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Over 25 years experience working at Telus.

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Lasted long at Telus but, was laid off. It was challenging as you had to speak with customers who didn’t like the fees compared to what they see in the US.
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Was once a great place to work now it's broken and toxic.

What is the best part of working at the company?Working from home flexibility.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Super top heavy with decisions being made in a vacuum. Overcomplicated processes with no objectives. Problematic org structure and many many differing systems that dont work together. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Toxic no one is truly happy here unless they are a Director level or above.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Virtual meetings all day no time to do actual work.
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toxic manager

team lead was horrible won't answer your questions, but blame you for everything. yell at you when you compensate the customer, even when it's the right thing to do
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A passionate and energized digital company

A day at work, fastHow to deal with a myriad of personalities a many sales modalitiesManagement is fierceCulture is philanthropicThe workloadThe customers

Points positifs

Time off

Points négatifs

The workload
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Decide what work you will do and where in the Frames

Work ahead and a good job and you are left to determine your work day. You print your jumper orders in the morning then drive the rest of the day to different Central & Remote Offices to run jumpers. The best job but copper is becoming less and less.
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Great work/life balance

Working with telus has been great! Being able to work from home has definitely made work/life balance sustainable. Would I recommend working with Telus, 100%
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Great beginning Sad ending

Worked at Telus for 9 years. In the beginning the environment was very friendly and fun. Enjoyed going into work every day because the environment was always so friendly if you performed well and the people were great but things changed over the years. People became more negative overall which made the environment change real quick. Overall if you keep under the radar and perform you’ll have no issues.
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Great Team

Challenging targets but with dedication and perseverance you can meet them. Low engagement lately since layoffs last year. This is a Sales Focused Job would not recommend to anyone looking to just provide customer service.
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Productive and fun workplace

Solid place to work, nice people mostly. Pay is ok. Wish there was a way to move up faster but it feels like a lot of things come down to seniority instead of skills
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Don’t care about customer service anymore only sales

I worked for telus for over 12 years . When I first started at telus we we empowered to do everything within our power to help the customer with a customer first mentality .. since 2021 they added a sales target and this target never left .. I don’t mind selling a bit but sales pressure and sneaky tactics is not for me so I took the buyout package as my department was sent overseas .. Iam sad to see this once go amazing company go down hill .. and I don’t think they will survive if competition enters the Canadian telecom market .. seems like greed took over on the upper management.. they also stopped investing in their systems and don’t mind keeping customers on hold and upsetting them yet at the same time expect customers to buy their products
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Compensation is poor, highly competitive environment, good variety in the work, good support for additional education and lots of room to move/grow with the company
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Worked from home

Saved money on Gas. Customers are what you would expect working at a Call center. Mangers are the Same. Mostly good. Sometimes sucks. Pay was over 30 $ once capped. Work for a union s a plus.
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Good pay but very micromanaged

It pays well but the learning curve is steep. So much to learn, and the environment is very micromanaged. if you need a job its good, but I wouldnt call it a great place to stay for too long.
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Rewarding environment

Very supportive environment. Team members and the management is always willing to support. With extra commitment to the role you can earn handsomely. Great emploer.
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It's what I imagine he'll being like

What is the best part of working at the company?We went remote with covid happening What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Ridiculous sales goals, outdated equipment, lies for profit, abusive customers, favoritism What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Work harder for less pay and recognition What is a typical day like for you at the company?Log on get screamed at by customers, write details of what happened spend too long writing it have the TELUS secret police tap into your screen to see what you're doing. Go into another call realize you're getting calls to something you're not trained on and have to transfer for them only for the same caller to get routed back to you. Contact your manager where you're told to wait longer than is the norm to let the call go to someone else which seems suspicious to the TELUS secret police so they continue to monitor you.It's almost the end of the month you say? Well you haven't reached your sales goal even though you're not part of the sales team but that's irrelevant. Today tablets count next week they don't. Take about another 20-25 calls like that get stuck past your shift and then do it all over again.
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Typical Large Corporation

TELUS has a lot of great people, and a culture that is publicly welcoming of diversity, growth and support. A lot of that however is veneer to recruit and retain people without resorting to things that cost money, like pay, benefits, or any semblance of work life balance. There is a culture of plausible deniability from senior leadership, creating environments that drive behaviour contrary to what they publicly state, in order to be able to deny that's what they're doing. For example, admonishing salaried employees they should log out on time or at a reasonable hour, while also assigning hours of work due the following morning. Huge culture of workaholism, including numerous semi mandatory charity events through the year. Very meeting heavy culture, because that's seen as a way for various groups to show they are "doing something" to drive results, to the point where leaders can easily have 20-30 hours of (mandatory) meetings/week. Benefits are constantly eroded year after year, usually while replacing with something of lesser value to pretend that it's a positive, while telling you that you asked for it. Performance reviews were changed to "not reduce you to a number", meaning all performance is completely subjective rather than objective on results. If the executives make a mistake, well then it's layoffs and salary freezes for all.

Points positifs

Great people, discounted telco services, full benefits

Points négatifs

Long hours, Lots of meetings that should have been an email, "who you know" advancement
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Well paid jobs but stressful

Telus is a good company to work for. If you don't mind listening to complaints and dealing with confusing procedures, go for it. Salary is way above average and benefits are great.
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Used to be fun and trusting place

Used to be fun place to want to work but now is just a "sell on every call" or you're out. Pay is an insult. Most Canadian employees are getting laid off for their off shore campuses. Company lies when it says it "gives where it lives". CEO only takes from Canada and fills his own and boards' pockets. Culture used to be caring but now the rope is so tightened for almost all roles from higher ups that people get no choice. So many people are thankful they are getting laid off. I have worked for the company for 20+ years in various roles (including upper management) but starting to look elsewhere now - have witnessed too much disrespect.

Points positifs

Saying you work for a big company

Points négatifs

too many to list
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Fun place to work at and good money

Lots of new friends made. The management is a mixed bag. You have good managers and bad micromanaging managersStarted going downhill with new union agreementGood money and overtime opportunities
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Good Pay but entitled customers will ruin it for you

Get paid well ($32 after raises and could cap out at around $35 in a few more yrs) good benefits, and perks like %40 off bill and stock options. But with the company continuing to offshore/ cut down on Canadian agents it can feel like company will look for any reason to try and get you fired. Telus takes customer is always right to another level as you can handle an interaction by the book but get a bad survey if you didnt give the customer what they wanted and not be able to dispute the survey or anything. The company spent years trying to split departments up only to change their minds and cram everything together with sub par training.
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Lack of career growth and has lost all company values

Used to be a good place to work, company directions have changed since Covid , toward sales only culture which makes sense . However still require you to do a lot of stuff that don’t make sense, people are fight sales to death , morale is extremely low.
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