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Lost North Star

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TELUS, once celebrated for its fantastic work environment, is now facing a bit of a rough patch due to some changes in its middle management. In the past, it was known for nurturing a workplace where creativity thrived and employees felt genuinely appreciated. However, recent shifts in management have clouded this positive atmosphere.Previously, TELUS was all about caring for its employees, empowering them, and sharing a common vision. But now, there seems to be a disconnect between the leadership and the rest of the team. Communication isn't as open as it used to be, and the once-strong sense of teamwork feels like it's slipping away.With the arrival of new middle management, the company's core values seem to have taken a backseat. Decision-making processes have become less transparent, and employees don't feel as involved as they once did. This change has dampened spirits and left many wondering where TELUS is headed.While TELUS still shines in providing top-notch telecommunications services, it's the people who make it truly special. Unless TELUS acts swiftly to get back on track with its original values, it risks losing the heart and soul of its workforce.
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Good Environment

Overall team is good but management has no relationship with the employees.Worked for two years as a contractor. They dont hire full time and pay is less on contracts.
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Overall decent experience

Management was a boys club back then. Hopefully that has changed now. Work police culture was great. Probably one of the best I have ever been apart of.
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Positive and fun place

Positive place and good culture in different business sectors. Telus health disunion is better and good employees share options and good work life balance
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Absolutely great

What is the best part of working at the company?The people I worked with and the company being responsible What is the most stressful part about working at the company?During my almost 16 years there…. nothingWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?In the group I was in and the people I worked in all goodWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Really good and busy and lots of contacts within g our group and others
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Low Morale

Except for work from home.. there is nothing great about this place. Lots of politics and nepotism. Management needs a change. They really don't know what they are doing.
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Great work style

Allowed me to be entrepreneurial and autonomous in my role ...Growth was there but I enjoyed my role alot unitl management changed directiion and support so I left
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Good community work

I had been with the company for many many years. The salary was decent and would keep up with inflation.After Covid, all the pay was frozen - however, when company wants to attract outside talents, they will pay market rate salary but the long time employees receive 20-30% less than a newcomer.
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Slowly changing to financially driven

The culture is still generally supportive, and WFH availability, for the moment, is ubiquitous, even for permanent WFH. Other perks are slowly being reduced and taken away and the company is shifting to more performance/bottom-line dollar culture as the industry shifts.
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Standard Rep Opportunity

Standard opportunity for a rep. Big company, opportunities, locations in many places, varied types of work, engaging teams, demanding clients... the usual
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Overall a fun place to work

Things are a bit slow as you can imagine in any corporate environment. You need to work yourself up really hard or you get nothing.Pay is on the low end in my opinion. They said they do a market review every year but never know what it really means. Overall a fun place to work if you are looking for a job with ultimate flexibility allowing you wfh five days a week.
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Non productive

Managers are basically micro managing Expected to perform starting 1st month Too many KPI’s they crib about. It’s good for first 4 months as you make good commission then it gets repetitive.
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Fun workplace

Good team. Friendly people. Large corporation with lots of room for growth. Can get a bit lost in the large corporate world and hard to distinguish yourself from the crowd.
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Avoid if you seek emotional intelligence

10 years ago this was the company to work for, however todays TELUS is outsourcing to vendors, firing nationally and hiring internationally. To work in the Small Business organization is to constantly feel inadequate and overworked. Constant and I mean constant leadership changes with their new direction every time, pit stop to make a name for themselves on the backs of dedicated employees. Most of the current senior leaders lack emotional intelligence and care only for their next rung on the ladder. Avoid this company.
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Decent place to work

Not much room to grow, busy work days. no possibility for remote work. Title: A Mixed Bag - My Experience at TELUSRating: ★★★☆☆I've spent a considerable amount of time working at TELUS, and while there have been some positive aspects, there are also a few negatives that need to be addressed.
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Fun work enviro

nice place to work, lots of nice people. Training needs work, had to learn for myself and nobody teaches u what to do beyond the bare minimum. self start
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Great if you can get in

The great benefits, remote work and autonomy balance out the busy work culture (to be at 100% capacity is to not be working enough).Hardest thing is to get into the company. Hires are 80% nepotism.
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Terrible place to work

SMB in Telus is a mess, constantly hiring and firing. Managers are decent but under too much pressure and can't train or coach their team members. They "restructured" the whole channel and it's a disaster now. The people who DID help are now gone, targets are too high, the upper management lie constantly and look like they all hate each other. Everyone is out for themselves and the "CULTURE" is non-existent. DO NOT WORK IN THIS CHANNEL.
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Old Boys Club

It's who you know, not what you know; couldn't be more true. Promotions and recognition are based on managers favourites and managers won't hesitate to through you under the bus. Strongly recommend pursuing employment elsewhere.

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Terrible management
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Account specialist temporarily good long term look forSomething else

Stressful toxic woke environment Management doesn’t not care about mental health you are just a number to them. constant threats from managers if you not exceeding your target. 6 months probation is used against you in 1 v 1 meetings that if you don’t do certain numbers you’ll be laid off in just 2nd month of the job. Hiring for account specialist keeps going year around which says a lot about retention. Micro managing to the wire according to them you are always doing something wrong. If you are passionate about sales or need some job for a couple of months then do it. Otherwise apply to do something else at Telus but not account specialists.

Points positifs

50k base that’s not enough but not bad either

Points négatifs

It’s not a 9 to 5 they expect you toWork24/7
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Supportive management

Great hours and supportive management. Has a great team working with frontline therapists. Wish there are more upwards promotions and salary negotiation opportunities.
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