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The people make the company

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Good place to work. I have a great team who i am always learning from, and our leader invests in our learning and career development. I would recommend
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No longer a company that cares for its employees

The telecom industry is facing intense competition and Telus responds by laying off employees to please their shareholders. The culture has changed and the leadership is toxic. If you accept a role here (especially in the mobility team under Zainul) expect 8+ hour days to be the norm with zero appreciation and constant last min asks.
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Has gone downhill over 2 decades

-Does not care about employee loyalty or reward with decent $ compensation-Pushes to move up, by making clerical roles a negative powerless experience-once in Management there is no job security-toxic environment of fear
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Okay company but not the best

Making sales, completing orders, making calls to customers, trouble shoot issues. Overall provide good customer service and upsell the products.Can be stressful at times
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Good work-life balance and culture

Pay isn't the best but you more than make up for it with the work-life balance and good people you work with. Perks used to be better but still nice to get a deal on stuff you'd be buying anyway.
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Fun to work but hard

Fun place to work; however management had a lot of in fighting. It seems like politics was at the center of every decision but I do not understand why
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Good pay

Stressful but good pay. Get ready to do repetitive work. They changed their management style rapidly and you are just a number to them. If you dont mind dealing with customers is a good job.
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Toxic Management, you’re disposable

Toxic micromanaging environment where you’re treated like just a replaceable number. Stats are everything. Very poor work life balance. Reprimanded for using the washroom.l not on your scheduled breaks. They may give where they live but all they give their employees is a hard time.

Points positifs

Ok pay

Points négatifs

Very stressful
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TELUS HEALTH team has the best culture

Leadership is caring and kind, genuinely cares for employees. Direct manager spent time coaching and helping with career development, best department to be in.
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Good for students who need something on their resume, experienced applicants not so much

If you are starting your career and need a student or intern job to put on your resume - apply here to get the work experience. Anyone else who likes to do a good job and be recognized for it , paid fair market value or have any career growth- stay away.

Points positifs

Work from home for some, cute fuzzy animal commercials

Points négatifs

It is who you know and not how well you do your job, Salary is way below market, Be prepared to be let go at a moment's notice, it is not how well you do your job but who you know
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A great place to work and develop your skills and career.

Really enjoyed developing my skills and working with different people from different generations. One of the best things about this place are the people and the relationships you build. Management is great and there are remote roles. Benefits package is probably top 3 in the province. You will do well here is you are the type of person that can adapt to change. New products, processes, people, teams, org changes are the norm. It is one company that has many departments from marketing, finance, legal, HR. Great benefits and there are sales incentives if you are in a sales position.

Points positifs

great benefits, many opportunities to develop skills

Points négatifs

annual raises are slim
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Frequent massive layoff

Frequent massive layoff. Was more relaxed woke environment before, now getting more stressful. Lots of outsourcing to India. Call centre start up pay ok
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Stay Away from SMB sales role

I have had different roles within TELUS, and know a lot of people in other TELUS departments great company to work for, and really good benefits. However, I made the mistake of switching over to SMB sales team. Things took a complete U turn, unprofessional management, nothing in writing, screwing customers over, Increased targets and dropped commission, missing items on commission cheques. The list just keeps going on and on.
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Great place to start a sales career, great pay if you work hard.

Great pay, good starter sales job. Would recommend to anyone starting out in their careers. Worked here for 3 years and have moved up in my position.
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Constant restructuring

Friendly culture, people are kind, but there’s constant acquisitions and restructurings which brings instability and lack of advancement and high stress.
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it was just ok, typical sales job requiring upselling and keeping people the phone and trying to prevent hangups. was offering decent product but also lots of pressure from management
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It's turned into a micromanaging, demoralizing place to work.

Things have changed at Telus. Our customers feel it and the few employees left in Canada feel it. Jobs are outsourced either overseas or to local contractors. Just about every department is now pushed for sales over any other measurement. Not quality, or customer satisfaction etc. There are measurements for people on calls down to how many seconds it took you to move your mouse, or take the next call. People outside (technicians) have been told that the position is now a Sales Based Position with some technical aspects. That's it. Telus pay and benefits have stagnated for decades - except for the executives who keep making more.

Points positifs

The extended benefits and pension haven't entirely disappeared yet.

Points négatifs

Micro managing. Every few years, Telus chips away at the benefits package.
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Good benefits and culture, but only decent salary

The culture at TELUS is very good and almost everyone you work with is cooperative. When it comes to hiring, they seem to prioritize whether or not you fit into the company culture more than your hard skills.Work-life balance is good and everyone on the Management Professional side still gets to work from home anywhere in Canada.The pay is pretty mediocre compared to other companies of the same size and the benefits slowly seem to be getting cut, but they’re still very good. Health and dental coverage is customizable.
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Great culture; massive workload

Pros: hands down the people. Worked at TELUS for 12 years and met and created some of the best friendships (big company, large age range, easy to find people you connect with).Good pay and benefits.Cons: they squeeze their people. Mass layoffs/downsizing means folks take on the jobs of 2-3 people. Juggling a lot with limited resources. Can be very stressful. Your day can easily be full of back to back meetings; then respond 100+ emails in a day; barely gives one time to get their actual "work" done.
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Little pay, tough workplace

workplace is not what I expected it to be. Given extra work that is not in my field of study. Very little pay for amount of work I do daily. Would not work here ever again
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A good place

It was a good place to work but the pay isn't that great.People there might be the best part, but at the end of the day, you are there to make money!
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