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Quelles questions vous a-t-on posées lors de votre entrevue chez Telus?

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  • How much I volunteer, how I feel about donating time to the community. How I deal with conflict

  • How I handled stressful situations with clients
    How to deal with irate people

    Why I choose TELUS


  • Why do we hire you?
    What can you add to the company?

    How'd you see yourself after 5 years?

  • A call scenario was given and how I would handle it.
    Telephone etiquette was very important.

    Listen and paraphrasing was vital.

    Must have a top-notch followup system

    Call backs and Client resolutions done in a timely manner

  • Alot about customer experience.

  • Questions associées (plus de réponses ci-dessous) :

  • If you had an issue with a coworker what would you do?

  • They have a STAR format for interview questions. You give a situation, what you personally did in that situation and what the result was of your actions.

  • When is it ok to be late?

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  • Quelles questions vous a-t-on posées lors de votre entrevue chez Telus?