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How many hours week will be working

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  • Avaiable for upto 40hours/week

  • They say it’s 40 hours per week (full time) and at least 25 hours per week (part time), however, your lunches aren’t paid which is 30 minutes - 1 hour per day, depending on the type of shift you work. Therefore, ultimately, you work less hours than stated above per week.

    If you miss any days and you do not have proper, valid justification to excuse your absence AND benefit hours to cover it, you are asked to make up those hours on your days off, or work up to 12 hours on your remaining scheduled days during that same week. Make Up Time HAS to be done during the week you missed the hours; otherwise, it will be considered as overtime if carried over into another week.

    You can work a maximum of 12 hours a day; but that is usually voluntary like Overtime.

    10 hours per day on a 4 day schedule is usually the maximum scheduled time for full time employees.

  • 37.5-40 hours weekly

  • 40+ hours a week. If you call in, you're expected to make up that shift the same week, by either working on one of your days off or pulling few 12 hour shifts in the same week. So forget actually getting better when you're sick

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