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Avis des employés pour Crew Supervisor chez Tandem Networks Inc.

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Crew Supervisor1 avis
Canada1 avis
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extremely bad turnover rate, with 45 employees there is 5 guys that have stayed with the company. the so-workers out on the field are usually excellent guys. upper management will never thank you for completing a job they always have something to complain about and take out on their guys.
they are extremely unorganized, you don't know if you have work the next day or where your even going so you never have proper time to prepare yourself for the workload which in the end leads to unsafe work.

they always try to cut corners and do things illegally because the safe way usually costs more money out of their pockets.

I was forced to shut jobs down many times because of them cutting corners then, after you shut a job down for them not taking proper actions they almost bully you out of the company until your forced to feel like you have to quit.
Points négatifs
poor organization, bad managment.
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