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Cornwall, ON21 avis

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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Inbound call center. Fast paced but easy to work. I enjoyed the easy going atmosphere. The weekly overviews with the floor supervisor was nice to discuss progress and areas of weakness. Quite enjoyed working here.
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Good advancement

I worked there for quite some time and was able to move up relatively quickly. I started as an agent, did data entry, moved on to workforce management then a supervisory role and finally operations manager.
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Not bad for third party

It was an OK job. We had fun at work and made the most of it. Typical call centre pros and cons. Overall, I would recommend this company, although they did pay on the lower scale
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14 avril 2023
Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback! Best of luck!

No comment

Loved it there but management had there favourites...wish the money would have been better...would work for them again as a trainer or receptionist...
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The job was okay

I worked for bell expressive the customers would call about there bills and to add TV stations . I learn about the computer programs . I did not get along with the management. Is taking calls from people that was not happy about there bills they would swear at us. But I happy about the people there.

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Long hours
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wonderful place to work

I liked it very much. I was there for five years. I loved the camadrie with coworkers. found the supervisors fair. Very good place. you were able to move up in company if desired
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love the people and the job

had to answer the call with a professional manner. assisted with clients with their technical issues. clients had issues with their bill I would need to review it and explain the breakdown of the bill. also this job required that we would have to sell products
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Too much emphasis on sales

Bell TV customer service representative, too much emphasis placed on sales though most of the clients we interacted with were displeased with the service
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It was a great place to work

Wish it did not fold!! Loved doing sales..Received awards for my work..Miss the people i worked with..Great place to work..The job was very stressful but nothing I could not handle..

Points positifs

Top performer 4 yrs in a row

Points négatifs

Short lunches
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Customer Service Related

Answer queued call from customers relating to issues with the services, bills and orders Noted accounts through database Completed adjustments on accounts for customers Company is no longer in business due to site closure

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Very friendly
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Uncomfortable environment

Taking calls from customers who were having service issues or billing issues.
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Great introduction to call centre experience

As an inbound agent completely new to the experience of working in a call centre for customer care, I found the environment and opportunity within Teleperformance to be considerably surprising in great ways. The environment, training methods and staff made for a very great team to work alongside.

Points positifs

Opportunity for advancement
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Thankless and Humiliating

The concept of this call center is to undercut unionized call center labour and the people of canada. It is called insourcing I believe. The pay was horrible. For the work that was done with the sensitive material used the pay was sub par. The scheduling was unregulated so breaks were never the same. The actual shifts varied from day to day. It even changed during shifts. Their policy was all for the company and none for the people or should I say Sheeple. This is how we were treated.

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bad hours, bad location, bad treatment, emotional scars that will never heal
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I hate working in these types of call centers

poorly managed , stressful work environment, not worth your sanity.

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My husband worked there as well

Points négatifs

Everything else
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Very stressful job with not enough stress relief options.

Working for Teleperformance was different, in a typical day you might work on trouble shooting, helping the customer fix the tv so they could watch the special program that night or it might be helping a customer figure out all the charges on the bill. You were always informing the customer of the products and services that were available to purchase and which ones might increase their enjoyment of watching television. Management was good to work for, if you showed up to work and did your job, the management was great. Management stood behind you if you had any issues or concerns. My co-workers were like family, we still keep in touch. The hardest part of the job was to help the angry customers that called in yelling and screaming at something the company did, you listened but got the brunt of the call. The most enjoyable part of the job was your co workers, they were always there to help whether it was work or family associated.

Points positifs

Bonuses, free merchandise from the sponsors

Points négatifs

The abuse from the customers
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supervisor and trainer

I excelled at his job and was quickly advanced up to managment however the nature of the work at this job is unstable
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When doing outbound, it is a harder to build rapport with clients since you are calling and disturbing them in their everyday life. We made appointments for clients to complete oil changes for their vehicles.
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disorganized, uncooperative,

this was one of the worste jobs iv had, have people yelling at you for things that arent your fault, and are expected to harrass customers into getting things they clearly dont want..never again

Points positifs

a job=$

Points négatifs

very stressfull
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Great place to work, excellent staff and management

Enjoyed going to work every day. The staff I worked with was amazing and management always gave their full support.
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Not a horrible place to work

The job isn't bad, but the management is lacking. The computers are very slow, sometimes makes it impossible to do the job. Other then that, it isn't a bad place to work.
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great place

enjoy using problem solving skills on calls. didnt mind working the hours ( they constantly change)
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