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Mississauga, ON27 avis

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3.8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Fun place to work, not much growth, depending on location you could be making very little

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I worked at a slower location but we were still expected to meet unrealistic targets. Managers and higher ups were really nice and supportive. Not much work culture
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Great teams - management needs to listen to team members

Great benefits like work from home, interesting development work, great team members and fantastic collaboration. Management needs to listen to team members, need to stop laying off staff to meet numbers and focus on new sales and keeping current staff.
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Great Student Job

Worked full time during the summer making great money to pay for my tuition. I worked from home four days a week. I worked on behalf of Telus Health to approve and decline drug requests.
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Good Call Center

Normal call center job, with bathroom and breaks timed. Depends on your department sometimes you can work form home. Very good benefits and pay plan also raises every years
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Convenient Mississauga location with easy access.

Productive and workplace with billiard table and tennis table. Big and comfortable kitchen and lots of company supplied events. Convenient Mississauga location with easy access.
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Good Environment working at Telus

Environment was good. Nice people there. You get focus to do your work. All the people there were kind people. I work on so many projects and it was nice work place.
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Great Work/life Balance

Great company to work with if you want stable career and great work/life balance. Usually small to medium complexity projects. Implementations are very well planned ahead of time.
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Great work environment

Flexible work hours where I can work from the office or from home. Great support from management for career development. Hardest part of the job is adapting to outdated systems

Points positifs

Work from home
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The project is well, but the company is not nice to work with

The project is well, but the company is not nice to work with. Company did cut rate during contract time and only with one week notification. No Coffee, No Tea provider in office.
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Summer student position

Telus was a great place for a summer placement. The people were wonderful and the workplace culture was very inviting. The most difficult part of the job was definitely leaving!
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Good Job, Good co-workers, bad management

The front line workers are great. Dedicated, smart and committed. First and second level managers are good if they stay out of the political side of the business. Upper management only cares about looking good, not doing the right thing. True senior management has good vision and goals.
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Fun Workplace

Great culture and well organized company. Very flexible and support with their business hours. Very structured and organized guideline for their employees to follow.

Points positifs

Work Remotely

Points négatifs

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Great Workplace

Very good workplace culture. The most enjoyable part of the job is the camaraderie: collaboration and teamwork to get deliverables done.
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Productive and a fun environment atomosphere

Working for TELUS, everyday tasks make a big difference in people’s lives. We get a chance to bring technology to a customer’s first home or we get them started on a personal transformation with devices and wearable, and an app. And throughout the year, we takes time to volunteer and fundraise for groups in our communities. I love helping our customers and improving people’s lives.
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Personal review

Strong manager but limited in his ability to help his employees due to ownership. Would have continued to work there if some changes would be made to help the employees.
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Store Manager

Great team work environment, weekly conference calls to discuss store performances and new strategies for following week. Set personal targets for each team member, offering support and strategies for achieving goals. Provided weekly and on-floor coaching, developing and enhancing proper behaviours to achieve store monthly metrics. Recruited and interviewed new candidates, ensuring each candidate was great fit for organization. Completed weekly schedules aligning with store peak hours and maintaining within provided weekly schedule budgets.

Points positifs

Great Company Focus and Culture

Points négatifs

Long Hours
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Fast-paced but FUN org, provide lots of training . . .

Excellent progressive organization to work for in ON. Team mates are approachable. Managers are fair and care about their direct reports Great products, like the marketing theme, very witty and cool

Points positifs

great training and knowledge sharing

Points négatifs

not that I am aware during my experience there
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Productive and Fun Place to Work

A typical day at work would consist of meetings with our client (MOH) and developing operational tables using information from SOWs and SLAs and then populating the tables via quarterly, monthly etc. Creating PPT presentations on a monthly period which provided forecasts for executives - co workers are incredible and very helpful. I enjoyed working for this company!

Points positifs

amazing team

Points négatifs

distance from home to work
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productive and very pleasant environment

It was a pleasure to work for TELUS, great management and great teams. I have learned a lot about TELUS Health claim processing application which is very complex.
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Working busy in no permanent days. I learned to shipped and communicate with others The hardest part is that you have no permanent time to end your work

Points positifs

no free lunch

Points négatifs

sometimes long/ short hours
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Pharmacy Claims Auditor

• Conduct an on-site and desk audits to ensure that providers have retained the appropriate documentation in support of each claim, in accordance with TELUS Health guidelines • Documentation, selection and preparation of claims to be audited • Communication with providers, internal and external customers to ensure service standards are being met • Conduct an extensive analysis of a provider claims report using established audit procedures to identify abnormal or inconsistent claims submission practices • Verify audit data through communication with the pharmacy and/or prescribing physician to ensure that services paid for were authorized by the prescriber and received by the insured. • Assimilate audit data and generate the recovery reports for internal files. • Compose audit grade letter that is sent to the provider within a set time frame • Training new hires on provider audits, daily reports and compound mailers • Providing assistant to existing staff on various auditing questions.
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