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Business Analyst64 avis
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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Overall a fun place to work

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Things are a bit slow as you can imagine in any corporate environment. You need to work yourself up really hard or you get nothing.Pay is on the low end in my opinion. They said they do a market review every year but never know what it really means. Overall a fun place to work if you are looking for a job with ultimate flexibility allowing you wfh five days a week.
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Great company

Culture and good values! Exceptional company! Would highly recommend. Great health benefits and spending account. Only con is the constant change within the company.
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Has gone downhill over 2 decades

-Does not care about employee loyalty or reward with decent $ compensation-Pushes to move up, by making clerical roles a negative powerless experience-once in Management there is no job security-toxic environment of fear
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Great benefits

Good place to work with great benefits and plenty of room for growth. Good team environment with a lot of continued educating opportunities. I would recommend.
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Good place to work

Flexible work environment, fully remote, good benefits package, pay is only average. Provides 40% discounts on cell phone, internet and tv services. Relatively stable
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Great place to work

Telus is a great place to grow your career. Very focused on work life balance, great benefits, and overall supportive environment. Would recommend working here
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Amazing place to work

Fantastic place to work. Started as a Sales Representative and have had cou tless opportunities to grow and develop with the company. Benefits are amazing and even exec leadership are fantastic.
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TELUS is a great place to work at

Loved working at TELUS. Great people and excellent worklife balance. Would recommend it to anyone. Lots of variety of roles available and not too difficult to gain experience to changes roles.
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Flexible Work from Home

Great overall company, great benefits overall but pay is very low and people work long hours. Flexible work from home, company is ahead in terms of the future of work.

Points positifs

Work from home and great benefits

Points négatifs

Low Pay
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Great place to work at!

Great company culture. Lots of room for growth. People were nice and supportive. The most challenging part is sometimes you need to deal with ambiguity.
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Good company for benefits and pay but all the jobs are going overseas

Worked for the company for 10yrs and moved around quiet a bit. I also know of a manager who moved around and accomplished serious goals for the company only to be let go. They tend to let you go with a severence pay but job security is not there so beware!Another issue is that you are taught nothing but expect to know everything! Its like the company is too lazy (and cheap) to fully train people. In my last role, I had ABSOLUTELY NO TRAINING and the previous person was not willing to help. They give 40% training and expect you to quickly and accurately do the job. There is always criticism and no one knows what they are fully doing.

Points positifs

Pay and perks for working with the company ex. 40% discount on services

Points négatifs

High turn around, no training and the culture sucks
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Culture is good on paper, terrible in practice

I worked at TELUS a bit over 9 years before I had enough of how this business was running. The company presents itself as the best paying company and amongst the top 10 employers in Canada. There are definitely good managers here who care about their people, but they also work with limited resources and monstrous workloads. I kept hearing “We need to do more with less”, and my responsibilities kept growing I was working 12 hours a day and doing the work of 3:people. I went through 3 major reorganizations in 9 years; this is a very instable ground for a career. I saw talented people being packaged for a so called “efficiency” measure while the company results were actually good versus their competitors. I thought working for the “health” department would offer me outstanding benefits. Shortly after I joined this company, the benefits dropped and worsened every year. Call centres employees sounded like getting way more benefits than professional management employees. I went through salary freezes, budget cuts, shameful bonuses cuts... It was just awful!Back to the “culture”; there’s this employees yearly satisfaction survey that apparently determines the employees engagement level. This survey is a big joke. First it becomes a competition between directors and above on who’s team will have a better score. Second, you are told in plain language that there will be consequences if you don’t have a good score. This survey and how it is done brings all the values of this business down the drain.I really had enough of it all and went to their competitor. It was the - 

Points positifs

Talented people and good support from immediate management

Points négatifs

Expensive poor benefits, awful worklife balance due to workloads, and culture that may need to be rebuilt
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Good place to start out working for. A

Good place to start out working for. It can get extremely busy working taking phone calls daily for 8 hour shifts. Good pay abd benefits. Professional setting. Training is good.
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Good working culture

operator services was a great place to work. lots of good people. good managers. always willing to assist with anything. good pay and benefits. all jobs for telus are different
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Professional and ambitious culture

Everyone made my onboarding very easy. An extremely collaborative environment. Titles are not important, attitude is everything. I worked a contract, wish I could have been hired permanently.
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No balance/ stressful

Beginning was rather accommodating, you are giving a positive impression of growth and balance opportunities. After three months and the managing grasp a pace of strength, it's hard to move up from there

Points positifs

Happy to be employed/ competitive salary

Points négatifs

You are a number and growth is hard to come by
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worklife balance

work life balance. not much pressure except during release time. The release happens every alternate month. managers have no clue and are incompetent.
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Great experience

Overall it’s a great experience with TELUS, great culture and work life balance , salary has room to improve but not easy. It is challenging down the road in TELUS
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Work from home is awesome

Very relax environment. Over all people are very respectable to each other. Most of the time you know people by there name of voice as you have very little face to face interaction.
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Amazing organization

Really cool people, Supportive managers, lots to learn, great cafeteria and so much more, if you have interest in an area, you can learn so much about it at Telus.
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Productive and a demanding place to work at.

TELUS is a very diversified company that hires from different cultures and backgrounds. They hold many fun events to ensure all the employees meet and greet each other to become a unit when working on certain projects. Managers are very experienced that staff are able to learn so much from them. It has been a great experience working for TELUS.
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Business Analyst chez Telus

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