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3,2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Belle expérience, groupe très intéressant, de beaux produits une belle culture mais conditions de travail au CANADA très difficiles avec très peu d'avantages et beaucoup d'heures de travail qui rendent l'équilibre vie professionnelle/vie privée difficile.
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Good culture

The Swatch Group is a fun and exciting company to work for. Most of the management team is quite supportive and the overall culture of the company is great!
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A mix of fast and slow-paced environment

Management was great. Can be relaxed at times and fast-paced so there is really a great balance of both. You learn many skills such as changing batteries, buckles, covers etc... With great management, there is always a great team. The wage was not the greatest.
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I love my co-workers!

Not much of a busy place during regular days. Honestly, I just love my manager and colleagues. All of them are very helpful and you do learn along the way. No one gets left behind.
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Great Place to work at

The workers are nice and understanding. It's a friendly environment to work in. Good work ethic. Manager is approachable and flexible. Meet customers with the same interest in watches as you.
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Friendly environment

It is a nice store to work in, it is very clean and simple tasks to perform daily. Since it is a small store, you get to know the people you work with and can always switch shifts with them. The different managers i had were always very friendly and flexible with hours. The uniform is more of a dress code which is nice to wear. The brand itself if very happy and fun, creates such an environment. The products being sold are very good so is easy to talk to customers about how great it is, once you've owned a swatch.

Points positifs

Clean environment, flexible hours

Points négatifs

Long hours on your feet
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Swatch group life

enjoyable experience, i was sorry was limtited for the lack on the vision and limitting preparation of the management

Points positifs


Points négatifs

not the right management
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No experience or any growing options.

A typical day of work consisted of being pushed to do sales, even if your sales are great, you're never good enough. Hours are good but stress is too much and upper management is very poor.

Points positifs

discount, hours, pay

Points négatifs

Management, Work environment, Sales stratagy.
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Fun workplace with opportunity to grow

A typical day at work is when you start to pick orders ( watch parts ) for customers and jewellers. You have to do it fast but with careful as there are parts that are so delicate enough to pick plus you have to catch up the deadline before FedEx will pick up the orders for shipment. I learned how to managed my time and to deal with pressure especially when watchmakers requested for some parts which are rush. No job is ever easy as long as you enjoy doing it and you learned every mistakes you made. The most enjoyable part is that when you get free lunch or snacks.

Points positifs

Free lunches, friendly co-employees

Points négatifs

Fast paced environment
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Gone down hill

The management at this location has gone downhill. The current manager is entitled and doesn't know how to work with her staff. On top of that, she is rude and condescending to customers. Head office staff takes part in some kind of shady dealings in regards to ridding themselves of staff that they don't like, but have no real reason to let go. There is constant standing around, no anti fatigue mats or chairs/stools are allowed. It's a thankless job because unfortunately the upper management don't really care for their staff.

Points positifs

A good discount

Points négatifs

Bad manager, untrustworthy upper management/head office team
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Fun place to work at

Open the store, clean the store make it neat and tidy for customers. Gained more experience with approaching customers Management is great, co-workers are great the most enjoyable part of the job is the work ethnic
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A mall job.

the job was fine but entitled shoppers will expect that you entertain their children because the store was full of bright primary colors.

Points positifs

awesome co-workers!

Points négatifs

the nouveau riche and their pooly behaved children (the mall).
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Vintage memories

My favorite thing about working for Swatch was the memories the customers loved to share. I also,loved when a customer would bring in the their vintages swatch watches.
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Fun place to work at, learned a lot about cultures.

I would usually start the day by coming about 5-10 minutes earlier to prepare myself for the shift. I would clean, organize the watches and make sure everything was working properly, in its place and had the correct time. Once customers arrived and I saw they were interested in watches, I would approach them with an opening line and tell them a little about the watch they seem interested in. I would let them know about out policy and features and benefits about a Swatch watch. I got to meet so many amazing people that work or worked at swatch that I can call my friends now. Also helping people from all over the world was great, I even had to use my language skills to help some people. Being on the top level in the mall and having glass ceilings, sometimes it got very hot and we would consistently be drinking water, running to some shade for a little bit when there was coverage or standing in front of the fan to cool off. That wasn't all that fun.

Points positifs

Get to wear and display products

Points négatifs

Long hours standing with no proper, comforatble shoes
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Great place to work

I am currently seeking options in the Vancouver area as I will be relocating end of January 2014.
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Responsible for the entire Brand execution in Canada in all areas of the business

Each day was dynamic and I learned a great deal about marketing and public relations. Most of my work was independent and my peers where there for support if needed. The hardest part of the job was communication with our homeland office which was in Switzerland and due to the time difference, this created a short window of opportunity. The most enjoyable part of my job was the teams I built and worked with. As their leader, I always ensured they had everything they needed to be successful.
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