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Bad management

Good place to start insurance career full stop.When you will resign you feel like never you formed part of them.If you don’t have management friends never you will grow up.

Points positifs

Salary and benefits

Points négatifs

Job work life balance - management - job culture -advancement
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Management is horrible

TD was my dream company and I had a horrible experience. They give promotions to the wrong people and managers there are sneaky and rude and don’t respond when you need them. They say it’s an open door policy but it is not. Managers talk down to you and leave you traumatized. I complained to HR and they didn’t do anything at all since I was being treated wrongly

Points négatifs

Long hours, horrible managers
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Good place to work at. Decent benefits. WFH/hybrid schedule. However, the pay could be better as well for management to take into consideration employees/front line feedback
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Stressful working environment

TD is a stable job but there is no work-life balance. The salary is fixed and no commission on any sales you make. Most clients are stressed due to the overall service such as claims or underwriting process and the agents should answer yo all of this. Everything is timed while working, kinda feels like we are robots here.

Points positifs

Stable income

Points négatifs

Stressful environment
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Bad compensation

Employee pays for 3% pre tax income into LTD insurance which is unheard of in the industry. Pension Match, medical and dental benefits are also among the worst in the industry.
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Very Supportive Culture

Very supportive managers who want to see your growth. Consistent coaching. Love the culture at TD insurance. Overall a supportive culture both managers and team members. Team collaboration at its best. Ps. Salary doesn’t match the cost of living. My only concern
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Stressful overall in a claims department Coworkers are nicePay scale does not justify the stress level. Would not recommendHuge turnover. Management overall are nice people

Points positifs

Nice co workers

Points négatifs

Low pay
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Need little improvement in this company with work life, management and company culture

According to me it can be a good company to work with if they give training properly, People(smees) who helps their while employee are on training were not that good at all, they will show you some attitude, will be a bossy around you. No employee would deserve this type of attitude from this SUCH a company, What i expect from staff, seniors is completely a different than what i got. So i would say first train those people whose giving training, helping trainees and staff to be nice with everyone and not to talk behind you and help employees in a good way, explain ina good way. I though its well mannered and reputed company but in reality when you will start working their in some phases and with some people(staff, managers, staff who help employees in training) you will feel law and will feel company might be a good but nt STAFF..! It feels like they’re more interested in meeting KPIs and winning their TEAMS only rather than giving their employee proper training with good attitude.
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Great Managers at the local level

I really enjoyed working at TD. The local management is amazing but upper management often ties their hands and can be very un flexible. Local managers try their best to be flexible as much as they can.
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TD Insurance is a great place to work !

TD insurance is a great place to work there is a good environment for you to thrive . If you are ready to work hard and dedicate yourself you will have a great experience.Good work life balance
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Productive and fun work place

Lots of opportunity for advancement if you are focused and serious. Management is great and rewards employees. Pay is largely above average which is great especially for entry level roles
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Just work for pay and resume experience

Pay and benefits are good. The management is not doing well, you have to do what they say or bam you stay here until I say, only some managers are good with product knowledge; others just got promoted because they were with the company for a long time. Vacation and holidays leaves never get approved unless you book them a year and half before.They literally hire people with nay backgrounds.Most people work because of pay and benefits.Not recommended for people looking for advancement and want to stay long term here, because the management literally is the worst.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Vacation time, break and holidays sucks
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Great place to work

TD gave me lots of opportunitees and to work my self up, i will forever thank td on how did they hone me as an individual. Salary is fair enough for the work load
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Just like the rest

Its legitimately just like any other call center, do not let them fool you. Be aware of the recruiting team, they have and will lie to you to continue the processing. Extremely stressful constantly changing rules. Management is so detached from the workers its not even funny... They do NOT like to accommodate anything unless passed through Manulife and will NOT work with employees to attempt to help their situation

Points positifs

Team leaders are mostly nice

Points négatifs

Stress, Management, horrible shifts, pretty much all of it
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Lots of recognitions

Lots of benefitsBonusMost Managers are supportive fun to work withMy manager was very supportiveWants you to grow within the companyWill give you chances and work with youYour name will be board-casted everywhere when you did something extremely wellOffice free gym and coffee

Points positifs

Free coffee gym appreciate points compensated hrs

Points négatifs

Benefits 80% coverage, 2 teeth cleaning only
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Fast Paced and historical management style

Amazing company to work for but needs to change management processes along with Career Development.Growing in TD insurance to better position is more about your people skill then the job skillset required to complete your daily taskThey will happily choose anyone with no knowledge and experience over someone with ample experience in required role over just their personal connections

Points positifs

Gift cards

Points négatifs

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Fun place to work

Its a good place to work with group benefits and with Lot of growth opportunities as wellThe only downside is they pay less to the people already working but more to newly hired people which i feel its not right. Even after complaining about it there was no futher steps taken
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Crazy work volume overtime

You have a decent slow start in terms of work volume but it gets very crazy as you grow on the job. You have crazy volumes that are unsustainable and work life balance begins tp get affected
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Worst place to work in

Was lied and misled during the interview process about the hours and the week days.Was lied to about the location as well, applied for the Ottawa location and signed with them the job offer for the Ottawa location, the I was surprised to receive another job offer with a different location which is Laval Quebec?They tell you anything just to convince you to accept there offer!The management don’t care about the employees or their family situation, even though the company promotes otherwise!
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Good company

Average pay, good benefits, workload is too much, stressful but rewarding, great manager, work from home, overall a good company to work for, not a lot of room for growth
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