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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Belle ambiance de travail dans un centre d'appel, salaire concurrentiel. Le travail consiste à répondre au téléphone, vendre de l'assurance automobile et habitation et conseiller les clients sur les différents produits d'assurance.
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Micromanagement and awful managers

There used to be so much time between calls in 2022 and the work was relaxed for the amount of pay you got. Now you work 5 times harder and get paid the same. Higher up rules changes all the time, making it hard to keep up. You will get burned out. Managers micromanage you all the time. Pressuring you to work for absolutely every second you get paid. Even though you are a top performer, you will absolutely get hard coached regardless, if you do not have all metrics met. I do not recommend working at TD.
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Good to start

Good place to start your career on the insurance industry. There is a lot of temporary assignments, but once the time is gone, you go back to the previous position. Two year in the company and I don't see a lot of people growing or moving up.
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Good environment depending on your peers and managers

I’ve worked with great managers and peers. I’ve heard plenty of horrendous experience with others since their managers are a micromanager. Plenty of people trying to go up the ladder and they come across as fake, disingenuous and overzealous.
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Productive and fun workplace

I had a great experience at TD Insurance. They pay for your training to get the OTL license along with your basic salary.The management is very helpful and would actually listen to your needs.They have a diverse work culture and you often got to have free lunches and gift cards for your achievements.Working from home was a big plus point.I would highly recommend anyone pursuing their career in insurance to join TD Insurance.

Points positifs

Work from home/hybrid, gift cards

Points négatifs

You would have to work 2 days a week in office
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Indifférence- Mal nécessaire

L’assurance pour la banque TD est un mal nécessaire. Une désorganisation total et un manque d’expérience considérable qui se répercute chez les employés. Attitude enfantin envers les employés. Salaire peu compétitif. Service technologique Help Desk pitoyable.
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Too much micromanagement

The micromanagement was too much and the department was short staffed with heavy workload.Too many pointless meetings too didn't help as it took so much into work hours.
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Overall good environment

It's a huge company. It has the same pros and cons any large company would have I assume.Pros: lots of opportunities for development and advancement. Good benefits. Most departments have flexible work options. The departments with little turnover have fantastic team management and long term knowledgeable staff.Cons: communication issues between higher ups and front line employees. Pay is slightly less than other companies. Staffing issues - difficult to get new staff with frequent hiring freezes. Departments with higher turnover (entry level jobs) are mostly staffed with management eager to move on and don't care to develop their employees.
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Claims job is now a call centre

Too much micromanagement when you already have a heavy workload. Please look for another company Management is only focused on number not the well being of employees
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Burn out guaranteed

Terrible management. The leadership roles are given to friends, family, neighbours from back home etc. Don’t expect to be treated fairly as per your achievements, work performance, especially if you’re an ethnic minority in your team/section. The managers pick “favourites”, whom they give a lenient treatment all the time, even though those people lack skills and knowledge, their stats are bad, but still they’re the “favourites” because they’re from the “same city back home”. If you’re an outstanding performer, you’ll be kept on the same role to keep the teams’ stats high and will never be promoted. Good luck!

Points positifs

Standard benefits, nothing extraordinary

Points négatifs

Can’t take all vacation hours at once, will never get vacation at your desired time of the year, favouritism, discrimination, unequal treatment of women, poor management style, no sense of community or belonging
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Soul crushing

Management picks favourites and even if you out perform others unless you bend backwards to kiss them you still get basic performance reviews. Management inconsistent with year end bonuses throughout teams. New hires should get Development but some managers bend rules to give highest rating while some follow rules. Big favourites are picked for raises and bonuses. Heavy workload and management often non empathetic.
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Toxic work environment

Td Insurance was a best company to work in. But for the last 6 months management has turned very aggressive towards employees. The management is using a form of passive-aggressive workplace bullying. They are giving employees unrealistic deadlines and excessive workload. They make all the excuses based on business need and ignore the human factors. Managers are very supportive but their hands are also tied . All they want is for their employees to quit so they don’t need to fire them.
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Decent Place to work

High Pressure ,Good Training , Paid OTL exam,Lack of Growth ,3 weeks of Vacation ,1 Week Paid Personal Days,Dental and Medical benefits. Shift premium available if Shift ends after 6.00 PM
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Not awful

It was a good job for the most part, and if the duties were consistent with what they stated them to be it would have been. However, the top brass were slow to remedy organizational shortcomings and as a result relied on overworking staff.
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Very competitive and they’ll promise and fail you

Best advise- work here and work you way out of here. All they do is pretend and fake smile at each other, no meaningful raise and they throw the word “ we’re a family here” a lot.If you want to remain at same position for years. Stay otherwise,’leave when you get the experience
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Micromanaged no work life balance

Friendly staff but incompetent management. Heavily micromanagedLittle opportunity to advance or develop Overworked toxic environment = high turnover.

Points positifs

Benefits, flex day

Points négatifs

Micromanaged, no work life balance, high stress, poor management unpaid overtime
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Offer Flex days, benefits , updated systems

Micromanaged by incompetent managers. Overworked / underpaid. Metrics unrealistic= high turnover toxic environment . Corporate profit rule Stay away
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Great Pay and Benefits

I've had a really great experience working here but I attribute that to my manager who is awesome. Other people I trained with have had opposite experiences and left.
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ok pay for a call centre

Pay is decent for a call centre, stats are almost impossible. Management - some are great a couple ore tools. HR lady shouldn't be in HR. No empathy for employees.
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stable, but demanding

Job security.friendly co workers, and lower management.Expectations are beyond what is possible most days. Often end up working unpaid overtime.Good place to start your career.
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Bons gestionnaires, beaucoup de politique et de bureaucratie

Super bonnes conditions, belles opportunités de développement et de croissance. Management compétent et inspirant. Par contre, système bancaire très bureaucratique, beaucoup de politique à l'interne, ce qui peut démotiver à la longue...
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