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Calgary, AB338 avis

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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Decent benefits and pay

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Good benefits including $700 personal wellness and $5000 for mental health. Unfortunately the company I worked for was acquired by Telus and several of us high performers have been let go since the acquisition.

Points négatifs

Large corp only cares about itseslf
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Too much corporate BS

Very political, management is very kick managing. Good pay, until you cap out. Worked there 13 years and they downsized. Took a package first chance I got
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à Calgary, AB
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Looks great on paper, but the honeymoon phase doesn’t last lonng

Toxic upper management vs. union employees culture, seasonal layoffs to save $$$ followed by hiring unqualified people at half the salary. Constantly introducing new metrics that don’t follow the job description and punishing long term employees who can’t keep up. Stay far away.
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Toxic work place

Toxic place to work. Telus only cares about them self. They don’t care about there worker's or their mental health. Good luck getting pay there new payroll program is a joke.
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Terrible working environment

What is the best part of working at the company?Health Benefits. This list used to be longer.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Call Centre metrics and non working systems What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Negativity, unhappy employees. What is a typical day like for you at the company?Stress from start of shift till end
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Fun place to work

The pay is low and too much calls to handle, they have great benefits but management sucks .they don’t care about wellbeing of their employees. They k
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Good company

Good company but they will cull employees at a moment’s notice. Great pay. Management turnover is rampant. Most jobs are in the USA and Philippines. Medical coverage is ok and f you qualify.
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Not enjoyable

Always being micromanaged, unrealistic sales expectations, little to no support in place from management, did not enjoy. working from home was a bonus.
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Used to be amazing went downhill fast

I spent 12 years with this company loved the first six of it the second half it just got worse year by year with less care for the customers and more care about the company making money and pushing sales to the point it was no longer enjoyable and you felt like you're trying to trick customers into sales all the time I am very happy I had the option to leave with a departure package and jumped at the chance to move on to a new opportunity
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Nice company to work

A typical day at work: starts with reviewing your scheduled jobs on your phone or computer. Typically 3-5 jobs a day depending on schedule (8 hour or 10 hour) and complexity of jobs. Visiting residential customers for new install. upgrade, and repair. Lots of interaction with clients. Some outside plant jobs such as running jumpers at cross connect or splicing fiber etc will be done before you proceed to inside jobs. Learned lots of new things and skills. Great people, team work, workplace culture.
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Payroll issues, pressured to sell Although you are a repair tech…just don’t work here. Management does not help you. All they care about is the stats. The pressure put upon you is a lot.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Long hours and management
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Lack of support

Remote manager with little interest in what you are doing and lack of training and support. Basically, you are on your own and frequent layoff rounds even while they are hiring for similar jobs in the same department.
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Good company to work for

flexibility to work, but could be challenging sometimes as hours get longer sometimes, less pay compared to ohers in market, Work life balance is ok ok
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Great experience

What is the best part of working at the company?Good team. Great support from managersWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?They force you to do sales even when you were not hired for that, and that count as part of your technical performance.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?There is a great group of peopleWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Orders on your board, and start the day directly with your first customer.
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Good team spirit, executives are not good people

The immediate team you work for such as your co-workers, local support and some of the managers were some of the best I ever had. There is something special about the group you get hired with, you help out each other is someone is struggling, managers are very good about sick days and not forcing overtime onto you. Some of the dispatch team were excellent people. However the call center transitioned from folks in Edmonton and BC to the Philippines one year and it just went down ever since, orders were screwed up every single day, and they didn't know what they were talking about when you needed them to fix something on the back end. Management became stressed, mandatory sales targets came in otherwise you will get fired (for service technicians....yeah make that make sense please). The union is useless and just bends to the will of the TELUS executives, and the CEO is a terrible human being.

Points positifs

Customers were rad 99% of the time, amazing co-workers, dental benefits were the best in the country (100% coverage).

Points négatifs

The executives hate technicians and will run this company into the ground
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Good place to work

Flexible work environment, fully remote, good benefits package, pay is only average. Provides 40% discounts on cell phone, internet and tv services. Relatively stable
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Positive work environment

Good co workers. Helpful team efforts. Good training sometimes you worry at commission sales and cold weather. Overall very positive experience keep up the great work :)
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Some of the best managers I have ever had and they make all the difference

Working at TELUS was the best job I ever had. I only left because they phased out my department and the severance offer was more than enough to pay off all my debts and go back to school. Some of the best managers I have ever had and they make all the difference! The day-to-day challenges vary depending on what department you are in but if you are good at sales you will always have a job even if another pandemic hits. Though there are hints of wilful ignorance when departments are on the chopping block, things like “oh you don’t need to be cross trained in that, we still have millions of customers that are going to need your roll for years to come” meanwhile there are monthly updates on how well the project to “move those customers over to the new systems they refuse to train you on” is progressing. The language on a lot of the internal documents is becoming increasingly geared toward “social-justice” and “woke-ness” but the company has always been diverse and focussed on equality so the actual culture didn’t really change in the ten years I was there. Mental health, work-life-balance, and charitable giving are definitely huge parts of the culture. Compensation is at the top of the industry, with stellar benefits, and a union backing you up… sort of… honestly since selling out to the United Steel Workers the union has become let’s say less than they should be. I highly recommend maxing out your employee share plan, retirement savings plan, and RRSP contributions as they have great corporate matching, when I left I had over 80K in shares and that’s after dipping in a few - 

Points positifs

Quality of the managers, amazing compensation, work from home opportunities

Points négatifs

Becoming "woke" or at least paying lip-service to SJW interests.
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Typical in-store behaviour

Nothing remarkable, just like you would expect from instore staff.Most are friendly, but there is always some clique like behaviour between staff members
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Sell sell

Worked here for 10 years. Went from wanting good customer service to sell sell sell. Nothing else mattered. Pay was OK. Technical support tanked when everything went offshore.
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Paid by commission

A typical day at work would be working 8 hours a day and not getting paid for any effort I put in felt like a repetitive loop and the managers would never give any clear instructions or answers until we were already on duty

Points positifs

Free lunch occasionally

Points négatifs

Everything else
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