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3.8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good place to start out working for. A

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Good place to start out working for. It can get extremely busy working taking phone calls daily for 8 hour shifts. Good pay abd benefits. Professional setting. Training is good.
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They don’t appreciate the work you do. All jobs not in Ontario. Treat you poorly. Management is poor. Everyone is annoyed of the job know. Let people go now for ridiculous reason. Offering packages hoping you will go. Work 8 hours a day to meet metrics and continuous changing things. You have to send bogus surveys to client and be rated. Everyone is just waiting out for better packages.
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Amazing environment and pay!!

Can’t complain!! Work for a union so you feel secure! Very well managed and believe in people environment and people in general!! Telus believe in their name and their clients!! And employees!!
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Amazing company to work for, the culture is good. Theres always an oppturnitity to move up in this company. Various posts available, they help with your courses.
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Fun Place to work

Really had great time working at Telus. Management were friendly and co-workers were very helpful. I have gained so much knowledge and will use my expertise another place. Definitely looking forward to work at Telus again.
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Good work life - balance ,and chance to work from home

TELUS is a good company overall, they offer flexible work style for their employees which promotes good work and life balance and you can work from home most of the time.
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Amazing Company

Best company I ever worked for. There has been a drastic change to the company since 2006 as far as security but over all great culture and great place to work.
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One of the top wireless service providers providing the best place to work

I've been looking forward to working every single day at TELUS. A lot opportunities for me to learn and pursue career advancement. The company has great teams with very talented people contributing to the success of the company.
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Good place to work

Good place to work. Learned many things. Work nature is not bound to the role. Learned to be how flexible i can be at my workspace Analytic thinking various opportunities based on the ability
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good company

pretty good in our department. have opportunity to try different technical staff. depends on the project, usually very busy. full time benefit pretty good,
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Good things to learn

Working through implementer for the migration project Google Big Query and Google Cloud for the latest requirements from the Business users. Analyzing the data by Google Big Query and then building the dashboards by connecting to Google Big Query. Migration of SSRS reports to Interactive Tableau Dashboards.

Points positifs

Good Environment

Points négatifs

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Productive Work Place

Nice to work on different projects and Teams in Telus. Telus has a great work and personal life balance. Telus has a great vision and Leadership. Thanks to all for giving this opportunity to work in Telus.
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Good place to work. Its a big company where lot of staff work across the country. My job here is not related my career and there is big competition to stay for long term
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I worked as CSR for 17 year's at TELUS, that included many job duties and tasks of an inbound call centre. I have had the opportunity to work along side manager's and gain experience over the year's.
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This is great environment and great people to work with this team. Worked on Telus IQ portal and worked on SAP for shipment and provisioning. Back end is oracle and checked the database for validation of data. Worked on end to end application.
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Good place to work

The most appealing thing about working for Telus was that it offered great work life balance and great benefits for employees. It was also a great place to learn about leading edge technology.
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Good place to work for

Telus is a good place to work for and has a good work life balance. Management is average. Their pay structure is very poor, but has ok benefits and perks.
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good work enviorment

great place to work good team enviorment the work can be stressful as you have to sell and your stats are monitored great feed back from your team leader
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Loyalty and Retentions Specialist

great company company culture and managers are excellent. actual work itself is not so great if you work in L&R. Recognition and advanment is possible if willing to work hard and build your brand
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Productive and Fun Environment

Enjoyed every day working at TELUS. This company has a warm culture and keeps employees engaged by making sure their voices are heard and issues resovled on a timely basis.

Points positifs

Excellent benefits

Points négatifs

no cons
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Great company. Great work life balance Call volume can be challenging diverse clientele Stuffy workplace culture. Great job! Job is unionized, average job security.
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3.8Équilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
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