up.
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Sales Representative chez Telus

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