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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Swiss Chalet?

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Make it clear to servers that they arent better then everyone else.

Make sure everybody's working and actually doing their full job without getting somebody else to pick up their slack just because they don't want to do their whole job.

Nothing they do a great job great place to work

Hire more people and learn how to be organized and professional. Make sure your workers feel just as welcomed and comfortable as the guests. Divide up shifts and do not over-work your workers to their exceeding limit.

More money, time off

Be professional with your employees by communicating with the appropriately.

I strongly believe that in order for Swiss Chalet's management team to improve, they must first understand what is and is not appropriate to say and tolerate in a workplace setting.

Upper mamangement just needs to be more aware of there employees and who has stronger or weaker assests to the company

More flexible hours

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