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Retention Specialist53 avis
Canada53 avis

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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Challenging targets but with dedication and perseverance you can meet them. Low engagement lately since layoffs last year. This is a Sales Focused Job would not recommend to anyone looking to just provide customer service.
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Toxic Management, you’re disposable

Toxic micromanaging environment where you’re treated like just a replaceable number. Stats are everything. Very poor work life balance. Reprimanded for using the washroom.l not on your scheduled breaks. They may give where they live but all they give their employees is a hard time.

Points positifs

Ok pay

Points négatifs

Very stressful
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This was before Telus became Telus international so it might have changed now. Back in the day yes the volume of calls was high but the training was good and the team atmosphere was great. The pay was decent and benefits was great. With the whole international thing this has changed so please listen to other reviewers.
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Don’t care about customer service anymore only sales

I worked for telus for over 12 years . When I first started at telus we we empowered to do everything within our power to help the customer with a customer first mentality .. since 2021 they added a sales target and this target never left .. I don’t mind selling a bit but sales pressure and sneaky tactics is not for me so I took the buyout package as my department was sent overseas .. Iam sad to see this once go amazing company go down hill .. and I don’t think they will survive if competition enters the Canadian telecom market .. seems like greed took over on the upper management.. they also stopped investing in their systems and don’t mind keeping customers on hold and upsetting them yet at the same time expect customers to buy their products
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Mentally depleting

Worked there for 15 years. Never thought I’d leave until the last couple years when making sales outweighed everything else you do. Offshoring all other positions so there is no advancing anymore.

Points positifs

Wages and benefits

Points négatifs

Sales pressure, offshoring so you can’t apply for other roles
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Upper management pressures team leaders which makes them pressure their employees. Company is mostly interested in numbers and pretends to care about employees but most of the decisions are based on profitability.
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Don’t get trapped by good benefits.

Your experience at Telus will be 100% dependant on your direct manager. If your manager changes, expect your work environment to drastically change with it. The pay was decent when the economy was better but there are no raises - for 1 year, 5 years or 10 years. There is very little room for growth, as management puts you in “Development Opportunities” rather than changing your job title and pay. It’s essentially extorting top performers for underpaid work. The extended health benefits are what keep most people at work, it’s an extensive package with lots of room to include more (paid for off your pay cheque). There are “incentives” like points you can buy gift cards with, but they are taxable. The wellness account is also taxable. Frequent errors with payroll and HR is an automated system and online chat, so you’ll never figure out where your money went. Take the job if you’re a student or need to pay the bills but don’t stay longer than a year. Telus is where dreams go to die.

Points positifs

Option to work from home, discounted Telus Services, Extensive extended health benefits.

Points négatifs

Bad management, toxic environment created by senior management, lack of concern for employee wellbeing and morale, exploits international workers
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Telus was a great place to work in 2008. Not anymore

When I started working at Telus it was an amazing place to work at. But they are outsourcing most jobs, firing people left right and centre. Offering laughable buy outs. They hired a manager just to fire people. My old manager wotked there for years a d was left go in July. I worked for Telus for 11 years. Would not work there again if you paid me a million dollars.

Points positifs

Used to have overtine, pay is good

Points négatifs

Everything else
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coworkers are the only benefit

Don't recommend, toxic managers, lots of favouritism if you like to suck up. Hire you saying they can be flexible with personal schedules then change it on you after you've already paid tuition for the semester. If they don't like you they will go out of their way to get you suspended/fired for the most ridiculous things.
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Pay is Good, Lots of Micromanagement

Pay was great, but work was stressful as you can understand being on the phones all day. Management was tough and changed managers quite often. Benefits were great.
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Telus does care about the customers or the employees. Only cares about money, greedy money. Employees and customers are only numbers. Telus don't put customers nor employees first. No life work balance.

Points positifs

Work from home

Points négatifs

Micromanagement, abuse
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reduced benefits and pay

Great team spirit with fellow colleagues other teams - be it internal or external i.e. onsite techs ---- however, over the years the focus has changed to more of sales pressure which in turn challenges agent moral over ethical or unethical sales --- the most recent is the company's attitude towards employees concern specific to reduced benefits, time off, Statutory, personal days off, overtime and pay with the inflation
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great career advancement opportunities

a typical day is very busy queues are usually full of customers eager for options. Problem solving, and connecting as well as understanding customer needs is crucial to be successful in this position. Employees are compensated with great benefits, and pay. The hardest part of the job can be getting used to rotation schedules.
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Run away from this greedy company

Run run away from this company. Do not recommend to my worst enemy. Ceo sucks, and upper management is no good!Toxic environment. Constant mouse movements and micromanaged to the max

Points positifs

Good pay

Points négatifs

Everything. Greed, toxic
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I had a great experience working for Telus

Telus is a great place to work. The pay and benefits is hard to beat! It’s also a unionized job which comes with many benefits. I worked there for 11 years and my only complaint is throughout the years they started offshoring a lot of jobs and the training wasn’t as good for new employees as it once was so there was a lot of damage control. I would recommend Telus as an employer
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Loved it

Great carreer advancement opportunities, the team is nice and fun, it is stressful at times as you need to meet certain objectives and or take on a great amount of calls . management is awesome , knowledgeable and ready to help at all times especially in the montreal office .Great culture
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Room for growth

Room for growth and great company with great benefits. They have great bonuses. However managers can be micro managers the overall team is fantastic.
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Stressful enviroment.

My review is simple: - Company's culture seems very perfect, but the management doesn't apply it well. When I started working for the Telus, the employee was treated like a human being, but later on, it was all about the money and productivity. No breather. Screen were monitored by your supervisor. - The pay is great, and the customer service training is definately a PLUS point. It'll be handy and valuable for a long time. - The Director and the Management team don't care for the team members, all they care about is numbers and resaults. - I was a leading star for 3 semesters in a row (top 10 in canada), yet was always asked, why it took me too long after the call to write my notes, why my mouse did not move for 42 secs....

Points positifs

Training is valuble The pay is good

Points négatifs

Stressful enviroment
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Amazing environment and pay!!

Can’t complain!! Work for a union so you feel secure! Very well managed and believe in people environment and people in general!! Telus believe in their name and their clients!! And employees!!
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A poisoned work environment.

Work culture at TELUS is based in fear, the pay is the only worthwhile thing and they use that as leverage to routinely take advantage of, and exploit their workforce.
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great work but no personal life

Telus is a great company, the salary is great, the team is awesome but you dont have a personal life as you must be available all day until 23h00
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Retention Specialist chez Telus

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