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Guided Transcription Operator in Ottawa, ON
le 9 juillet 2020
Positive and encouraging with only one down-side.
After spending many years working in various industries with a wide range of experiences, T-Base is one of the best. Everyone with whom I work has given me nothing but respect, encouragement, and patience, from the CEOs all the way through to the Guided Transcription Operators. The only down-side is that financial compensation feels as if it should be higher. Work/life balance (37.5 hours required for full time): Flexible and good. I've been able to attend doctor's appointments and other scheduled events outside work, during work hours with the ability to just catch up at my convenience. Plenty of vacation days and sick time. With the advent of Covid-19, the company quickly pivoted to allow everyone to work from home. Workplace culture: Incredible. Everyone at T-Base has been encouraging and positive. I've never felt as if my ideas were disregarded or ignored. Morale seems to be fairly low at this time but even then, people genuinely try to help and have a positive impact. I hope that turns around soon. Management: Very good. Being open and honest with my boss has granted nothing but the same in return. I've been consistently encouraged to try new things and increase my understanding of braille rules to reach new levels of skill. The work itself: Challenging and rewarding. Sometimes there is a decent amount of pressure to meet deadlines which can be stressful, but when objectives are accomplished, it's a very rewarding feeling. Wages: Low. It's the only negative thing I can say about my employment with T-Base. But I'm hoping to change that through hard work and dedication.
Marketing Manager in Ottawa, ON
le 19 août 2020
Great team and atmosphere
I enjoyed my time at T-Base. The team was fantastic and welcoming. Starting my position during COVID was tough, but the onboarding went great. I really liked how upper management was cautious and careful about a return to the office. I've spent time working on both the agency side and the client side, and T-Base was one of the best experiences I've had working on the client side. Everyone was respectful and encouraging and the work was challenging, fun and interesting! I would recommend T-Base to friends/colleagues looking for new opportunities.
GTO in Ottawa, ON
le 1 août 2020
Positive and Welcoming Workplace
The people at T-Base are incredibly kind and welcoming. Coworkers are phenomenal and form a cohesive and dependable team, led by managers who genuinely care and are always willing to go above and beyond. The company actively seeks employee feedback and puts the time into developing a warm and positive workplace. As for the work itself, it's diverse and engaging; challenging at times, but with such a strong team it's easy to seek assistance or additional training when required, leading to an overall rewarding and educational experience. I've learned a lot in my time at T-Base beyond braille transcription, developing essential communication, organizational, and collaboration skills that have benefited and will continue to benefit me in both a personal and professional capacity. I have a lot of respect for the people at T-Base, at all levels of the company, and for the work we do here. I also, as an additional note, really respect how the company has handled the Covid-19 pandemic (championing employee safety) and how everyone has assimilated to the new work environment, still managing to maintain the positivity and sense of being part of a reliable team that stood out to me when I first began working here.
GTO in Ottawa, ON
le 17 juillet 2020
Miserable workplace
There seem to be only two small groups that are happy here: the "lifers" and the "newbies". The lifers, because they've been here so long, they're either immune to the nonsense or just don't care anymore. The newbies because, although it initially appears to be a good workplace on the surface, they haven't been here long enough for the company's true colours to show. Its very, very ugly colours. The vast majority are unhappy and morale gets lower every day. Senior management is clueless, indifferent and, at times, downright nasty. Supervisors are generally great and do their best to improve morale, but their hands are firmly tied by senior management. It's one of the worst-managed companies I've ever experienced. Dedicated and hard-working people are "rewarded" with a cost-of-living increase once a year - if that - which is essentially working for the same below-market pay at which they were hired. Forever. Keep that in mind if you make the grave mistake of taking a job here.
IT Professional in Ottawa, ON
le 27 juin 2020
Local business success story that is growing, with the pains that go along with it
I have been with T-Base for about 8 years now. I have been with the company through multiple transitions: I find it overall a good place to work; however, it is and remains a company in transition. It is still a small company (though it has grown towards a medium-sized entity), and this means everyone has to be flexible in certain capacities, and depending on where you are there can be limited advancement within the fairly flat hierarchy. I work in a specialized part of the business: I was brought on to develop a set of digital services that were new to us at the time. It took some time for this side of the business to reach a fairly mature state, but I have generally felt supported by the company during this phase. Management has been approachable and open towards new ideas, even if they could not be implemented at the given time. My pay is approximately industry scale for a mid-career IT professional; my benefits are also quite decent. My vacation allotment is a little slight, and will not improve for a couple of years yet. I have to flexible on multiple fronts: sometimes I'm performing my core job functions, sometimes I am assigned to configure new software services, sometimes I have to do research regarding legislation, and sometimes I am sent on business trips on short-notice. But I am respected by my colleagues and management for my contributions, and they have been flexible. Most of my colleagues work in the larger part of the business, which focuses on transcription of information into accessible formats, and the associated shipping of the hard copy. This involves both software automation and human transcription. Much of this work requires quick response, juggling of priorities, and flexibility in order to meet multiple deadlines. Most of the people doing this work tend to be young; this is a first job for them, with associated pay. They are provided with training, but the hours can be long, and the job can require overtime to complete. Flexibility is necessary, but overall the company culture tries to be fair and allow people to manage their own time. I believe that the leadership really tries to listen and build a good work culture. How they have handled the realities of the Covid-19 pandemic, by moving as many staff as possible to working remotely, separating work locations as much as physically possible, providing cleaning supplies, increasing contracted cleaning, and offering masks and support, shows they are genuinely concerned about the well-being of their staff. The negatives are that the company has a relatively flat structure: there are lateral opportunities, but entry-level staff (especially in the transcription section above) may find there is no room for advancement. There is also a high requirement for flexibility, as deadlines need to be shifted to meet tight turn-arounds.

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