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Bon salaire, mais compliquer d'avoir ca permance

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Offre un bon salaire, mais compliquer davoir la permancance et horraire difficil avec des shift coupé et travail le weekends. difficil d'avoir un equilibre travail et famille. malgré tout bonne communiquation avec les superviseur et aide a pour travail /étude
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Great company, but unbalanced pay

The people and culture are great, but it's discouraging working for a company led by the highest paid telecom CEO that approved a mass layoff of 600 team members. The disease is up top, and the rest of us are just pawns waiting to be let go.
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Terrible working environment

What is the best part of working at the company?Health Benefits. This list used to be longer.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Call Centre metrics and non working systems What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Negativity, unhappy employees. What is a typical day like for you at the company?Stress from start of shift till end
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Absolutely great

What is the best part of working at the company?The people I worked with and the company being responsible What is the most stressful part about working at the company?During my almost 16 years there…. nothingWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?In the group I was in and the people I worked in all goodWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Really good and busy and lots of contacts within g our group and others
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Fun place to work

The pay is low and too much calls to handle, they have great benefits but management sucks .they don’t care about wellbeing of their employees. They k
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Low Morale

Except for work from home.. there is nothing great about this place. Lots of politics and nepotism. Management needs a change. They really don't know what they are doing.
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Decide what work you will do and where in the Frames

Work ahead and a good job and you are left to determine your work day. You print your jumper orders in the morning then drive the rest of the day to different Central & Remote Offices to run jumpers. The best job but copper is becoming less and less.
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Good company

Good company but they will cull employees at a moment’s notice. Great pay. Management turnover is rampant. Most jobs are in the USA and Philippines. Medical coverage is ok and f you qualify.
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Great work style

Allowed me to be entrepreneurial and autonomous in my role ...Growth was there but I enjoyed my role alot unitl management changed directiion and support so I left
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Great work/life balance

Working with telus has been great! Being able to work from home has definitely made work/life balance sustainable. Would I recommend working with Telus, 100%
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Dream job as a Store Manager under the Area Manager that hired me. New Area manager took over, turned into an anxiety filled, impossible job.

I was amazed how happy I could be in a retail management role - I was supported, encouraged , and guided towards greatness. I was given honest and productive feedback, and I never had an issue showing up with my all. When the new Area Manager took over my area, it all went downhill, and it trickled beyond me. My sales reps were unhappy, I was unhappy, and there was nothing I could do. Without revealing my identity - I'll simply say, if you're unhappy to start, it won't get better. If you're happy to start, it can change in a heartbeat.

Points positifs

Amazing people, support team was incredible, salary was good and bonus structure was amazing, reps out-earn managers

Points négatifs

Frequent overtime, unrealistic KPIs that could change mid-month, metric goals amongst stores were pushed so hard, relationships with my employees began to suffer due to unreachable expectations
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Good community work

I had been with the company for many many years. The salary was decent and would keep up with inflation.After Covid, all the pay was frozen - however, when company wants to attract outside talents, they will pay market rate salary but the long time employees receive 20-30% less than a newcomer.
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Slowly changing to financially driven

The culture is still generally supportive, and WFH availability, for the moment, is ubiquitous, even for permanent WFH. Other perks are slowly being reduced and taken away and the company is shifting to more performance/bottom-line dollar culture as the industry shifts.
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Good work environment

Telus seems to genuinely care about your well being and has many support systems to help you succeed. Benefits are amazing, even for part timers. As a commission based job, pay can vary but if you can sell you can make a healthy amount.
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Good place to work

Good place to work although high stress. You are expected to hit your numbers as in any corporate sales role. Lots of meetings, some micro managing, travel as well.
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Could be better.

It’s not great, but it’s not the worst. Good work life balance is the only positive about the place. Pay can range from below market to average rate. Workload can be high.
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decent pay and benefits

Worked here for over 18 years. Decent pay and decent benefits /perks. have to deal with full-blown micro-management and focus on sales. always a fear of potentially losing job for low sales. Also company outsourced an abundant of jobs and will outsource everything if they can
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Environnement de travail toxique

La coordination du travail est déficiente. La médiocrité des processus et la mauvaise visions des dirigeants sont néfaste à tous les niveaux. Ont pressé les citrons jusqu’à ce que les noyau tombent et on change de citron.Les employés sont très peu nombreux et un roulement impressionnant de personnel et de sous traitant rendent le travail difficile. La qualité n’est pas au rendez-vous mais ils aiment mieux gérer le risque. Plusieurs top employés so t partie dernièrement suite au mauvaise décisions. Les salaires sont anémique. Mêmes les cellulaires fournie sont de vielles affaires avec des batteries plus bonne. Les techniciens de centrales ont du aller en cour suprême pour avoir droit à une augmentation.

Points positifs

Véhicule fourni

Points négatifs

Salaires médiocres, responsabilités immenses, Gestion d’énorme contrat, enquête de sécurité qui ne fini jamais, toujours des formulaires avec nos info personnelles à partager avec tous les clients, Inégalités entre les différentes personnes à l’emploi.
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The people make the company

Good place to work. I have a great team who i am always learning from, and our leader invests in our learning and career development. I would recommend
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Not enjoyable

Always being micromanaged, unrealistic sales expectations, little to no support in place from management, did not enjoy. working from home was a bonus.
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Great beginning Sad ending

Worked at Telus for 9 years. In the beginning the environment was very friendly and fun. Enjoyed going into work every day because the environment was always so friendly if you performed well and the people were great but things changed over the years. People became more negative overall which made the environment change real quick. Overall if you keep under the radar and perform you’ll have no issues.
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