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Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement?

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I'd like to gain experience and I love to stay with this establishment long term

Quick in quick out

Call girl

Just sat down and filled out forms. Wasn't much of an interview.

You have to complet a short questionnaire on your work history and all the important bank information.

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At Swiss Chalet, after you're called in for an interview, they will give you a callback and let you know whether you have gotten the position. If so, they will schedule a day for you to come in and begin your training.

They will call you and set up an interview and most people are hired right on the spot

When being interviewed they ask questions regarding your experience working in the customer service field, or any prior work experience. They ask about availability and what you hope to achieve from working there.
They want too know how you deal with stressful situations and what you have to bring to the table if hired by the establishment.

You are asked questions about your qualifications and why you would like to work there. After this, they explain potential job positions for you and if you are able to manage them. If so, they ask for your availability.

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