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Greedy business.

In 2020, TELUS could have paid all employees 35k more a year and still made $2b+ profit.Instead they slowly cut the pay off their sales reps and other employees and they get everything they can from their customers.A typical big business who only want to make more money from riding the backs of their employees and their customers. I truly believe that this business is only making this world a worse place.

Points positifs

Cheaper phone plans

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4.0Équilibre vie professionnelle/personnelle
2.0Salaire/avantages sociaux
1.0Sécurité de l'emploi/évolution de carrière
1.0Culture d'entreprise
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Sales Representrative

They are pretty open to new ideas. Work life balance is pretty good, option to go full remote gor FTEs. Would highly recommend this place for somone looking to learn new technology.
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It's an okay job but wouldn't be my top pick

If you just want to get a job without really caring about what you do and cold calling while being verbally harassed by customers is fine for you then go right ahead. Otherwise, I would say stay clear from working for Telus. People who never wanted to do cold calling were forced into it out of the blue due to the covid situation. Unfortunately, the higher-ups brought a LOT of stress with their unrealistic sales expectations and they were really disconnected from the reality of a sales rep life.

Points positifs

The money you can make selling.

Points négatifs

The insane pressure put by higher ups, and sometimes the unreal expectations.
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Money hungry corporation

This company will find a way to pay you as little as possible. You don’t even make minimum wage (they pay $13/hour) but they try and justify it with commission which they are constantly lowering. They claim they provide 2 weeks paid vacation but if you request time off you rarely get it because every store is understaffed (again to pay less). They have very high and unattainable sales goals and if they are not reached you get threatened with a write up. The ONLY pro to working here is the occasional target incentives and benefits. Do not work with Telus if you value your time and mental health.

Points positifs

Occasional incentives and benefits

Points négatifs

Long hours, low pay, and disrespectful to employees.
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3.8Équilibre vie professionnelle/personnelle
3.8Salaire/avantages sociaux
3.4Sécurité de l'emploi/évolution de carrière
3.8Culture d'entreprise
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