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préposé à la paie (Boucherville, QC)
le 11 novembre 2021
En général une équipe très sympathique
Un travail intéressant mais la Covid est venue tout interrompe
Customer Service Representative (Canada)
le 28 novembre 2021
Demanding job Management expects a lot -- noticeable turnover
Sysco demands you to learn multiple systems and learn a lot of policies in a short amount of time. Some customers are nice on the phone and some customers have a very short temper. 18 per hour while having to pay for expensive internet and requiring a high level of skills is not the most competitive pay. Employee turnover is increasing at Sysco. You can get stressed out when you do not know how to handle a situation due to poor training. Its harder to learn while working from home. Customers email or phone you to do a task for them and they fail to provide you with their account number. Yes, its a frustrating job.
Warehouse (Halifax, NS)
le 21 novembre 2021
Great corporation, terrible managerial structure.
Sysco as a whole is a terrific company to be employed for. The vision, the products and the attitude they present you with is very professional, set out with positive goals in mind to be a professional employer and business provider. Unfortunately, with the Halifax location, this is definitely not the case. I personally believe that the company has a positive vision, created with that goal in mind. My other personal belief is individuals whom are hired to run said facilities are unfortunately destroying the companies reputation, and creating absolutely terrible morale for the staff, which creates problematic individuals that lose the ability to care about work quality which in turn affects the customer at the end of the process. Warehousing staff and transportation staff have been stretched extremely thin, throughout COVID-19 and even before that. There is always new goals to achieve, which are becoming much more difficult. Both departments have great assets on each team, but are unfortunately always looked past. Favouritism is very rampant throughout the Halifax location, anyone who goes above and beyond working safely is treated like gold, while others are targeted based on corporate goals. Recently they have added new management from all levels into the Halifax OPCO, which raises a lot of questions due to the fact that one individual definitely does not pull their own weight, creates more meaningless tasks for the warehouse staff to achieve and creates immature attitudes amongst their staff with baseless comments about others. Being targeted for any reason is the biggest issue this location has, they use analysts to determine work ethic. Supervisors and most managers there are just like us, and I will use an old saying here "We're like mushrooms, fed s*** and kept in the dark". They have a great supervisor team, and out of the two managers transport and warehouse, one of them is beyond amazing, the other directs his energy inward to benefit himself and ruin others.Overall I enjoyed my time working for Sysco when I was there, but unfortunately unless they decide to drastically look at management versus always looking at their staff as being the problem, they will always be blind to the real issue, which is they hire management who is either lacking in empathy or just plain lack of experience, so they create more problems, create bad morale and negativity, then they blatantly ignore them and put the sole blame to the unionized staff every single time. Please do not give this review a generic "human resource" response, there is no human resources there, only "corporate resources" exist there, staff is replaceable, management apparently isn't. I'm not going to add my real date of hire or end date, due to the company will definitely investigate this review to determine who wrote it, versus taking my opinion that definitely reflects amongst most of the staff there, and using it to determine the real issues at hand. I will give them one tidbit of information, I am definitely a former employee.
Driver (Moncton, NB)
le 19 novembre 2021
Pure labour, which is not paid enough. Every driver there is injured . Do yourself a favour and skip this job, if you want to save your back and knees and all the rest of your body. It's not worth the money. U will make the same money driving for a decent company, and even more (all depends), with no touch freight.
Class 1 Driver (Moncton, NB)
le 16 novembre 2021
It’s alright
Sysco Moncton is not a well oiled machine but it’s alright, definitely getting better with time, Sysco needs to open there wallet and listen to the input of all roles

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Everything but the most important, criminal record.

Publié le 3 février 2020

My interview was basic. They just asked me about my experience with databases. They are a main employer of students from Eastern Academy.

Publié le 26 juillet 2018
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