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Teleperformance : carrières et emplois

À propos de l'entreprise

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    Daniel Julien
  • Date de création
  • Taille de l'entreprise
    plus de 10 000
  • Chiffre d'affaires
    5 $ à 10 $ milliards (CAD)
  • Secteur d'activité
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Digital Strategist
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CALL CENTRE AGENT in Télétravail
le 28 août 2020
Teleperformance offre un environnement confortable a ces employés. Dans l'ensemble mon expérience a Teleperformance etais satisfaisante.
Customer Service Representative in Toronto, ON
le 8 avril 2021
Poor management
They don’t care about the agents. I was working in the back office team for a year, and they just decided to remove our department and transferring us back to frontline again without giving us a training again, because working in the back office has different process from working in frontline.
Customer Operation Representative in Toronto, ON
le 7 avril 2021
Their Employee Turnover Rate is High.
Based off the fact that the company has a high turnover rate that is enough to start a brief synopsis of expectation. The training is garbage. The supervisors are rude and difficult to connect with sometimes they do so on their own regards. The supervisors have no clue on how to do their jobs. They do not have the answers for queries brought up. Some of the supervisors do not even answer their phone. They mess up on staff pay and you do not get paid until the next pay schedule with double taxing. Nobody picks up the phones for the company (incoming calls as such). The pay is a rip off with what work load you are given. It is all lies told to you upfront. Port suppor and training. My recruiter went into full blown tagalog while recruiting on the group we had for the hiring room.
Customer Service Representative in Toronto, ON
le 27 mars 2021
Amazing place to work!
The training was quite well done and we were taking calls in just two weeks. The business I was hired for was quite trendy, it's just that some people like to complain. I was expecting a lukewarm experience overall, from the reviews I read before joining. Here's honest advice: if you're paying attention during training, putting in genuine effort to learn while on the job, being frank about your learning areas with your manager, and willing to read the process knowledge articles, trust me when I say this - Teleperformance is an amazing place to work! I was nominated for chats by my supervisor / process lead within a month, and met the business process targets, which led me to earn a bonus. My experience working with my manager was always a charm, the assigned systems worked well and hardly threw surprises, and close to my last week of notice period I could see for myself how serious the management was regarding compliance, process trainings, and weekly team meetings. Many complain about pay, my answer is work honestly and get the client promoted monetary bonus (I got it in four months), advance your career as a trainer or a Quality Analyst, and invest in long term happiness. Or, go somewhere else and realize that you missed out on a great career, big time. I'd be happy to recommend Teleperformance as your next career stop, especially if you're new to Canada and setting sail in this beautiful country.
Costumer Service Representative in Montréal, QC
le 24 mars 2021
Not very organized
Very rude Sup’s no support Want you to show empty but have rude people in charge. They expect to much with little time very unorganized very rude I do not recommend
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Informations sur les entrevues

Ces statistiques sont calculées à partir des données de 450 utilisateurs d'Indeed ayant passé une entrevue avec Teleperformance au cours des cinq dernières années.

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Questions d'entrevue

It mostly depends on the campaign they are currently recruiting for. For example, the Apple Campaign will start of as an exam to test your knowledge of iOS, macOS and Windows without prior communication of the expectations. If you pass that test, they proceed with an interview with the recruiter who basically asks questions like, “Why did you choose to apply within this industry?” “How would you handle an irate customer?” - things like that. It is very brief though. If they like you, which is almost always the case because they honestly just need to hire a target number of people within a set time frame (they really don’t care about anything you said in your interview), you’d have a second interview with the Supervisors and/or Managers of that campaign. Honestly, they don’t ask the questions to verify if your answers are good; they just want to see how responsive you are and if you’re fluent in the language they need you to speak. However, I have seen them hire non English speakers multiple times for English-only campaigns just because they need to hire a set number of people.

Publié le 11 octobre 2018

They asked questions about the customer service,your knowledge of computer,typing and English language

Publié le 24 juillet 2018

I came for an interview, they began the onboarding process and training immediately.

Publié le 21 février 2018
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