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Quelles questions vous a-t-on posées lors de votre entrevue chez Teleperformance?

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  • Pourquoi j'ai choisi leur boîte au lieu des autres boîtes?

  • do you know what a jack is on a modem?

  • Why do you like to work in customer service?

  • No questions but provided expectations that they did not keep

  • Why I am joining this organization or what is expected salary.

  • Why do you want the job?
    Why should we hire you?

  • expérience vie prive

  • Customer service related

  • It mostly depends on the campaign they are currently recruiting for. For example, the Apple Campaign will start of as an exam to test your knowledge of iOS, macOS and Windows without prior communication of the expectations. If you pass that test, they proceed with an interview with the recruiter who basically asks questions like, “Why did you choose to apply within this industry?” “How would you handle an irate customer?” - things like that. It is very brief though.
    If they like you, which is almost always the case because they honestly just need to hire a target number of people within a set time frame (they really don’t care about anything you said in your interview), you’d have a second interview with the Supervisors and/or Managers of that campaign. Honestly, they don’t ask the questions to verify if your answers are good; they just want to see how responsive you are and if you’re fluent in the language they need you to speak.

    However, I have seen them hire non English speakers multiple times for English-only campaigns just because they need to hire a set number of people.

  • They asked questions about the customer service,your knowledge of computer,typing and English language

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  • Quelles questions vous a-t-on posées lors de votre entrevue chez Teleperformance?