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3.8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good place to work and grow

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I was with the company for nearly 15 years. It afforded me a lot of opportunity and room to grow and learn. I can only speak to non-union roles, but the pay is bit on the lower side generally speaking, but benefits are fairly significant. Between year end bonus, health benefits, and various service discounts you can likely add another ~8k to salary. Lots of focus on development and training (at least in the areas I was in). The culture was generally very positive and a huge increase in focus on mental health over the past few years. Toxic management is generally weeded out in one way or another. In 15 years I think I only interacted with a small handful of less than desirable management/executives who were never with the company for terribly long.

Points positifs

Positive culture, Focus on growth, generally great management

Points négatifs

Generally lower payscale
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Don’t care about anything other than wasting resources and time as well as sales if you sell your safe if you don’t your public enemy

As per union repI’ve seen TELUS go from bad to worse to disaster one of the most toxic employers to work for. You have no job security if you are not making your manger money from sales commissions and upgrading customers. I felt like I was working for a pimp.
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Collaborative and supportive

TELUS has become the company and work experience with which I compare all other jobs. I changed careers, or else I’d still be there. During my last 6 months, even though they knew I was leaving, they still mentored me and invested in my training. I felt supported and appreciated both monetarily and personally.

Points positifs

Work from home, mentoring, unionized
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Change, disregard for work life balance.

Was promised a Monday-Friday job. Once in the culture they "embrace change" and teach you about culture later without being forefront about their processes. That changed. My role was s technician, a job that should be valued and focused with. It is a hard roll to fully understand and to craft. You will know a great tech that visits.. Unfortunately telecom companies don't value this. They then changed role to "Product solutions advisor"(sales). On top of the stressful work load and metrics you will be advised to sell or be singled out in condisending group efforts to make dollar end for the company. Customers in their premise don't want to be upsold or cornered into pressured deals they don't need. They want great technical service.

Points positifs

Great benefits, great people in field to work with

Points négatifs

Sales as a tech (Huge mistake). Disorganized communication with upper management.
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Free pizza lunches

Very stressful environment. So many young people crying in the bathroom. Pushy sales culture lead to wrong behaviors. I would not recommend this company to anyone. They allow their employees to take verbal abuse from clients. Management were being promoted because their friends were in management.

Points positifs

Free lunches

Points négatifs

late shifts
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We used to have fun Fridays with games and snacks.

I have delivered my best efforts in making my job responsibilities efficient and effective . The company is highly esteemed and reputed, although I have completed all my tasks to make it even better.

Points positifs

Free Uniform and I pad.
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Loved it!

This job is a very good introduction to customer service. Recommend for anyone who can handle a fast-paced environment with lots of calls of various types. There is constant support from peers and everyone gets along well.

Points positifs

Full time hours and more, easy work

Points négatifs

Shift times can be tough, 1030pm or 4am start timings most of the time, Can be very inconsistent, So you can work late shift one day then early the next day, Sleep pattern and general life outside of work easily disrupted, BUT still worth it once you get used to it and trading shifts is an option.
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Fun, laid back, very relaxed, not too difficult

Teammates are awesome. Lots of downtime, but not too strict. Hardest part is getting used to the computer program doesn't take long. People are very open to helping out.
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Long and tiring days

I thought I would have liked this job, but when your 'boss' is narcissistic, it's hard. Trying to get him to stay focused on a sale was near impossible without him going on a rant. Finally after not even a month I was done and quit. I couldn't handle it anymore.
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Team was not supportive and unable to update thier thoung to meet the new technology

The system was very old like 2001 and unable to update with new technology. Team was not able to take any suggestion from other team members. Working culture was not good.
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Fun palace to wrok

I enjoyed my time with Telus,liked how they treated employees. unfortunatly retail has fluxuation and long hours. Strong team work and team building love working with the team. store clenliness is a top priority
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Telus Communications is an awesome place to express your talents as a career choice.

Telus communications brings fond memories of employment, this coming from a currently successful self employed: moreover, if not for my 18 years history as an Telus employee, I would not be seeking an employment position. Things I have considered to changed back to an employee and a Tech. position all comes from my time at Telus Communications: further, points of discernment, as follows: 1) Always treated fairly and with respect 2) Telus is active in helping one find a work/life balance. 3) Real Team Approach...never felt pressure of everything is on my shoulders alone. 4) Training is top notch for everyone: therefore, your not the only one that knows what's going on. The Conclusion: Telus Communications is an awesome place to express your talents as a career choice.
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Love the people but the money isn’t enough

Great bosses great people to work with but super long hours and made almost no money. If you have a knack for sales and can get anyone to buy ur products this is the job for you, I bust my $$ at this job and it’s unfortunate that I have to leave
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They'll dump you easily

They expect you to work in your off time to bring in sales. (As per my manager) They care more about sales than customer service. Theyll dump you faster than you'll realize if you dont get their outrageous sales goals, regardless if you're a great tech with awesome surveys.
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Not a good place to work. Management only cares for themselves

Management only cares for themselves. They are used to earning free money. A few top ranked officials keep their jobs through role rotation. You need to be pleasing your boss to survive in this hostile environment
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Great company great people lots of room for growth. Lots of different departments to work in sky’s the limit on what you can do there. Easy to get to work if you don’t want to park downtown.
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Gallery Interperter

Work at Telus World of Science was excellent and provided good work environments and fun and engaging activities for customers and workers. Volunteer position are very abundant.
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Good place to work

Good work environment. Friendly co-workers. Fair wage and benefits. Room for advancement. Company provided training is more than sufficient for the job.
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Amazing work place

I loved my job! TELUS is truly an amazing place to work. Their community involvement surpasses any other place I've worked. TELUS made me feel like a person, like an asset to the company; that I mattered to them.
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A once promising company that lost connection to its values

A company once with great opportunity and promise that consistently of late make decisions that go against their own strategic imperatives. Development and succession planning for top performers is non-existent and reactionary based on departures or position changes initiated by employees not management. Engagement scores have been steadily declining in some divisions, and innovative people are now punished and even eliminated, sending the message to those that remain that the future is anything but friendly.
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Great company to work for

Really good company to work for,advancement possible if you put in the work. Management has an open door policy and are willing to help you move up the ladder if you are serious and put in the work
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3.8Équilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
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