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Customer Service Representative186 avis
Canada186 avis

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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Telus was a good job in the beginning. Now they are offering Canadian agents severance packages so that they can offshore all positions. They have made this offer three times in the past year now and telling agents they will be out in a different and likely worse role if they don't accept.
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Over 25 years experience working at Telus.

Lasted long at Telus but, was laid off. It was challenging as you had to speak with customers who didn’t like the fees compared to what they see in the US.
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Telus is a very good company to work for.I worked from home so no stress..sales are a little difficult to come by but overall ..great colleagues and fun
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A passionate and energized digital company

A day at work, fastHow to deal with a myriad of personalities a many sales modalitiesManagement is fierceCulture is philanthropicThe workloadThe customers

Points positifs

Time off

Points négatifs

The workload
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Management is great and they are fair. Nice environment great people . Only good news I can’t complain. Nice environment great people . Fun place to learn.
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Good for entry level

A great start for entry level with little to no experience job seekers. Employees do not last more than two years. Work get repetitive. Same thing every day
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Good company

Good company but they will cull employees at a moment’s notice. Great pay. Management turnover is rampant. Most jobs are in the USA and Philippines. Medical coverage is ok and f you qualify.
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Great beginning Sad ending

Worked at Telus for 9 years. In the beginning the environment was very friendly and fun. Enjoyed going into work every day because the environment was always so friendly if you performed well and the people were great but things changed over the years. People became more negative overall which made the environment change real quick. Overall if you keep under the radar and perform you’ll have no issues.
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Would never work there again

Managers are on power tripsLucky if you find a manager that will actually support you and want you to move up in the companyAt most, you don’t have the tools to work with and serve your customersVery micromanagedManagers do spy on you
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Ok but better jobs

Ok but micromanaging would be rampant . Not super easy to move upwards . Colleagues were grumpy and pay was lousy . Wish there were more emphasis on happiness .
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Fun work enviro

nice place to work, lots of nice people. Training needs work, had to learn for myself and nobody teaches u what to do beyond the bare minimum. self start
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Good pay

Stressful but good pay. Get ready to do repetitive work. They changed their management style rapidly and you are just a number to them. If you dont mind dealing with customers is a good job.
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Great pay but bad work environment

Pay and Benefits are some of the best in Canada but the environment is toxic and unhealthy. there is a pension plan so it's worth it if you can handle the sales pressure that has started in the last few years
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Productive and fun workplace

Solid place to work, nice people mostly. Pay is ok. Wish there was a way to move up faster but it feels like a lot of things come down to seniority instead of skills
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High pressure

Company now pushing sales and less focus on actual customer service. CEO more interested in weakening union by highering more off shore and AI. Working from home is a positive.
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Typical in-store behaviour

Nothing remarkable, just like you would expect from instore staff.Most are friendly, but there is always some clique like behaviour between staff members
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Great job, good pay.

Great job, good pay. You get amazing insurence and three weeks vacation. You do get a lot of angry costumer however and no real tools to deescalate the situation. I recommande the job it is great.
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Tons of pressure - sale of new products

Hired as a loyalty rep - ended up having to do lots of sales. Micro managed, management constantly changing, screen and mouse monitored and now all jobs shipped overseas in my previous role.
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Its a nice company to work with

As care agent you would be answering calls, handling billing questions, anwering questions regarding TELUS services. Mangment is approchable. They hardest part of the job is scehdule it be anything from 9-7. What I enjoyed the most is you get ot learn something new every day. Time goes really fast when you are the phone.

Points positifs

Good Training program

Points négatifs

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Micromanagement and doing the jobs for 3 different positions

I worked at the call centre as a customer service representative for Telus home services for 3 years. The company sucks you in with their good benefits, other “perks”, and promise of good work culture— but the micromanagement is crazy. Being measured on how much time you spend after taking calls to process orders, making sure your mouse is moving, etc. Then being forced to learn the jobs of mobility agents and home security agents when these all used to be separate positions, and then not being compensated for the extra work you’re doing! Shifts are not consistent and it’s the most depressing job I’ve ever worked.
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Unreal expectations

Unreal expectations of salesCommissions have decreasedHeirachy issues - Upper management (head office) often gaslight subordinates The benefits are nice though;-Pension match-Share options with matching-Medical benefits -Service Discount

Points positifs

Learning with hands on experience of the latest tech

Points négatifs

Hours aren't the greatest
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Customer Service Representative chez Telus

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24,81 $ par heure

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