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Les formations sont payées et complètes.Le télétravail est appréciable et le salaire est ok même si en étant bilingue c’est léger. Cependant l’environnement de travail est assez toxique avec les managers. On va toujours vous pousser à faire plus et à vous considérer comme un chiffre, on vous met la pression pour rien car les erreurs d’en haut ne sont pas assumées. La rotation d’employés est extrêmement importante.
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Long hours

Repetitive calls and mindnumbing.No advancement opportunity as it is simply a call center.Good for a short-time work to earn some pocket money until something better comes along
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Focused mainly on company growth first before employees

Company changed after the pandemic it appears but now I see that the company is doing slightly better with assessing new hires online vs the traditional on-site interview aspect.

Points positifs

Get to go home right after

Points négatifs

Semi-monthly pay
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poor management

Good place to start working for new immigrants but poor management and pathetic HR. Pay is very basic and micromanagement. Workplace is multicultural which is good friendly environment .
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Very strict work environment

At this job especially if you are a tech support for their “favourite campaign” (the phone company), you will never be happy! Your mental health will be damaged! They have unrealistic CSAT expectations! When you get a CSAT that isn’t yours? Surprise surprise you keep it! 50% of the time the bad CSAT won’t be your fault but you can’t do anything about it! They set you up to fail from the beginning! Don’t sweat it!

Points positifs

No pros

Points négatifs

Everything! The managers are self absorbed
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Challenging and Security strict obsessed.

They put people on the phone way too early. With the excuse to "Break the ice". So much to learn in training 3 weeks from Canadian with thick French accent. Then 3 weeks of "Nesting" with 3 veteran agents mentoring 5-8 new hires. BUT still more class learning. So you WILL get calls about things you have no idea what it is about. If you do not push for video screen sharing from mentors before other new hires. You will get slow call scores. Even when done nesting there are optional extra modules to learn. And when logging in Daily news, that you have to read in less than 1 minute!! Too much. That will make you forget to not EVER note customers name, or email or anything into notes ?? WAY to obsessed about security. 3 times and you get fired. You also CANNOT review call notes from days ago, that you wrote yourself.
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Réponse officielle de Teleperformance

29 novembre 2023
We care deeply about our people and we are sorry we were not able to match your expectations. We would like to connect with you to discuss what can be done and make sure this doesn’t happen again in the future. Please call us at 1-877-877-3944 or email us at so, we can work with you to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Thank you for your feedback!

It’s a very productive environment and a lot of on the job training to make sure employees are up to date

What is the best part of working at the company?Company believes in growth and very patient with staffsWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Sometimes the customer can be rude but it takes patients and empathy to understand where some of the customers are coming from What is the work environment and culture like at the company?The environment is calm and peaceful What is a typical day like for you at the company?A typical day can be both of a mix feeling
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It’s a Call Center

Whether or not I enjoyed this job was all dependent on who my manager was. They promote some very young managers, in their early 20s, who can be very frustrating. A more mature manager with a lot of knowledge of what you’re doing for the customers and a zen approach to life can make working here actually pleasant.It also depends a lot on which client account you get. In some departments, your job is to say no, apologize a lot, and then try to end the call. That’s stressful. In other departments, you have the tools available to help the caller, although you will still have to say no to some things.

Points positifs

No shortage of hours, benefits, interesting co-workers, indoor sitting down work, very multicultural and inclusive

Points négatifs

Most managers are frustrating, many callers are frustrating
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Paye correcte mais environnement stressantr

Le stress etait au quotidien par la pression que les gens mettaient pour recevoir plus dappels et de les finir le plus vote possible. En cas d'erreurs tu peux etre reproché. Compare à dautres le salaire etait bon et surtout possibilite dovertime. Beaucoup dapprentissage des systems informatiques Sabre surtout.
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Fun workplace

Work was a mix of calls and chat messages. however, at times, chat and calls would happen simultaneously which would affect productivity. Overall, a good experience.
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They laid off people on Christmas

They waited Christmas time to massively lay off people in Toronto. They kept talking about massive coming lay off for a finally take the decision that it's going to happen before Christmas. They got you depressed for the entire year
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Low salary and not good benefits

The company has a very low salary even with experienced customer service. The place needs to be renovated. Lockers not secure even though you have locks & keys. Anyone can still open amd grab your things.
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Okay kind of workplace. Not too bad. Just tolerable. You can take a chance working if you are looking for some entry-level role in Canadian job market.
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Great place to work

Very friendly environment and the company is very flexible. You have to be stress resistant, because of the nature of the job itself, but the company is good. Offers health insurance.
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Good opportunity

Great place to start as they'll train you in the essentials. The pay and benefits are also great for a no experience job.The only thing that pushed me away was the lack of support and community. (Sure it was remote, but communication between coworkers was very limited.) There were times when I felt like I lacked support and had no idea what to do.
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Réponse officielle de Teleperformance

8 novembre 2023
Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We’re sorry you had a bad experience, and we want to do better. Please call us at 1-877-877-3944 or email us at with additional feedback so we can further assist you.

Managers are good but higher management is not organized

1..The pay is okay but sometimes you feel its too much work for the pay.2. The management apart from the managers doesn't have a slightest knowledge of running a company. From the head of Department.3. Doesn't have a proper work flow , just randomly provided dates to achieve target.5. Its hybrid and colleagues are very supportive
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Personally, I had no issues working here, managers were great and friendly, co-workers were nice and the job is pretty basic. Lots of restaurants near by to enjoy a quick bite. Nothing bad ever happened and managers were understanding

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Outbound calls
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Unrealistic targets

They give unrealistic targets which put employees into a negative headspace and there is constant micro management which is happening throughout the year
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it was pretty nice

It was really great place to work - nice scedule and I felt work life balance - I had a lot time for my self, hibby and other stuff. My managers was so sweet.
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A good first telesales job

I knew nothing about this kind of work when I started at Teleperformance, I learned a lot there. The managers were always sincere and helpful. The absolute best part were speaking with the customers , they a=were always very patient and kind.

Points positifs

good support for sales coaching

Points négatifs

less pay than other places
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Good loved it people are nice and job is good you handle customers sometimes management can be tough but that's what a fast paced environment is like
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