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3.8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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great work but no personal life

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Telus is a great company, the salary is great, the team is awesome but you dont have a personal life as you must be available all day until 23h00
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Amazing environment and pay!!

Can’t complain!! Work for a union so you feel secure! Very well managed and believe in people environment and people in general!! Telus believe in their name and their clients!! And employees!!
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A poisoned work environment.

Work culture at TELUS is based in fear, the pay is the only worthwhile thing and they use that as leverage to routinely take advantage of, and exploit their workforce.
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Bullying by team supervisors is rampant

A great company deteriorated by toxic culture. Team managers back each other up and choke staff by metrics and shadowing, frequent write up on mistakes, instead of coaching. Unhealthy, nonsupportive, toxic work environment. Specifically for some demographic base. (not disclosed)
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I worked as CSR for 17 year's at TELUS, that included many job duties and tasks of an inbound call centre. I have had the opportunity to work along side manager's and gain experience over the year's.
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Great company. Great work life balance Call volume can be challenging diverse clientele Stuffy workplace culture. Great job! Job is unionized, average job security.
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Client Loyalty & Retention

Great company to work Management is excellent Co-workers are amazing, always an opportunity to advance your career within. Benefits and pay is amazing

Points positifs

Pay, benefits, work perks & employee cellphone and plans amazing

Points négatifs

No cons
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great job BUT you can not have a personal life as business needs require employees to be available all the time

I would highly recommend this job to a young person looking to start their career and make decent money in a call center. The place is fun, it is top notch facilities, clean, great time spirit (at least in my team)

Points positifs

great atmosphere

Points négatifs

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Great place

Great place to work! Amazing culture and the pay was really good! good benefits for families and amazing work/life balance. lots of room to move up too.
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Great pleace to work

great pay, great benefits, great people , they have great meetings to keep you informed all the time, very team oriented place, always keeping you informed and trained in everything new
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Good place to work in telecom industry

Good pay and benefits is what draws people to Telus by far. The work culture is palpable but you must be able to socialize so an investment of your time will take you places here.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Call centre environment with shift work
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Great benefits and salary

work life balance is non existent. Fast paced but relaxed environment. High pressure. Mentally exhausting. It's a great place to work if you don't have a family and don't mind working nights and weekends.
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Great place to work

I very much enjoyed working at Telus. Arguing with people about cancelling their phone plans was actually a lot of fun. I developed very strongg communication and negotiating skills.
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Free gym!

I enjoyed the culture. Work schedules where on a six week rotation which made long term planning impossible. Pay was reasonable and location was fantastic.
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No room for growth, secured job

Call center environment. Not much space to grow within the company unless you expand your network and you have to fit in with a certain group of people.

Points positifs

job security

Points négatifs

tied to a phone
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Great Starter Job and Great salary

The work life balance was not as great... how they didn't take into consideration very much the scheduling for parents and/or people that had other obligations in life.
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Complete move orders cancellation & save offers. l applications including PowerPoint, Microsoft, & company applications. Complete customer call-backs.

Points positifs

gives free coffee and lunches once in a while

Points négatifs

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Loved the people I worked with

Very stressful environment with zero work life balance. Managers micro manage and the union will not protect or help you if you have concerns. Hard work is not recognized and they are not supportive of any disabilities. Watched constantly throughout your shift and can't even take bathroom breaks.

Points positifs

Great co workers, pay and benefits

Points négatifs

Irregular shifts, managers who micromanage, the union is a joke, not recognized for great work. Very negative work environment.
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What I ve learned

Customer service is everything as well as putting the customer first makes them feel like their involved as well as listen and retain .... the most enjoying part of the job is helping out !!!
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Very good place to work

Management very supportive. We worked hard and had fun as well Good pay and benefits. We had sick days and balance days. very good training program. Employees are valued.
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