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Si vous deviez quitter Telesolutions, quelle en serait la raison?

5 réponses

All the managers are so bullied anf forces u literally it was my 2 nd day and I had no sales bro like what u expect from me I have no experience about this job and they way after training they treat u is ridiculous I had this one poor old guy one the phone he was in the hospital and he told me that he lost his Visa card and he wants to block it because someone in China used 3000 dollars from his card and there’s my manager telling me to offer this product some type of device like are u kidding me I told him that it was hard for me to treat that old man like that guys believe me or not it almost made me cry because there is that poor old man in hospital loosing all of his years savings and there is these rats scamming old people to make profit out of them I don’t think u need any reasons rather I want the court to shut there company Telesolutions when I first applied I thought that people are going to call in to buy stuff from us I didn’t know we have to force them and yell at them and scam them to get there info and money out wow wasted my 2 days on this company I am done.If u still think u can work here bro I don’t even know what to tell u.

This place is the BIGGEST scam...I don't feel good about my self knowing that the people that do fall for the phony sales pitch are going to be scammed out of their social security checks. That is why I walked out after working there for 2 months, like an idiot. I actually fell for their pitch and thought that it was a legit company. It is run by a bunch of con artists, and ex cons. Avoid at ALL COSTS!!!!!

Literally everything about the job.

The script, the hours, the headsets.

It is a terrible place to be and very unprofessional

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