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Is the training paid?

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  • Yes but Training is overnight ONLY The recruiters lied and told me there was a 3-11 shift but that was not true. Waste of time. If you need a job in a hurry and don't mind retaining information while trying to stay awake staring at a computer screen then this could work for you!

  • Yes. The Training is basically a grace period for a new hire because on the production floor, you are paid by logged time - meaning, only when you are logged in.

  • Yes it’s paid

  • Yes, 12.50 per hour

  • Yes. length varies according to campaigns.

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  • Training is the only time you will be paid consistently. If you are not logged in after training you will not be paid. This means you're not paid for computer issues or stepping away from your desk to ask a question, resolve a problem, or help a coworker.

  • Yes, it is.

  • Yes there is paid training.

  • Yes, it is paid.

  • Yes the training is paid.

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