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Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez Tapestry?

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  • I first received a call from the Chef and came in for a interview. Following that I was brought in to speak to the general manager and fill out paperwork and provide my personal details so they could conduct a criminal check. Following completion of my check I received another call informing me of my start date and time.

  • My interview process was seamless. My first interview was at the headquarters with the Director of People, and then my second interview was on-site with the General Manager and the Director of Finance. They were all very nice, and the interview was very conversational.

  • Formal interview process with multiple rounds of interviews with the people you would be interacting with on a daily basis. Questions were formal and fair and provided an opportunity to ask my own questions about Tapestry.

  • It is pretty quick, the hardest part is working there

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