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Sweep issues under the rug. They unionized because it was the only way to improve work conditions for workers.
Réponse du 16 juillet 2020
I first received a call from the Chef and came in for a interview. Following that I was brought in to speak to the general manager and fill out paperwork and provide my personal details so they could conduct a criminal check. Following completion of my check I received another call informing me of my start date and time.
Réponse du 30 juin 2020
Can't say it enough... it is AMAZING. I'd say the primary reason why I loved working at Tapestry is because of the work environment and employee culture, everyone is equal and everyone treats one another with respect and kindness, anything else is not tolerated.
Réponse du 28 septembre 2021
phone interview first then in person interview
Réponse du 28 septembre 2021
As a Wellness Associate you are full-time and your hours are set, however, it is flexible for health related appointments, etc. There is some flexibility when it comes to which hours you work, i.e. you can work 8-4 or 8:30-4:3 or 9-5.
Réponse du 21 septembre 2021
No you cannot, in the hospitality industry it is important we are here in person daily to ensure we are imrpving the lives of those around us.
Réponse de Tapestry
21 septembre 2021
I left because of a disagreement over payment of a bonus that was promised but never materialized.
Réponse du 28 juillet 2021
Personality is everything. Be warm, welcoming and outgoing
Réponse du 28 juin 2021
They do not believe you if you call in sick. They made multiple employees come in during when they were sick. I think they do not believe employees because it is difficult to get vacation leave even with months of notice are given. Just do better Tapestry.
Réponse du 26 juin 2021
Dress casual.
Réponse du 30 juin 2020
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