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À quoi ressemble votre journée de travail type dans lentreprise?

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  • My typical day with TP as Tech advisor: Wake up at 6:50am, make coffee, login at 6:59am. Take calls for 2 hrs, 1st break (15 min), back on calls for 2 hrs then Lunch (30 min), back on calls for another 2 hrs, 2nd break (15 min), back on calls until the end of shift at 3:30pm or do OT if my last call is long.

    There is a Team meeting once a week usually 30min-1hr where we meet with our Supervisor. Discussing game plans, what went good and went wrong from last week performance. If I did great from last week or so, I will get a chance to be a Mentor who assists new hires, meaning I can be out of calls for some hours and even days if needed since hiring process is almost continues.

  • Home office, start at 8 am, receive calls until 10:30 am, 18 minutes break, work until 12:50 pm, 1 hour lunch break, work from 1:50 pm to 3:00 pm, 18 minutes break and end the day at 5:00 pm (unless I am still on a call, in that case my day ends when the call ends).

  • not good company. A lot of pressure without any reason

  • I haven't experienced any topical day in teleperformance, moreover I enjoyed my work every day.

  • Answer calls. They have a flexible schedule for students and the job is very easy

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  • very good

  • Stressed all day due to company equipment being bad which resulted in lower quality work

  • To make sure the assigned task has been completed well on time, and plan the next day accordingly.

  • When we do meetings and get more ideas to improve our services.

  • busy

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