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3.8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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It was stressful but good

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Fast paced, management was ok aside from taking staff sales but apparently got better. Hours varied depending on staff and pay varied based on how busy it got. Lots of training involved for all parties but worth it for professional skills
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A relaxed job with the ability to earn a lot.

How much you earn is entirely up to you. Teams are usually very supportive and managers are with in every step of the way to ensure you're meeting your targets.

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Points négatifs

Part Time Benefits
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Do not work for Telus in Medicine Hat

Very bad experience. Terminated after only a month without any warning or explanation. Very little formal training. No coaching or feedback arranged. Was told when hired that working while having mental illness and occasional physical pain due to fibromyalgia would not be a problem but when needing a break was judged by coworkers. The manager actually pulled the employee away from helping a customer to be terminated on the spot. Could have done it prior to shift start. Very unprofessional!
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Job was good people were friendly pay was horrible dont work their if you need money now

Pay was not good at all it could take you a whole month before you make a sale and get paid only 30 dollars for it over all people were kind the money just wasn't there until you got further in the work
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Just awful management the pay is great but managers would have me cram as much product into little bins in order to push products onto people that they don't need. Absolutely corrupt!!!!!

Points positifs

Breaks when you need to take them

Points négatifs

Management and greedy corporate overlords
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Great environment, staff and growth opportunities!

Telus offers a safe environment for employees to feel empowered as sales advisors. It is great to be a part of a team and culture that promotes growth on a daily basis!
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They don't care about their employees

They will promise you a lot of growth and opportunities, but they really don't care as long as you meet your sales goal. The commission is terrible ever since they changed their commission structure. Management is terrible too, arrogant and full of fake promises
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Love this job

Great environment, like a family, great benefits and pay, overall def reccomend. Very flexible and lots to learn but worth it, get to make great connections with customers as well.
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Amazing company

Hands down one of the best part time jobs I’ve ever had. Very sad to have left this company. Hoping to go back in the near future!! Manage is amazing hourly plus commission is wonderful.

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Points négatifs

Sometimes slow
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have been working at TELUS full-time (More than a year) Pros - Great benefits for FTE - Office environment can be fun and people are fun - Well known brand - Flexible work schedule and able to WFH Cons - Very slow moving with a lot of politics - Org structure seems to change a lot - Teams do not talk to each other, creating a lot of technical and design debt - Ambiguity on raises and compensation
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Fluctuates constantly

Typical day at work? You stand around waiting for a few clients to come in. Occasionally you'll get a rush of 15 people within 1 hour which can't be handled in that short period of time. Management can be unfair and favorites certain employees. They're making major cutbacks. The people there are okay, some are nice, some are complete sharks. Hardest part of the job is knowing some months you'll barely get paid. Also, dealing with a barrage of ridiculous questions from people who don't understand what Google is. You have no idea how many times i literally google something and show the customer, and they still except me to read it off to them as if they don't know how to read. Simplest of questions become hours of wasted sales time while your associates laugh at the misfortune that has fallen upon you. They do "learning sessions" which offers people to come in and ask any question about their device, which you don't get paid for. People can book hour long sessions, which again, you don't get paid for. You get paid for performance, not productivity. Most enjoyable? Watching Netflix while you sometimes only see 1 client in your shift.

Points positifs

When the pay is good, it's good

Points négatifs

No salary security. Hours and pay fluctuate CONSTANTLY.
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Fun Workplace with Newest Technology in Smartphones

A typical day at work involves opening up accounts, upgrading existing customers, and often solving customer conflicts. It is required that the sales associate displays patience, and is able to calmly redirect a customer to appropriate resources to solve their problem. It is required to be up-to-date with the newest technologies as you must be well educated on the product you are trying to sell to a customer. The hardest part of the job is understanding that you are the face of the company from a customer's perspective, which means that in many situations you may be blamed for something you have little or no control over. The most enjoyable part of the job is that you are a part of a positive company which supports growth and promotion, and employee success.

Points positifs

Health Benefits and Phone Discounts!

Points négatifs

Long Hours
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If youare into sales - can be well paying

Like any sales job, there is opportunity for great money, but you have to work hard and invent things to get things going. Some training and resources are given to you, but you are mostly on your own to figure things out. Standard sales job. Worked out of a dealership, not TELUS directly.
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Productive workplace

Assisted clients with cell phone helped them find the right phone for their needs and service plan selection. Diagnosed device repair requirements and referred for service where necessary. Productive workplace Fast paced Learned a lot about wireless communications new devices and operating systems. Worked as a team with professional people.

Points positifs

Telus provides excellent training and comfortable work environment. Job security

Points négatifs

too many sales targets
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Good first sales job

Great job for building sales experince and for no education needed the salary is surpassingly good. most co workers are really pleasant and the targets aren't overwhelming.

Points positifs

learning opportunities and good pay

Points négatifs

hard to move up
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Excellent place

I totally enjoyed my time there. It allowed me to grow in my selling experience. It allowed me to work in teams to ensure the store made its sales targets.
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good knowelege

Loved the different options and opportunity's and the wide selection of job dutys to be learned and completed. Great staff and management. Taught me great patients and client care skills.
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Management and High turn over

your coworkers make you want to stay, but management is awful. I went through maybe 4 or 5 managers in three years. If you want to get anywhere in this company you have to be a brown noser. Keep your head down and numbers up. If you dont agree with your manager over the most littlest of things. You wont make it far. The benefits are great for full times. Part times, you wont get anything. Commission and performance bonus changes are frequent and when they do change, watch out for some shady slimy sales. If they dont like you, youll be written up till your so stressed out youll be forced out.

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Points négatifs

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long very loud hours in the mall

I worked here so briefly I dont have much to say. I think my employment dates are wrong. I ve been working at Jamic for quite some time. My mistake on the dates
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was a fun and active workplace but when it came down to pay there was a lot of mistakes made

A typical day at work was, showing up and going over role plays on how we approach and greet customers to tell them about our service, and then we would learn about what we did wrong and how to correct it, from there we would leave and go to a specific neighborhood and be split up to go door to door to tell customers about Telus fiber optics.. Management was a little rough on the new people but its because they wanted them to learn quickly and fully understand what they're going into, besides that workplace culture was very diverse and there was a lot of different faces. The hardest part about the job was getting rude responses from customers. The most enjoyable part of the job was meeting new people and making friends.

Points positifs

flexible hours

Points négatifs

salary deductions
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It was a great job, just not high enough client volumes

Working for Telus Mobility was by all means enjoyable, but the turnover rate was quite high, causing people to have to be trained regularly, causing me ti work 6 days a week.

Points positifs

could relax

Points négatifs

working alone, no customers, boring
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