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Very corporate, lots of change, strong values, and great benefits.

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Working at TELUS has taught me a lot in terms of my skillset and also how to navigate a highly political, fast-paced environment. While it's progressive in its values, has a flexible work styles program, and offers incredible benefits -- and therefore has been the right employer for me during this period of my life -- I personally have found it too big and too corporate for my taste. The it's a high performing culture and people here seem to have immense reverence for leaders right or wrong, which is not the culture for everyone. A lot of TELUS team members are "lifers", largely because of the benefits and the opportunity to move onto new roles. The titles are confusing... for example, "Business Analyst II" is a hierarchical level and the job title on your offer letter, but your email signature would read otherwise (e.g. Project Manager, Culture and Engagement Manager, Executive Assistant, etc.)

Points positifs

Flexible benefits packages, $5K/year for psychology, pension and share plan matching, most people can work remotely, annual bonus

Points négatifs

Very corporate and political, frequent org changes, lower than market salaries from what I understand
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Sales Representrative

They are pretty open to new ideas. Work life balance is pretty good, option to go full remote gor FTEs. Would highly recommend this place for somone looking to learn new technology.
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Great place to work

Management and team members were very friendly and supportive. Very positive work environment! Excellent training was provided. There were lots of additional optional courses and learning opportunities. I very much appreciated working for Telus!

Points positifs

Management and team very supportive

Points négatifs

No cons
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10 years and counting!

Been at Telus for 10 years now and love the incredible life-work balance!Departments go through a lot of reorganizations but have had great management for the last few years!
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Money hungry corporation

This company will find a way to pay you as little as possible. You don’t even make minimum wage (they pay $13/hour) but they try and justify it with commission which they are constantly lowering. They claim they provide 2 weeks paid vacation but if you request time off you rarely get it because every store is understaffed (again to pay less). They have very high and unattainable sales goals and if they are not reached you get threatened with a write up. The ONLY pro to working here is the occasional target incentives and benefits. Do not work with Telus if you value your time and mental health.

Points positifs

Occasional incentives and benefits

Points négatifs

Long hours, low pay, and disrespectful to employees.
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Doesn't know what they are doing

The company is a bureaucratic nightmare and when you have an issue don't expect help, contact HR and see if anyone gets back to you or figure it out through their internal websites. Management is only out for their own jobs, they don't care about front-line staff and they understand staff will either be soon replaced, quit, be fired, or burn out so there is no effort made to keep them. The work from home during Covid is a mess, equipment is low end and does not do the job. My advice if you get a job, buy your own headset, keyboard and mouse because what they send is junk. Consider why they are always hiring, even now when no one is, must be people leaving due to the stress or why leave a job when few are out there? If there were more jobs in the market I would be looking for a way out. Worst decision I ever made to work here

Points positifs


Points négatifs

stress, unknown policies, terrible internal communication despite this being a telecom, the amount of self-congratulations they give themselves for their business is nauseating
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A comfortable work environment in the day.

A good work environment, where I learned the telecom trade. In the day, sponsored apprenticeship, good work culture and training. If I had to do it again, I would.

Points positifs

Professional, safety concious, development.

Points négatifs

Pay rate....negotiating wage increases
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Best job I worked

Amazing all around. Clean and fun atmosphereWorked for almost 7 years, towards the end the department became an uncomfortable place to work in. Very good voluntary departute package, offered when reorganization was needed in the company.

Points positifs

pay, benefits, recognition, rewards, friendly atmosphere.

Points négatifs

Company was taken over by some dark entity after 6 years of work
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Great health benefits

Rapidly adapts to changes (i.e. adjustment of workflt during Covid lockdown). Accommodates role changes temporarily for health, family/personal reasons.

Points positifs

Lots of contests for free lunch, bravos (gift cards) etc
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Used to be an AMAZING place to work...

Sadly, as time goes on and Telus has to provide constant growth for it's shareholders/ means slowly but surely stripping away at benefits, pay and even jobs on shore to outsource call centre work to the Philippines, and to contract out good paying, skilled jobs to the lowest bidding contractor available. (most of my job was cleaning up super sloppy/unsafe contractor work)Culture has become so toxic because of all the changes that have taken place over the last few years many are leaving in droves. (which just means that Telus wins...) The Union is a joke, it has no power and won't protect you or help you. This isn't any specific person's fault, but the overall complacency and inability of the workers to stand together as a whole.Make no mistake - if you take a field job - your main role is NOT to provide/fix services, your main job is now to SELL SERVICES while you are in the home in front of customers. And if you don't do this, or can't do this - you will be reprimanded formally, and eventually fired.No ability to move up in the company as they do not want union members to succeed/grow with the company. They want to break the union and get all of those workers out. (to save on benefits, full-time pay and pension contributions)The current director for Calgary is a smooth-talking "car salesman". He'll present and tell you one thing, to avoid conflict in the moment, but he'll do things completely the opposite to keep his seat at the management table. He is ruthless and heartless and does NOT care about the people. He only cares about numbers and getting his bonus. - 

Points positifs

Great pay and benefits

Points négatifs

long hours, pressure for overtime, pressure to sell and no career advancement
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Stressful environment

Constantly putting bandaids on self-inflicted bullet wounds. Unable to admit, nevermind fix, systemic problems. There was a culture shift away from making changes that enhance the customer and employee experience to one of constant cost cutting. Especially through automation. When evidence was brought forward about the fallout of automation leaders shut down the conversation.

Points positifs

Can't think of any they retained

Points négatifs

Constant cutting means growing workloads you can't handle.
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Great Company

Was a great company to work for; though, the role I was in was either over-worked or under worked and not paid enough for the cost of living in the area. The sales targets were very annoying as well.
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Political Environment

I worked as a contractor for TELUS Health. They asked me to perform tasks that I did not feel comfortable with. In response they utilized bullying tactics and attempted to solicit my complicity. This is a "friends only" club house and a toxic work environment.

Points positifs

Working from home

Points négatifs

Disjointed teams, Leadership is lacking, Outdated technology, Paperwork
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Poor management

I should have know from previious experience with Telus employees in BC that it was a horrible place to work. My direct manager had no knowledge of the work their Technicians performed and provided zero feedback before terminating me for in my opinion wasunjust cause. Union politics are very prevalent with this company.

Points positifs

Interesting work

Points négatifs

Poor management, union politics
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Very collaborative work environment

Spent 15 years at TELUS and will look back fondly on the time I spent there and the friends I made. The work life balance is excellent and opportunity to work from home or go into the office to work is definitely beneficial.
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Unorganized Disaster

A back end disaster consisting of complete mayhem. The left hand doesn't speak with the right. They have little to no cross department communication nor collaboration. Be prepared to throw your peers under the bus in order to advance.
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Day to day

-fast past work environment - hardest part would be to get sales but as you get use to the job it gets easier -most enjoyable would be working with a great team
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Challenging and fun place to work

Was a great place to work with excellent management and grown opportunities, was a great experience to learn optometric related duties and was a great feeling to help patients
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Terrible company, terrible values

Worked in many different roles over 9 years. Was also company first, customers/employees last. As soon as you reach thier top rate they start trying to buy you out. I was hareased for 3 years befor I'd had enough. In a better trade now. I wouldn't work for these trolls if at all possible.
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Beware of the Image

I had some excellent, hard working co-workers. However, at a Director and Senior-leader level there was bullying of direct reports, a command and control/“do what I say” approach (regardless of experience), gender bias, absentee leaders and lack of meaningful discussion or tolerance for varying perspectives and spirited debate – partly due to fear of repercussions. Functions that should support all employees (such as HR and similar) are archaic and broken.
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Growing company with lots of challenges

Great people. Good quality services. A lot of product offerings. Great industry to be a part of. TELUS is a brand and company to be proud of as they provide so much to the local community.
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