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3,8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Winterization project with RAT

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Worked for rat, a contract rope access company performing tradeswork via rope access. Site itself is great for learning and becoming firmiliar with an oil refinery.
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Cliquey, no internal job competitions, ageist attitude against over '55s. Anti-education.

A very stressful environment. Uses safety on people. Have an anti-environment attitude. No ability to clean the water borrowed to separate oil from sand. Work is done in a maximum security environment.
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If you want to cut years of your life, this is the place

Management controlled by a few people who support and help each other only, no appreciation for the work you do, no system for voicing your complaints at work, if you have any, they would rather firing you, then helping you

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Money is ok

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Very clicky

The company is run on favouritism. If you don’t have friends in high place, don’t expect to advance in the company. And if you’re good at something…..they leave you there.

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6 days on and 6 days off

Points négatifs

If you have an opinion, or stand up for yourself….. you’re a target for termination.
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Great shift schedules and pay

Good overall company, you would lucky to work for a great company. Pay is great, work life balance is great, I enjoy shift work. Maybe not for all, but there are 5 day 8 hour shifts for manament.

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Sometimes your voice is not heard
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Productivity good fun to work site

Good safety in work site at every step.Good to share memory our life. Good luck ...Focus on the company and your individual experience while employed there.Your answers will help people know more about the company.

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Free lounge

Points négatifs

Long hours
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this place is great the people are all good and helpful just show up work safely and things go really smooth. Very focused on safety and rather that time is wasted then someone getting hurt

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A challenging supportive and collaborative place to work

As a imbedded (T-4) contractor I was not privy to most of the benefits Enjoyed by Syncrude employees. They were however very accommodating in terms of things like office ergonomics and I was allowed to work from home during my last month of employment until the point all imbeddedcontractors were laid off

Points positifs

Community support environment

Points négatifs

Difficulty in getting hired on full time
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The big problem with medical problems

I think you have to be seeing me lost 9pounds and the second thing is to work on my body so that it can get my heart rate down to be seeing me lots in my life I think that the people who have been going through that experience have to be friends but not at house now for my massages and my friends are going to be friends
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Great work place

Fun fulfilling work atmosphere. Management were very helpful and easy to get along with. Work load was not stressful. Overall a very good place to work
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Nice Pepople and very good job culture

I worked in a very good team at Base Plant Projects. Met very nice people I worked with. We get good instructions to make our job more understandable.
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Great place to work

Treats employees with great respect and has an excellent training program. Very thankful for this job while in my early stages of my career. Would recommend working here.
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Was a very good company to work for

Productive and fun place to work, people are fantastic.Working and Life Balance was exceptional. Non stress job people always willing to help and very nice.

Points positifs

Busy Environment

Points négatifs

Contract wanted Full time
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fun workplace

good company to work for . you need to work hard to be recognized. typical day for me is when operation is normal and everything running smooth. when you need help supervisor is there for you
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excellent enjoyed

good fun place to work really enjoyed it, learn a lot meant ,many people, it was long hours but they support time off. would love to work for syncrude again
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Great company to work for

Syncrude is a company that offers great wages benefits and the opportunity to grow with the company they treat you with respect And assest you when you need it.They go out of there way to make sure you are doing well.
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wonderful pay and good environment other then living in Fort Mc Murray the work to life balance is great with a 6 on 6 off shift schedule would recommend to work for Syncrude
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Racists work place

Worked 5 years in upgrading Discrimination environment on high level all Managers from Newfoundland. This place is not good for immigrants. Stay away.
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Fun place to work at

this was one of the best places to work at. syncrude has one of the best safety philosophy which is very important in the oil and gas industry. cause everyone wants to go back to their family safely
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tennis table and basket-ball

It was a good experience. i had an amazing opportunity to practice in the field of my study, which was very interesting for me. i really did appreciate working at CNRL, the site is very safe and they constantly taking care of the ground which is very good for my safety.
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Syncrude Canada is a Great Place to Advance

At Syncrude Canada my experience was a work hard and advance type culture. A typical day was morning meeting, work on latest projects, update ongoing projects and host Countdown meetings to check status of all projects scheduled for that year. I learned everything I know at Syncrude and it was a hard but rewarding process. My 11+ years there was overall driven by changes in both process and management change frequently. The workplace was full of great people and fun loving individuals but the culture was a competitive yet team driven environment. The most enjoyable part of the job was the ever changing outages to plan and seeing the final execution of the plan.
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