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3.8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good place to start out working for. A

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Good place to start out working for. It can get extremely busy working taking phone calls daily for 8 hour shifts. Good pay abd benefits. Professional setting. Training is good.
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Culture is good on paper, terrible in practice

I worked at TELUS a bit over 9 years before I had enough of how this business was running. The company presents itself as the best paying company and amongst the top 10 employers in Canada. There are definitely good managers here who care about their people, but they also work with limited resources and monstrous workloads. I kept hearing “We need to do more with less”, and my responsibilities kept growing I was working 12 hours a day and doing the work of 3:people. I went through 3 major reorganizations in 9 years; this is a very instable ground for a career. I saw talented people being packaged for a so called “efficiency” measure while the company results were actually good versus their competitors. I thought working for the “health” department would offer me outstanding benefits. Shortly after I joined this company, the benefits dropped and worsened every year. Call centres employees sounded like getting way more benefits than professional management employees. I went through salary freezes, budget cuts, shameful bonuses cuts... It was just awful!Back to the “culture”; there’s this employees yearly satisfaction survey that apparently determines the employees engagement level. This survey is a big joke. First it becomes a competition between directors and above on who’s team will have a better score. Second, you are told in plain language that there will be consequences if you don’t have a good score. This survey and how it is done brings all the values of this business down the drain.I really had enough of it all and went to their competitor. It was the - 

Points positifs

Talented people and good support from immediate management

Points négatifs

Expensive poor benefits, awful worklife balance due to workloads, and culture that may need to be rebuilt
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Good working culture

operator services was a great place to work. lots of good people. good managers. always willing to assist with anything. good pay and benefits. all jobs for telus are different
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Professional and ambitious culture

Everyone made my onboarding very easy. An extremely collaborative environment. Titles are not important, attitude is everything. I worked a contract, wish I could have been hired permanently.
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No balance/ stressful

Beginning was rather accommodating, you are giving a positive impression of growth and balance opportunities. After three months and the managing grasp a pace of strength, it's hard to move up from there

Points positifs

Happy to be employed/ competitive salary

Points négatifs

You are a number and growth is hard to come by
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worklife balance

work life balance. not much pressure except during release time. The release happens every alternate month. managers have no clue and are incompetent.
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Great experience

Overall it’s a great experience with TELUS, great culture and work life balance , salary has room to improve but not easy. It is challenging down the road in TELUS
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Work from home is awesome

Very relax environment. Over all people are very respectable to each other. Most of the time you know people by there name of voice as you have very little face to face interaction.
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Amazing organization

Really cool people, Supportive managers, lots to learn, great cafeteria and so much more, if you have interest in an area, you can learn so much about it at Telus.
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Productive and a demanding place to work at.

TELUS is a very diversified company that hires from different cultures and backgrounds. They hold many fun events to ensure all the employees meet and greet each other to become a unit when working on certain projects. Managers are very experienced that staff are able to learn so much from them. It has been a great experience working for TELUS.
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Good balance and culture, low pay

They have a clear vision and lot of good people in the company. The work from home option is amazing. The pay for technical roles is a bit low though. Depends on a persons priorities I guess.
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Excellent work life balance with great people to work with.

A good place to work with benefits and excellent work-life balance. I recommend for both starters and experienced in the Telecoms industry, IT guys, Project Managers, and other fields.
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Great Values

Loved working for this company. Great group of people who believe in the customer and helping the community. The leadership team was great and help me develop.
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Loyalty and Retentions Specialist

great company company culture and managers are excellent. actual work itself is not so great if you work in L&R. Recognition and advanment is possible if willing to work hard and build your brand
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Generally a good company to work for

I enjoyed my time with this company except when returned to the inbound call centre, where structural upheaval left me with no contacts within the centre and I ended up languishing instead of returning to the software testing projects I had been doing for them.

Points positifs

Great benefits
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Great Place to work!!

Work and life balance are one of my reasons I loved to work @ TELUS. Its Big company but most of the leaders are available and always communicating. Your hard work, innovations and being a team player are recognized.
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Great work environment

Flexible work hours where I can work from the office or from home. Great support from management for career development. Hardest part of the job is adapting to outdated systems

Points positifs

Work from home
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Great work Culture.

Its is an easy going, supportive work environment. Great work life balance - as they allow you to work from home 1-2days every week. Because of these qualities they are able to retain their workers/employees for long. They pay lower than other, that's the only downside.
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It was pretty cool

I worked here for a year. The culture is very laid back and they offer you flexible work from home hours. All the people are very nice and you can have support if you need it.
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TELUS gives me the work life balance that I am looking for. Pushes me to succeed and helps me to further my goal for the future. Always inspires me to look ahead
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Great atmosphere and team

Customer service excellence Great leadership Great staff
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