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, back to back calls , less pay ,overall ok for the time being no complaints ,got better job - good work life balance. , good activities but fast pace environment
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Good for short term employment

The role is okay if you do it for less than 6 months but more than that, it's really bad! The management doesn't know what they are doing and there's a lot of favoritism. HRs are not helpful in any sorts.
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Not worth your time and effort

They would set unrealistic metrics that they expect you to be perfect but pay you with peanuts. They seem not to care for employees and will treat you like a toilet paper - one use and you’re discarded. Stay away as far away as possible. It’s not really worth it.
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Fun place with pool tables, sports with work after hours other activities or after work

Every day is your work schedule. You work with supervisors and customers on the other end of the phone. I learned to work and be a manager also I worked from home without a supervisor. The hardest part of the job is getting through some days. The most enjoyable part of the job is working with people.

Points positifs

Many different schedules

Points négatifs

Long hours and late nights
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Entrylevel jobs located on Eglinton Avenue

They should compensate for $18 parking everyday, otherwise the hybrid work culture is great.TP is a vendor for Google Cloud and Google Ads and its great exposure.Best place for newcomers and work permit holders.

Points positifs

hybrid work

Points négatifs

no parking
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Avoid Working there if you have any other option

So I worked there for almost 3 years in the Google Program. In the beginning it was a good place to work, lots to learn, Google itself gave you trainings. Today its a highly toxic pressurised work environment. Where all you are doing is scamming customers to opt in to automation and google recommendations. Mostly hurting the google ad accounts. The management just wants people to hit certain points (8k to 10k) and UAA’s (between 30 to 50 - you get one per account on reaching 50 points) completing which will get you your bonus. It doesn’t matter if you get it by hook or crook. I have seen customers losing money and they never see a refund either.
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Pathetic place to work

I would not recommend anyone to work at Teleperformance.The amount of work and pressure they out on you like you are about to get a cardiac arrest.They would make you do 80+ cold calls per day and if you don't, they fire you.The work culture is toxic and management is very poor.Run from that place as soon as you can.
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it was good . pay was good for wfh. supervisors were supportive and friends. but difficult to achieve the kpi as the customer is not happy with the company and they rate us low. when a call is transffered to another dept we get rated for their experience with them which was not good
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very professional company to pay in time

company is good but don't bother to consider their own ex employees which is really sad. I have been trying to get a job for months but don't get any kind of consideration.
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ok but minimum wage. No growth opportunity

hybrid somtimes. long drive if not living Toronto.......No growth opportunities. Best as a stepping stone for gaining experience and moving on to better opportunities
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Not bad company

It a good company if you just get to Canada but don't expect much from the company. Pay is minimum wage depending on the campaign. Some manager can be good but some would be your friend but they are not.
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Good for timelass

Not so bad but there is lots of politics inside the company you will not be able to grow even after giving your best. I was the top performer for almost 6-7 months.
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Targets are unreasonable

Situation is not fair. Imagine you've got a few meetings a day and sometimes still being requested to fulfill the daily targets like 30 calls and 30 emails per day. Too much admin meetings, trainings, you will have to prepare the pitch after your work. You have only got a certain numbers of companies in a quarter and being too annoyed will not be a good way of communication for client's relationship. Clients get annoyed and literally expressed during your meetings. A lot of unexpected negativity has been occurring during my cold calls or in my meetings. That's literally a loop, a negative cycle.

Points positifs

Work from Home

Points négatifs

What you will expected in a call center
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Busy workplace

Good place to start if you are interested in having customer service experience through chat and calls. There was a nice intercultural environment and managers were pretty encouraging and easy-going. However it can be stressful on busy days which can be very common depending on your campaign (which is randomly assigned).
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My overall experience working at this company was negative

What is the best part of working at the company?Leaving the company was the best part What is the most stressful part about working at the company?The work culture in general at Teleperformance was toxicWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Toxic, working with Teleperformance, impacts your mental health in the most negative wayWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?A typical day was torture. There is no community.
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Poor management

Pathetic management, poor work life balance, no sense of seniority, no growth and no learning.Good for new comers in Canada but not a place to stay for longer.
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Fun Place

Nice atmosphere.Friendly colleagues.Nice cafeteria. Good coffee.Bonus hard to reach.Competitive work environment specifically during work promotions openings.
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Focused mainly on company growth first before employees

Company changed after the pandemic it appears but now I see that the company is doing slightly better with assessing new hires online vs the traditional on-site interview aspect.

Points positifs

Get to go home right after

Points négatifs

Semi-monthly pay
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poor management

Good place to start working for new immigrants but poor management and pathetic HR. Pay is very basic and micromanagement. Workplace is multicultural which is good friendly environment .
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Very strict work environment

At this job especially if you are a tech support for their “favourite campaign” (the phone company), you will never be happy! Your mental health will be damaged! They have unrealistic CSAT expectations! When you get a CSAT that isn’t yours? Surprise surprise you keep it! 50% of the time the bad CSAT won’t be your fault but you can’t do anything about it! They set you up to fail from the beginning! Don’t sweat it!

Points positifs

No pros

Points négatifs

Everything! The managers are self absorbed
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It’s a Call Center

Whether or not I enjoyed this job was all dependent on who my manager was. They promote some very young managers, in their early 20s, who can be very frustrating. A more mature manager with a lot of knowledge of what you’re doing for the customers and a zen approach to life can make working here actually pleasant.It also depends a lot on which client account you get. In some departments, your job is to say no, apologize a lot, and then try to end the call. That’s stressful. In other departments, you have the tools available to help the caller, although you will still have to say no to some things.

Points positifs

No shortage of hours, benefits, interesting co-workers, indoor sitting down work, very multicultural and inclusive

Points négatifs

Most managers are frustrating, many callers are frustrating
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