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Edmonton, AB197 avis

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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good company

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Too many levels of management. Challenging and time wasted getting approvals. They claim process improvement, they should really look at how they bounce their customers around.
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Overall great workplace

I worked as a residential service tech here for 9 years before being offered a package. Learned a lot throughout the years and many great things about Telus such as pay, benifits, freedom to work on your own. I would have stayed longer if I felt there was room for more growth and the role had changed a lot throughout the years transitioning more towards sales.
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You're either the shark or the fish

Be prepared to harass every customer that walks in until they relent and listen to you talk about home services.For all of Telus' public talk regarding mental health awareness and anti-bullying, they fail in showing that same duty of care for their own staff.If you are an aggressive salesperson and can thrive in an environment where numbers are the only thing that matter, then you will probably see success. If not, be prepared to be scapegoated and left to fend for yourself.

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Commission and bonuses.

Points négatifs

Stress, numbers driven, impersonal.
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Productive and fun workspace

What is the best part of working at the company?Awesome work environment......What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Irregular shifts. No fixed shift in a week. Changes every day.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Promotes diversity and inclusion.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Very easy going and work from home comfort.
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Great part time job for students but horrible full time job

Company doesn’t actually care for employees. They only care about their profit. The only good thing about here is the employee share plan. Management doesn’t care about those below. They set very high and unrealistic targets and then threaten to let you go when you fall short. I’ve never had to take stress leave because of work but this was honestly my worst job experience and had to request medical leave a couple times to nurture myself back to health from all the stress and constant threats of job loss .
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Work-life balance, flexible workplace

Beneficial for those looking for WLB, and flexibility for remote work - however, there may be hindrances for market-rate compensation as salaries increases are does not outpace inflation
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Would never work there again

Managers are on power tripsLucky if you find a manager that will actually support you and want you to move up in the companyAt most, you don’t have the tools to work with and serve your customersVery micromanagedManagers do spy on you
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Good place to work, loyalty is not rewarded

Good place to work, lots of opportunities for advancement, good perks and benefits. Great work styles if you want to work from home. There is a huge emphasis on creating quarterly personal goals.
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Like any other big company they have big company problems. Unfortunately there is an us and them mentality. Ended up being one of the better places at the end.
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Glad to be out of this company!

Work is non stop. Tools are not always available. Continuously monitored. If your mouse doesn’t move after 30 seconds, they assume that you are not working. Very depressing culture at work

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Feels like you are owned by the company
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Great job but low pay

Enjoyed the job but telus doesnt appreciate their employees. The telus days of giving is complete propaganda. They force their employees to volunteer on their behalf so they can take the credit. I dont know i enjoyed my time there as i had a great manager but the company as a whole is not very vood.
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Fun in-office workplace

Telus is an amazing place to work with. In recent years though, the engagement has dropped because of poor people management. You can get kicked out for no reason.
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Most amazing team

Everyone is super nice and supportive. They were flexible with me when I got really sick with an infection after being hired and always had a supportive manager.

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Points négatifs

Difficult customers
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A great place to learn new skills

Great opportunity to learn new skills. I gained a lot of work experience here. Great benefits and opportunities. I would recommend this employer. They care about their employees and community.

Points positifs

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Good culture

Everyone is really kind and company has a good culture. Pay is good for the category and the company is flexible to work from home. Would recommend to a friend if they asked me.
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It was a great company to work for years. Now, have gone worse. Managers are focused more on sales from Technicians rather than helping out. Long wait times to get connected with overseas agent to fix the issue(low training and if you get lucky, issue will be resolved). Not recommended any person to work as technician

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Points négatifs

Stressful and low wages
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Poor Management

Used to be a great company back in the day, awesome working environment, great pay, benefits and pension. Now it's been taken over by your typical corporate greed. They don't care about their customers nearly as much as their investors...
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Great place to work

Lots of opportunities to grow and learn and move up. Management is supportive of taking classes and career advancement. Great work hours oay and benefits
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Good to learn

Good place to work for understanding management fun place to work nice work.All weather outside inside customer service lil bit physical overall good step
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Like a life sentence with no chance of parole

What is the best part of working at the company?My days off are the best part of working for this company. No appreciation for the work we do. Making self serve for customers that don’t even know how to use computers.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Everything about working for this company is stressful. I’m only here for the paycheque now.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Work your butt off or you’re not good enough. Love the CEOs motto FIFO fit in or f**k off. What is a typical day like for you at the company?Stressful to put it mildly. I used to love my job but not anymore
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door to door

Fun, GoodNo base payCommision onlyBut high commisonNeed a car. Gas cost a lot.Bad days good days. But it will be balanced overall.Home service is not hard to sell
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