Sureway Construction Group Ltd.
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Si vous deviez quitter Sureway Construction Group Ltd., quelle en serait la raison?

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There would have to be a plethora of reasons. Probably the number one reason would be the safety culture. The second main reason being with management. Having a firm grasp on the construction industry and many years of managing my own company. Having the successes for over a decade. A company must have the ability to diversify and steer through uncertain waters. The supervision must be up to the task of dealing with clients and workers needs. The direct, basic and root structure of a company has to have the will to succeed on every level. When there is a break down in the later portion of the structure. The trickle effect is inevitable. The leadership must must dig in and keep positive momentum.

The company need to reduce force due to economy breakdown, or reach the retirment age.

The job is over, economic down turn.

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