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3.8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good place to work but Customers made it not worth it

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I enjoyed working there, mainly worked from home so I was in charge of my own progress and work! Only issue was the customers and how they treat you. There is a certain level of expectation that is given and must be met which can be hard when customers are set on things going their way never mind policy.

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Hostile Customers
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for them u just a number . kick u out anytime maybe just manager doesnt like you . no warning , then just fire . poor management doesnt listen to you at all . no person to them you are . u better like robot , no emotion . copy paste every second . waste a second ? you go .

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no pros

Points négatifs

stressful, unrespectful . no person feeling .
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Do not recommend

I definitely would not recommend this job to others. You're hired as a part-time agent and it takes years until you're actually given full-time status. They have incredibly difficult and unrealistic metrics that they require you to meet. Management is monitoring everything that you do and even if you're meeting performance metrics, they still will ask for more from you. They really don't seem to care about you, you're simply a number and can easily be replaced. The calls are very stressful as the majority of people you'll speak with are typically irate about their bill, issues with their services, or the wait times for calling in. Scheduling doesn't offer much for work life balance, so you'll have to work frequent late shifts and weekends. The only positive things that I have to say are that the benefits are good, pay is decent, and there are a lot of great co-workers.

Points positifs

Good benefits and decent pay

Points négatifs

Everything else
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Beware before you decide to work here. You aren’t special your just a number

I have to say when I started I was so happy. I loved the atmosphere , loves the pay and especially loved my manager. But then buyouts starting happening and moral within the office dropped because they were grasping at straws to remove agents. My manager was the only reason I know a lot of my co workers stayed. But then my manager was asked to do others managers jobs and eventually was mistreated by other managers and operations managers and it created a toxic work atmosphere. So much that when my manager left our whole team applied to other departments just to get away from the disgusting way they treated my manager. I used to love coming to work until I didn’t. Management is toxic , backstabbing and will do anything to get ahead. Since I had a new manager I have never felt like more than a number than I did before I left. You are number and nothing more we all feel this way but most are to afraid to speak up because of how we are treated when we do.
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upon hiring fast paced and fun

as I enter my 5th year of employment with Telus. I am still grateful for being employed full time, however, the work environment is slowing going down hill. I will not go into detail, but will state that my work life balance have not been as promised when hired.
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Good working culture

operator services was a great place to work. lots of good people. good managers. always willing to assist with anything. good pay and benefits. all jobs for telus are different
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Management uses is New Technologies with balanced Work Environment

Everyday is Starts with New Challenges in work with New Technologies of software, balanced workplace culture. Remote team, share works and Group activities are fun.
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it is a fast paced environment, so no time for fun

it is a fast paced environment, so no time for fun, other than that TELUS is a great company to work for. I recommend TELUS for sure. Saying that, good luck
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Good working environment

The office in Burnaby has everything that is needed. Anything from table tennis, cafeteria, and all sorts of TVs in resting areas allow employees to rest their minds.
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Good company to work for

I was a contractor, but my work experience at TELUS was good. The managers have integrity and the remote workstyle is awesome! The company is agile and adaptable to the changing business climate.
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Exceptional family orientated corporation

The workplace culture was diverse, but fun and easy to fit in. My colleagues felt like and treated me like family. Telus provided many family friendly, fun events on site celebrating different holidays throughout the year.
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Not friendly management. Very fast paced working environment.

Great pay and fun working environment with lots of perks to working for the company. Stressful in terms of keeping your numbers up sales wise. Was contract only.

Points positifs

Great perks and salary for working at Telus.

Points négatifs

No job security.
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TELUS is a great company to work for

lots of support from management team. They encourage innovations and initiatives. Competitive benefit and compensation from TELUS. Good team culture and corp culture.
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Over all Telus would be a great place to work but they dont pay well.

Over all Telus would be a great place to work but they dont pay well.They haven't grasped that you get what you pay for. They have good people and good work life balance but as I say they could improve the compensation.
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Productive and fun workplace with table tennis in in-house cafeteria

I enjoyed working at Telus because of my fellow employees and the interesting systems we where working on / developing. Exposure to modern technology such as Splunk Business Intelligence aggregation. Great work life balance achieved in part by 80% remote wok option and easy access to office via SkyTrain (Bentwood Station)
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Great job to learn Customer service

Its a great place to start a life as a sales man and you can also learn many other trade skills. You can also learn how to work in a team and how to achieve team goals.
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Excellent company to work for

Busy schedule, keeps you on your feet. Good communication with the management. Good team to work with and have a strong relationship with staff and clients.

Points positifs

Free lunches
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Overall I am satisfied

it's a great place to work with. telecommuting is a best way of being productive without worry on traffic and with flexible time we can have work life balance
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Excellent place to work with good benefits

Great place to work. Everyone has team spirit and integrity. The people that don't usually get weeded out. Great at developing people and growing skillsets. The main reason I see people leaving sometimes is purely because of money.
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Good Place to work

It's a good place to work. Working in the RF department as a project manager has it's perks. Work from home, good benefits, etc. The work can be fast paced and at times you find yourself working on your vacation even when you don't intent to.
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Good Company

It was a pleasure working with Telus. I have learned so much regarding Customer Service. The salary and other benefits is really good. Just really hard to find life balance.
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