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3.8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Relaxed and collaborative team environment but poor job security

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I really enjoyed the work here, and the management team were some of the best people I have ever worked for. Job security is poor, however - if they want to keep talented people, they need to compensate them fairly and provide opportunities for future growth.

Points positifs

Interesting work, good team

Points négatifs

Poor wages and job security
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Learned a lot but poor work life balance

Great company to work for as you can learn a lot here and move around to various roles. Work - life balance is poor and difficult to advance to higher roles particularly if you are female.
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Horrible away ..!

Middle to Senior management have no interest in improving the organization. The only thing they concern themselves with is whether you stroke their ego's or give the proper respect due their "title" even the individual does nothing to earn that respect. Advancement's and rewards seemed to be strongly based on favoritism and outsiders and their backgrounds are made to feel unwelcome.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Swing a cat...too many to list
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Job was good people were friendly pay was horrible dont work their if you need money now

Pay was not good at all it could take you a whole month before you make a sale and get paid only 30 dollars for it over all people were kind the money just wasn't there until you got further in the work
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Don't work as a contractor for TELUS

Contractors almost never get converted to full time employees. They will keep getting you to sign 1 year contracts - sometimes up to 10 years. They don't care about their contractors. As far as they are concerned, you are a just a number. They won't recognize your accomplishments or allow you to participate in the employment survey. You're lucky if they email you about important health information - like COVID19. They are so disorganized that projects last forever and results in really bad crunch crisis. Good luck having a life at TELUS

Points positifs

Not much.

Points négatifs

Long hours, uncaring leadership, no mental health or work life balance support
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Toxic work environment - Finance department

Telus finance department has a toxic work environment. If you’re planning to join Telus then i’d suggest apply somewhere that isn’t apart of finance. The manager’s lack leadership skills and rarely support team culture. Lack of job security as you’re hired as a temp full-time and you will stay as a temp for at least 3-4 years (no benefits). There is favouritism and everyone gossips. There is barely any acknowledgement or recognition for your work. Manager has used language that isn’t appropriate and will call you names. Toxic managers result to toxic coworkers - stepping on eggshells.

Points positifs

Working hours were early, some work from home.

Points négatifs

Management, temp role, no job security as a temp
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large Organization and Distributed Culture

Best Canadian Company to work for. The company has wide opportunities and has good team culture. To grow in ladder the internal recruitment is the best process and to learn new technologies they have wealth of sources.
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Productive and fun workplace

TELUS is an awesome company to work for. They have a very strong team culture and are very goal oriented. TELUS also strives to provide a great work environment for their employees.
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Uncertainly on Scope and expectation

Since organization is huge and also expectation can be changed easily, you need to be fast adapter to cope this situation. There are times you feel suffer. But meanwhile they are fair employer in terms of employees health and benefits.
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Fun Place to Work

It is a great place to learn and excel. I learned a lot in TELUS and offers a lots opportunities to learn. It is a dynamic environment, with a great life and work balance.
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Good place to work

Telus is a good place to work with a very collaborative work environment. It has been a stable company for many years and offer good job security to employees.
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Collaborative and great company to work for

Great company to work for in terms of stability. Ability to work remotely depending on which division you're in. In terms or growth there are some opportunities.
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Like working at telus, but there is need to value technical expertise . i live company values and culture . In additona managers are very supportive
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TAG expects the world of their people with very little compensation or job security

Worked for the contractor TAG (the acquisition group) in the business to business division. They made false promises of commissions, bonuses and advancement
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Very collaberative

Great company and strive to be a better company all the time.Will Receive feedback openly, and constantly working on pilot projects to make the business even more customer focussed.
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Fun and learning place

- Lots of things to learn everyday. - Mainly work from home. - Lots of targets to meet. - Great team and great people. - Lots of chances to meet other people.
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this job definitely gives you the best training ground as a gateway into sales, builds an excellant sales training for future interest into sales, also has a great perk of living in Vancouver.
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Fast paced exciting opportunities but really poor mid-management

The company has many areas where you can grow and develop your career however the top-mid management doesn’t communicate with lower levels. There is a lot of micromanagement and lack of real performance review. Managers who have been there for long time don’t care about their employees. The company needs a deep process improvement. There is a lot of rework and change of directions. You can work from home but managers question if you are really working. Salaries and benefits are not bad.
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Horrible Door-to-Door Sales Position

You are a door-to-door salesperson with limited training and tools to succeed. The average day starts at 8 am with meetings and will end around 7-8 pm with this 100% commission based position.
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Good place to work, salary not too great

Good work-life balance and you can work remote. Colleagues are very nice and overall it's a relaxed environment. On the down side, not a lot of room to grow and lot's of office politics.

Points positifs

work remote

Points négatifs

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great place to work

i would recommend telus to all interested. Plenty of room for advancement or if management is in your future, an easy transition. Pension can very depending on province and start date.
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