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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Overall - pretty good

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Pretty good company to work for overall. Good pay and benefits. Plenty of vacation time. Sick time. Good work life balance. Work from home. Company supplies all necessary equipment
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Stressful working environment

TD is a stable job but there is no work-life balance. The salary is fixed and no commission on any sales you make. Most clients are stressed due to the overall service such as claims or underwriting process and the agents should answer yo all of this. Everything is timed while working, kinda feels like we are robots here.

Points positifs

Stable income

Points négatifs

Stressful environment
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Messy management and terrible system issues

Messy management and terrible system issues. Managers are typically slack, don't do much but micromanage. System issues cause so much stress and instead of fixing they make you do work arounds for everything
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Great place to work

Salary was good. Good support from management. Sometimes overloaded. Customers were mostly friendly at good to deal with. I would recommend TD as a good place to work
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Typical call center environment

Fair pay, typical call center environment, difficult to get Saturday off impacting wok-life balance. Internal opportunities available but very competivite.
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Good place, only temporary

First of all, it must be admitted that td has a good team atmosphere and good salary for new university graduates. Although the pace is fast, you can realize that you are more than just a gear in a machine... you will receive some basic respect. As an agent of the insurance advisor's assistance team, we manage the database while accepting information inquiries and help from the advisors on the frontline. All incoming calls are made by colleagues. There is not much pressure to communicate, and there is no direct negative emotions from customers - 30+ calls per day. Of course, 11-7 working hours can sometimes affect your work-life balance. There are not many opportunities for promotion, because even if you are promoted, your job responsibilities will not change. It is impossible for me to spend my whole life here, but I will enjoy my time here.

Points positifs

Start salary, work at home, good team support

Points négatifs

Balance, night shift
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Good pay, stressful

In my experience: management was tough and strict (although my direct supervisor was excellent) pay was great, can’t find another job that pays that well with no degree or education required. Super stressful, if you don’t do well in a call centre you won’t like it. Constantly busy and very understaffed, customers yelling. Long training period although I felt it could’ve been longer

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Points négatifs

Stressful, high expectations
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Extremely supportive

The positivity within the company is unbelievable. Everyone is friendly and helpful. From the moment you begin you have extensive training to become a licensed agent. Advancement easily achievable if your good at the position.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Cranky clients
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Productive and great place to work

Great atmosphere. Fair and top notch bonuses.Higher than most rate of pay Amazing benefits.Work load achievable. Helpful team leads and managers.

Points positifs

On site café and gym

Points négatifs

Call center work is not for everyone
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Extremely Understaffed and Underpaid

I work for the accounting/collections department, this department is extremely understaffed for the amount of workload we have, the workload was already a lot prior to COVID, and it more than doubled since COVID started, but they have refused to hire any more people since. They keep making empty promises on how they are trying to make everything better and the workload easier, but it just keeps getting worse with the different system issues that come and the extreme backlogs. The pay is also very little for the workload. The managers and coworkers are nice, but that’s about it.

Points positifs

Good managers

Points négatifs

Too much workload
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Pay is Competitive but stay away

Management thinks of employees as warm bodies. no trust/honest communication between management and employees, micromanaged constantly to meet constantly changing metrics. new hires often make the same as long-term tenured employees. you get ahead based on who you know not who you are.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

no autonomy
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Micro managed

Amazing pay and benefits. No work life balance, hours aren’t great, even when tenured due to time zones. Micro managed to the second, in all areas imaginable. High targets. Big company that doesn’t care much for their employees.

Points positifs

Pay and Benefits
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amazing place to work

absolutely love the company and the people that work there. they are wonderful and flexible. they care about iuu as a person not just as a worker. would highly recommend TDI.
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Wonderful place to work!

Claims department is a great team to work with! Environment is very friendly, helpful and accepting. People are awesome, pay is good and hours are good and flexible. Wonderful place to work!
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High wages Hard work

The pay is high because the work is genuinely difficult. Every call is different, and there are so many different rules and regulations that you are bound to by law.
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Great place to work and great company to work for

A typical day at TD is you are on the phone your whole shift, but they are big on team player and a lot of support for there staff. Very positive atmosphere and they will do anything they can to accommodate the staff as a group or individually. I learned that it is very stressful in claims because you are in the middle of the full action with the client. Management is always there with open arms and even come around and check on staff to see if everything is ok and have a very open door policy. Workplace Culture is very welcoming and has no discretion, they treat there staff all equal, no matter you been there 1year of 10years. The hardest point of the job is the stress, you have to be the type of person that doesn't take it personally and want to fix everything for everyone. You are just the beginning of the process.
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Great work environment/People that work there Good benefit package Fast paced environment TD is involved in the communities they have offices in Good Pay and bonus payouts
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Claims Advisor

Typical day at work would be answering inbound residential and auto calls and either starting the claims process, or providing advice on how to move forward.

Points positifs

Progressive culture

Points négatifs

Difficult to book time off
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Nice place to work

Flexible hours, great benefits and bonuses. Work/life balance is important. Good training and overall work environment. Nice office building with modern furniture and desks. The full menu cafeteria is a bonus along with a gym.
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The shifts at TD are typically late ending because they serve the western provinces meaning you will have to work on those hours. The office is very crowded.
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Well let me say

I really enjoyed my time at TD. The company does an exceptional job for it's employees and customers. They have a very strong focus on work/life balance as well as overall health. The benefits as an employee are terrific and the pay was way beyond anything else out there in Saint John for call center environments.
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