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Great job to have, especially as a part-time worker

Pretty good job with great benefits even as a part-timer. Pay is a low base but with commissions, you can make a lot of money there if you put in the work. Great employee benefits like insurance, monthly discount on your phone bills, occasional fun merch from the various tech companies and potential for bonuses when they run sales contests. As with any sales job, you’ll have quotas to meet and specific targets for different months. A lot of customer service to do, you should expect to have to deal with clients, their phones and learn to work independently. Schedules have been pretty accommodating and flexible but you have to give many hours availability. This also depends on your manager. Overall would recommend, great job especially with all the perks you can get.
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Great first sales job!

As a beginning to a new sales career or as a student it is perfect. Although, as it is retail there will always be a plateau. The company itself has great values and the pay really shows what you put in.
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Workplace changed to much

Since maybe 3 months the company leaders are creating a toxic workplace and it’s getting pretty tough to work there since they ask for the moon and the wage isn’t as good as it was
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Exciting work environment

This is one of the best jobs in the industry. Telus is a great company to work for and I continue to push my team to succeed every time I come in to work. This company has taught me structure in my day to day responsibilities as well as the importance of offering excellent customer service and client experience. The most exciting part of my role is the impact that my work has on my team by reinforcing company strategies, offering effective sales tactics and ensuring continuous growth . The balance between my management role and my personal sales are crucial. I would recommend to this company to anyone who seeks a continuous challenge and the opportunity to build their management skills.

Points positifs

Fast pace and continuous adaptation to a growing industry

Points négatifs

Performance & result driven industry- Standards very high(room for error minimal)
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3,7 étoile(s) sur 5 pour Salaire/avantages sociaux
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3,6 étoile(s) sur 5 pour Culture d'entreprise

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