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Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez Telesolutions?

6 réponses

The whole interview scripted. She asks you if you have any questions. If you ask any intelligent question, she can't answer because she's not a real HR person. Everyone that works there was hired as a call agent working calls. everyone that's in the front office has just been promoted with that with absolutely no experience and just taught from the person before them. It doesn't matter what clothes you wear, what's your background is even if you went to jail, what you look like, or even if you combed your hair that day, they will still hire you no matter what. It seems every day they are training a new person or two or three new people at a time, because they go through people like water. If you're really desperate I do need a job I hear you're almost guaranteed to get the job.

It is 100% identical for everyone that comes through the door, and it is a farce.

The interviewee asks a few questions and then the applicant has to read a small paragraph. if the pronunciations are appropriate, then the job is settled for you

Interview process was simple, they need the people so they’d pretty much hire anyone

They make you read a grade 2 book to ensure you can read that well and hire you

Interview was only good thing. Person interviewing me was nice and kind and somehow made the place look good.

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