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3.4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Overall great place to work

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recomend it to anyone,as long as you work and put your heart into your job and be very courteous,you will go far,they staff are usually friendly and customers are great,
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Gas bar employees always are welcoming and friendly when walking in. Great to see a smiling person behind the till. I would to there 2 maybe 3 days a week
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Made great friends, and loved my customers

I loved being a cashier and would have made an excellent supervisor, but I was not as big of a "yes" person as they liked. Soon enough they found a reason to let me go.
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Very Stable

My day consisted of typical duties that I had to follow through. My manager or supervisor was always there to help if needed. My coworkers were super friendly and it was a fun experience for me.
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wow amazing

Its so great I love it minimum wage is amazing wow ive never been so happy to work somewhere wow im so licky you be working at superstore ive never been happier
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Standard overall company review

I worked at the superstore as a cashier. The job entitled many standing hours, greeting people, asking if they need bags, do they have a company card(optimum card), scanning items and processing payment. Repeat. The management was amazing. No personnel relief, when I needed to use the washroom. Sometimes no toilet paper in female employee washroom. I encountered racism at superstore from personnel and customers

Points positifs

Extra hours when needed, requested time off for dentist appts. Etc

Points négatifs

Low pay, high stress, racism
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Productive and friendly workplace

Superstore was a very friendly work environment. The staff was very warm and welcoming and you always had something to do during your shift. The staff is very diverse, making superstore a welcoming atmosphere for costumers and staff.
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Nice place to work

I like working here very busy people are nice co workers and management treat you good just wish it was full time they only hire part time so if you are available anytime you get a average 28 hrs a week most people that work here have a full time job as well
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Productive and respectful yet chaotic and unsanitary

I love to work at superstore but the front end area is very loud and chaotic along with unsanitary. This is because the meat isn't packaged properly and blood leaks on the belt which isn't cleaned properly. The area is rarely cleaned and looked after. The cashiers cleanliness is all that is thought of rather than that of the products and equipment.

Points positifs

Free Lunch and Great staff

Points négatifs

Front end is very loud and unsanitary
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Productive and Fun workplace

I've learned lots since working at superstore, working there has given me customer service skills and life skills about speaking with people in the real world.

Points positifs

Great staff and coworkers
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Great place

The Real Canadian Superstore and a great environment to work in for anyone looking for a fun multicultural and welcoming new job. The staff is very friendly and provide great customer service. We try our best to always improve and make it an even better working environment.
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Good for student and starter.

Working at Superstore is a good place to start for students but mostly a good survival job perhaps. It's also good additional income if you have other full time job. But no much room for advancement...

Points positifs

Free food and employee discounts and the privilege to invest with the company.

Points négatifs

Too little hours.
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Overall a pleasant place to work

This company provides a fast paced work environment with opportunities to grow in the company. For the most part it is a pleasant work environment. Hours are not guaranteed.
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Good Workplace

Given responsibilities. Learned to prioritize, multiple tasks. Dealt with customers and product knowledge. Completed my Pro Serve Certification. Stocked shelves when needed and re-arrange shelves.

Points positifs

Great opportunity for product knowledge

Points négatifs

Not enough hours
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Good job

Job was part time something i did after high scholl graduation. Simple from running cashier and stocking to helping costumers in electronics department.
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great place to work as i knew most of the current employees

I had a wonderful time learning from the gas bar ... i had amazing supervisors... understanding boss.... i loved it there , known had regular customers and just how happy and appreciated they were that we could remember so much daily weekly monthly was wonderful here at the gas bar , i did recommend this position to many others ...

Points positifs

convinent location

Points négatifs

awesome hours mid shift
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sudbury ont

They don't seem to know how to treat their new and older employees. A lot of watching eyes but not much job support. Not the best place to work, my short experience was alright but being let go after a few short month was a big disappointment.

Points positifs

nice store

Points négatifs

unhappy employees
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Fast paced environment

There was always something to do, never slow. The job had its pros and cons. They were bilingual and free spotted. I enjoyed the flexibility it gave me to pursue with my life outside of work. They are very friendly and a company I would suggest working at!!

Points positifs

Good hours

Points négatifs

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A good place to start as a part-time student.

I personally learned a lot from this job. This job helped me a lot to improve my English language skills and it gave me a lot of experience. There's so much to learn in this job.

Points positifs

Free lunches
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Good for Highschool Kids

Very boring work. Good for High school kids to make money in the summer. full-time wasn't offered when I worked. Salary is low but there is a union and benefits.
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Productive and fun

Superstore had a very positive environment and the managers and workers were incredibly helpful and friendly. Everyone was approachable and management ensured that the work provided was within reason.
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