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Do I get free flights

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No , uniform is not free, when you leave the company you have to return it or they will charge you 300dollard

Dang all these answers are so negative. You don’t get free flights but you do get flight benefits. You basically get much cheaper tickets, and you’ll only pay for taxes & baggage

Nope. Not even a discount.

No free flights

Free flights

No never. They tell you that in your interview but you dont. Abusive staff and supervisors
Management dont care and you never see them. Some supervisors are racist

Nothing is FREE at this place. Swissport is a very degrading and no support. Terrible in Halifax

No.. nothings free here , only abuse from the supervisors and managers

No free tiket

No free flights, no passes. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get a proper uniform. If it’s not on continual backorder.

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