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Bonne compagnie où travailler en général. Les payes sont bonnes, les différents avantages sont de qualité, régime d'achat d'actions de l'entreprise en plus!Maiiisssss malheureusement, haute gestion qui a eut raison de la santé mentale de moi ainsi que de d'autres collègues. Le micromanaging était insoutenable. On se sentait géré comme des enfants et non comme des managers. Très triste..
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Good money and benefits vs incompetent management.

What is the best part of working at the company?The renumeration was good. Health & Dental benefits were very good.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?No one in upper management is willing to make the hard choice of admitting their idiotic operating decisions.
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Low Pay and Little Flexibility

The pay is terribly low for requiring a Masters degree. Pay raises were 1% for the year, and requirements for bonuses are next to impossible to meet. Bonuses are minimal when paid out. There is very little control over choosing your shift. Holidays are assigned by reverse seniority. On a positive side, co-workers are great and the supervisors attempts to make a positive work environment. However, it is difficult to overcome the structure set up by corporate.
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Horrible company to work for

bought out by Telus We were lied to about work anywhere in Canada remote workers, until family emergencies in other provinces THEN it became an issueAwful place to work

Points positifs

Schedule 7 on 7 off

Points négatifs

Poor handling of family emergencies
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Zero job security

Caught up in the mass layoff I was let go at Christmas. Middle management only care about their career path and push unattainable deadlines on you as a result.Severe lack of tools and training. No direction. Management changes weekly.
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Fun place

Great team love my job, some days it’s super busy other it’s slow but commission and pay is pretty good. If you’re looking for a small team and decent pay this is it
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Productive and fun workplace with great people

What is the best part of working at the company?Great people and corporate culture What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Campaign promotions and meeting deadlinesWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Very friendly and respectful to each other What is a typical day like for you at the company?Stand-up meeting, working on assigned tickets
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all good

good place to work is good, benefits are good and training is good. Work life balance is good as well. it's not good or bad, its ok. good place to work is good
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Great collogues, can work from home, but a hot mess

Hopefully now that Telus took over, they can clean the mess the last group of executives and managers created. Time will tell. The training department at this time has no idea what they are doing or knowledge. Who is in charge need to open their eyes, instead of ignoring all the problems. They are very out of touch and seem to live in a imaginary world. A lot of people in authority where put in roles cause they where just there at the time. They have no experience or really knowledge. And in most cases these's people are way over worked and important things are missed. Pay is better than before, but still way off. Work load at most times very excessive. For a mental health organization, there is no support, just use are EAP for support. You listen to very hard to hear stories and deal with suicidal clients, but have to just keep taking calls or chats. Yes, you can talk to your manager and take a min to get recomposed. But, after listen to a person freaking out and wanting to kill them selves and maybe others. You need someone more professional to help you deal with what you heard. Burns so many employees out. First responders get a lot of options for support, including contacting us and us given them support. But, really it is very minimal.
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turned toxic

was a great place to work. turned into pure rubbish the last 2 years. pay was good, management alright, but they just want to get rid of all onshore employees.
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Productive, structured, but slow at times

TELUS Digital has a lot of great and competent people. The only gripe I have is that projects progress quite slowly at times.There were days where there was not much to do, and higher level decisions that bottlenecked projects sometimes took weeks to resolve.
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Large company, lots of opportunity to grow

Assisted on a daily basis to understand and facilitate the TELUS expectations for our Vivint Transition to TELUS.Daily calls with numerous TELUS department leaders. Especially HR, and Sales teamsDaily calls with managers to set up and execute the Transition StrategyTravelled across Canada monthly to get the pulse of Vivint employees with the transitionWorked daily on a Very Successful Sales and Service performanceThe transition after 2 years was a great sucess

Points positifs

Growth opportunities

Points négatifs

Large company, some communication gaps
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J'y retournerai sans hésitation

Six ans de défis mais de pur bonheur ! Un excellent équilibre entre travail et famille. Un directeur très à l'écoute.J'ai été accompagné pour mon retour aux études !!!!
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Great first sales job!

As a beginning to a new sales career or as a student it is perfect. Although, as it is retail there will always be a plateau. The company itself has great values and the pay really shows what you put in.
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decent place to work

decent place to work, but the compnay is subject to constant changes. be ready to adapt. they tell that the customer is the priority, but when you get into it, it is very sales and stats oriented. the quota trumps the customer experience.
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Was once a great place to work now it's broken and toxic.

What is the best part of working at the company?Working from home flexibility.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Super top heavy with decisions being made in a vacuum. Overcomplicated processes with no objectives. Problematic org structure and many many differing systems that dont work together. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Toxic no one is truly happy here unless they are a Director level or above.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Virtual meetings all day no time to do actual work.
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It’s project work. You’ll work a crazy amount of hours and then get a layoff. Very high turnover. The work is hazardous and hard. Be prepared to sweat from places you can’t sweat from. 2hrs wearing two chem-suits inside a 40 degree tank standing in 3ft of chemical that’s about 50 degrees breathing 30 degree air, about a half cup of sweat in each glove and boot per rotation inside. Inside the tank itself is a nightmare! Can’t see, can’t hear, breathing under air. Met some great people. You will never have all the information you need. Great money. Promised three weeks of work, got 11days; every project was way shorter than initially told.
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Great place to workNice benefitsGreat cultureCompensation is appropriateLocation is nearGreat place to workGreat place to workGreat place to workOverall everyhting is great
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Focus on employee mental health

Telus was a great place to work. They are really focused on employee mental health and make provision for it. Their flex hours policy really helps when life happens.
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Amazing culture excellent pay and benefits

Challenging job but amazing support from management and colleagues. On boarding was the best experience and people go above and beyond for customers and team members
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Leadership Appears Lost

- Annual (or more frequent) Re-orgs- Vague KPI's/KPI's that shift from quarter to quarter- Lack of accountability- Constant shifts in direction- Lack of understanding of technology sectorThere is a LOT of focus on marketing, with little support seemingly provided to the operational teams, creating an environment that includes a significant amount of back-biting, unfortunately.
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