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Bonne paye lorsque tout va bien mais aucune sécurité salariale
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Do not recommend

If you really need a job, it could be worse. However, the schedule was awful, no ability to predict when you would be working. Difficult to get a raise. Your hours could fuctuate wildly from 40 hours per week plus OT to 15 hours a week or less. Super angry customers. Not allowed to go to the bathroom outside of your break unless you produce a medical note. Did not like the culture. They do offer great heath benefits though.

Points positifs

Excellent heath benefits, being employed

Points négatifs

Everything else
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I had a great experience working for Telus

Telus is a great place to work. The pay and benefits is hard to beat! It’s also a unionized job which comes with many benefits. I worked there for 11 years and my only complaint is throughout the years they started offshoring a lot of jobs and the training wasn’t as good for new employees as it once was so there was a lot of damage control. I would recommend Telus as an employer
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Great place to work, the people there are wonderful!

The people are wonderful, and that’s why I stayed at the job I hated for 19 years. I am now retired. The job is very stressful and angry customers. Some managers are amazing, soMe are micro managers.

Points positifs

Good pay

Points négatifs

Horrible shifts even for tenured representstives
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Good company, lots of room for movement internally

Telus has always been a good company to work for. Lots of room internally to move around or advance within the corporation. It is just needing to get your foot into the door. But once you are in, it is a company you could work for until retirement.
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Fun workplace

Busy workplace, fast paced and can be fun at times. Great hardworking and fun loving cowerkers. Happy hours in summer were fun. But it used to get so busy at times and wouldn't even have time to socialize or even take lunch as a group. But overall, great workplace; highly recommended.
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Hustle culture

The team I worked on was extremely fast paced working around the clock oftentimes. Lots of stress and celebration of the people who work themselves to the bitter end.
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Good pay if you are good at telecom

Great community of people, willing to help people learn and grow. Very inclusive work place, durham is hit or miss and going through a patch of managers, but overall I enjoy my time and feel valued in the business. Plus the group chat and celebrations for achievements are great, 4/5 reccomend TELUS as employment. Good benefits for part or full time - shine points and discounts.
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Great place to work

fair salary, good union, good benefits. Learned a lot on the job. Was fortunate to work with a great team and supportive supervisor. Still using all the skills I've learned and also developed some processes of my own.
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A good employer with a great culture

While TELUS needs to work on their compensation plan to update their rates, the company offers a good variety of benefits and growth plans. Mix that with a great culture and diverse working environment, TELUS is a favourable employer in Canada. There is a good work life balance and encouragement for taking time off for well being and mental health care
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Terrible place to work as a contractor

Worked here as a contractor and it left much to be desired. There is no opportunity to move into full time positions. Very little room for growth or promotion. Raises are rare. No benefits, no overtime, poor salary. I found contractors are treated like a number in a budget and not like valuable members of the team. The culture was extremely toxic. Would never recommend anyone work here as a contractor.
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Horrible place to work, soul crushing managers

Telus was hands down the most soul crushing place I have ever worked. No one is set up to succeed. There is no work life balance as they can change your schedule as close to 5 days in advance, and the micro managing goes well beyond business needs. Find somewhere else to work so you don't cry after each shift.

Points positifs

The starting wage is $22.75

Points négatifs

Everything but the wage
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Good job pre-covid

It was a great job before COVID, when most workers transitioned to working from home and out of the Burnaby location. Suddenly the job all became about meeting numbers and goals and the stresses of the job quickly took over when your coworkers weren't around.
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Was good, hired now and you get peanuts

Previously better compensation, higher wages.If hired now more work and less pay.Great place to be 10+ years ago.Stats and sales are a must if you dont like to thrive at these attributes then look elsewhere
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Great company to work for. Treat you well. Great benefits and pay. Work life balance can be tricky as the workload is quite high. Leadership is competent and engaging
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A sophisticated organization

Telus is a well organised company, has a soft approached work environment with a matured managementFor sure I would recommend anyone to join this organization.
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Allez pas travailler là lol

Allez pas travailler là à moins d’aimer l’intimidation!..

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Large company with many pluses and minus's

I worked for over 10 years. Lots of departments to work in. Compensation is not great - livable but wage increases only happen in changing titles for the most part, zero cost of living increase over 5 years. This company is big and it may be different if your in a new department but they're tight with their money. Great if you like working from home. Culture is promoted but not really present. Lot's of "we're like a family" This company is big on process improvement - good ideas can come from anywhere. Vacation starts at 3 weeks but takes 7 years to get to 4 weeks.Very big on internal promotion - good for careers however often results in standard peter principle impacts Better love the colours Green and PurpleWorking with other offices was sometimes difficult as there were collegues in montreal who would start 7 am EST - making it hard to reach in PST often after 1 or 2 pm, a company shared work day for professionals would have been great.

Points positifs

Strong benefits, great discounts on services, people work hard, Diverse, Inclusive

Points négatifs

Salary, Lack of culture, Very corporate, Rigid
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Loved it

Great carreer advancement opportunities, the team is nice and fun, it is stressful at times as you need to meet certain objectives and or take on a great amount of calls . management is awesome , knowledgeable and ready to help at all times especially in the montreal office .Great culture
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Don't work for Telus

Telus is a hypocritcal sad sorry excuse for an employer. I do not recommend working for this company. Long hours, constantly changing initiatives, zero value given to agents. Overall I regret taking a job here and am actively looking elsewhere after 5+ years

Points négatifs

Everything. It's a miserable experience
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TELUS is a great place to work

I have been with the company for more than 10 years and I love working here. The people are great. The job is fulfilling. I definitely recommend the company.
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