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Sales Associate64 avis
Canada64 avis

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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Okay company but not the best

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Making sales, completing orders, making calls to customers, trouble shoot issues. Overall provide good customer service and upsell the products.Can be stressful at times
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Fun place

Great team love my job, some days it’s super busy other it’s slow but commission and pay is pretty good. If you’re looking for a small team and decent pay this is it
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Fun and exciting

I really like telus as a work place as I am a student and they’re accommodating to my hours and I still get a good pay. Obviously it is a commission job so the more you put in effort the better the pay. Managers are also very chill but lately they have been taking numbers and everything more seriously.
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Great part time job for students but horrible full time job

Company doesn’t actually care for employees. They only care about their profit. The only good thing about here is the employee share plan. Management doesn’t care about those below. They set very high and unrealistic targets and then threaten to let you go when you fall short. I’ve never had to take stress leave because of work but this was honestly my worst job experience and had to request medical leave a couple times to nurture myself back to health from all the stress and constant threats of job loss .
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I think work here is a good experience to learn more tech skills here and sales skill. They train you and help you with your career path for the future.
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Great place to start a sales career, great pay if you work hard.

Great pay, good starter sales job. Would recommend to anyone starting out in their careers. Worked here for 3 years and have moved up in my position.
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Not worth it tbh. People I worked with just make their own group circle. Less and boring shifts. You have to make sales. Managers are only worried about sales
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Productive and helpful

Fantastic team and opportunities, great place to start your sales adventure, allows for continue growth, while coaching and sales targets are fair and flexible
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Okay culture and work

I worked at Telus during my school years. It was a good place to work at and the money was okay. However, my manager was weird and the turnover was really high.
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Very good, amazing if you’re good at sales

Amazing perks, Telus throws money at you. If you’re good at sales, you’ll be rich. A lot of money to be made at holidays time. Fun environment. 10/10
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It was ok, not worth it as 100% commison.

With a monthly salary it may be worth it for young people but overall Its a lot of hustle for not that much reward, you have to create all the business yourself. The people were nice.
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Very good environment to work at

A very great environment to work at. The hours are really good and the work dynamic is great as well. The pay is also great since it’s commission based
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Challenging and rewarding work environment

A great place to work if you like challenges and are motivated by selling and bettering yourself. As always, work environment is greatly dependent on your colleagues, but generally they are good.
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good dssd

Exceptional sales associate Delivers top-notch service and exceeds expectations. Highly recommended. I would work there again if I can amaziiingg work
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Good job

Working as a sales associate at Telus was a fantastic experience. The company's supportive environment and comprehensive product training enabled me to excel in assisting customers with their needs effectively. I appreciated the emphasis on work-life balance and the opportunity to make a positive impact through charitable initiatives. Overall, Telus provided a fulfilling career in the telecommunications industry.
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It's a job wouldn't stay there forever lots of demands and lots of calls but like I said it's a job and is decent enough for temporary work at least.
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Great workplace, can have a lot change quickly

Working here was very satisfying. You have to be the type of person who can steer a conversation and be able to deal with clientele of all ages and backgrounds.Team members and managers can get moved around a fair amount, so dont think you will be in the same place for long, location wise, or job title wise.

Points positifs

Comission plus hourly pay

Points négatifs

Very competitive environment
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Over promised Radically undersold. The Future is UNfriendly

Pre covid this was the most incredible place to work for. Emphasis on training was impeccable. The culture was euphoric and I found myself looking forward to my next shift everyday. I had a family, and though i knew one day each of these people would move into other roles and be just as successful at those. I never expected things to go horribly so quick. During covid and especially post, everything drastically changed. Over the last 3 years I have had 14 managers. Several of these managers were toxic and set a horrible tone of favoritism in the workplace. I watched as peers who didn't hit targets consistently were rewarded for the behaviors, while I consistently hitting targets was rewarded, but not the same. Pay is abysmal, was 11.25 for the longest time and then they postioned the raise to $15 to meet the minimum as an actual merit raise. They hire people with absolute 0 retail sales experience and don't train them, as well, rarely seem to promote within. Good managers are scarce and a large part of the reason people are leaving.

Points positifs

Handfull of coworkers

Points négatifs

Pay, management, lack of training etc
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Toxic and Resist place to work

Managment is really rasict and will treat you very diffrent if you are a diffrent skin colour and even after advising to HR they all listen to only managment as our word is never true infront of managers, so they can do what ever they want and no one will help you and if you try to say something they will take your hours away and will try to fire you by making any excuse. DO NOT WORK FOR TELUS.

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Points négatifs

Poor managment
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Becoming a skilled salesman amongst a great team of dedicated young individuals

Opportunity for career growth and advancement as sales skills are in demand across industries.Potential for high earning potential through commission-based compensation models.Develop valuable skills such as communication, negotiation, and customer service that are transferable to other areas of business.Opportunity to work with diverse clients and industries, gaining exposure to new products, services, and markets.Opportunity to work in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, keeping work interesting and challenging.Develop a deep understanding of a company's products or services, as well as the target market, which can lead to better career opportunities within the company

Points positifs

Perfect for growth

Points négatifs

Job safetly low due to commission work
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Nice workplace

Good company to work at . Good salary and benefits. Great management and supervisors who value their employees and listen to their feedback. What else can you ask for
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Sales Associate chez Telus

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