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3,8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good place to work

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It is a good place to work. Colleagues are super nice and supportive. The pay is good, and there are a lot of benefits if you are a full-time employee.
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Great Place to work in

Always love this company, very fun to work. Great benefits, great manager. Always supportive and always assisting in enhancing skills and knowledge for career progression
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supportive and good culture

the company supports you to get the certifications needed. good life-work balance. however, you still need to defend to get what you deserve for bounces.

Points positifs

work- life balance, working hybrid

Points négatifs

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Lots of work but nice team and interesting tasks

Excellent team, lots of work but not mundane. Pay could be a little higher but benefits and PTO are very good. Coworkers seem to be excited about what they do and willing to help out new hires.

Points positifs

4 weeks PTO from the start, good benefits

Points négatifs

Pay could be higher
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Good management team.

I enjoyed my years at TD Wealth. The technology is easy to learn and superior than most on the street. Back office has great people, willing to help ensure client needs are met. COVID precautions put in place were excellent to ensure safety of those essential staff in the branch locations.

Points positifs

Everyone was willing to help.

Points négatifs

Pay is lowest of all brokerage firms.
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  • Sentiment d'appréciation personnelle
  • Environnement favorable

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  • Tâches stimulantes
  • Rémunération juste par rapport au travail effectué

Work life balance was appreciated

Made lots of friends - good culture - lots of communities to get involved in - depending on the department you work in, management might not be that great at doing their jobs.

Points positifs

Good work life balance

Points négatifs

Difficult to move around the company
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Great opportunity to learn and grow

you can learn a lot about the mutual fund industry and financial planning for clients. learn to allocate capital to different asset classes and funds.
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Nice place to visit, but I would not want to live there

Cramped, noisy, and unassigned office spaces, compounded with office politics, very competitive environmen, and a culture of indecision which leads to wasted efforts or nothing getting done. Strong code reuse practices through the use of common modules.
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Great place to learn the business! But terrible management.

Company business model is not very efficient or fair. job is not equitable and the level of stress is very high compare to the paid you receive. Not enough support from managers for career advancement or growth.

Points positifs

Great parties

Points négatifs

Terrible management
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Difficult work environment

The training was very minimal and the systems are a patchwork of many different programs that have been cobbled together over the years. The expectations were very high and it was often not a good work environment.
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It is a very competitive environment

It really depends on the location you're placed and how co-operative your branch staffs are, especially for new Financial Planners, they do require a lot of referrals from retail banking in order to be successful.

Points positifs

You may build your own client relationships and grow your own book.
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Fun place

People are great, their processes are a bit too stringent. The training they provide is good but pay attention to authentication as it is different from other brokerages.
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A lot of areas to learn and to grow. Very welcoming culture. Large company with many areas that you can choose to enter into and grow within. Lots of communication between departments.
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You are trusted and valued while working there but not enough support

Great experience, learned a lot but management needs to get more involved in helping us succeed. They tend to be too conservative and not open to new ideas. Discrimination and bullying can be present which is often the case in big corporations but more should be done to control it.
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Collaborative but competitive

- Great team culture all around, but very competitive. - encouraging team leaders and approachable Vice presidents. - Mentor-ship relationship with leader.
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I don't want to comment

I do not want to comment on my experience. It was good when I started and as it was reorganized 4 times within 2 years things like leadership began to get worse
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Depends on The Advisor

Some advisors are good, some not so good. The work is fair and can be easy or difficult. It depends on the individual and their capabilities. I liked most of the people that I dealt with.
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Great place to work

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working at TD Wealth. The staff are great to get along with and the benefits were great. The only reason I left was because my advisor changed firms.
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Good workplace

I was pleased to work there. I was pleased to work there. Good team, good kind mentors, nice friendly people. Salaries and working atmosphere are very good.
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Supportive incentives

Work with a great team with financial planning. Manager very hands on and passionate about work. Very supportive and lots of positive incentives to keep morale high
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Challenging yet rewarding environment with lots of opportunity

Perform portfolio review for investment advisors to help them analyze their existing client investments. Meet with advisors and analyze their entire books of business to create a more efficient practice.

Points positifs

Good work environment, flexibility to work from home, interesting projects

Points négatifs

Lack of direction communicated by leadership
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