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3.4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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If you have any responsibilities outside of work, dont bother

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At Superstore, theres something called "Restricted hours", and "Unrestricted hours". Restricted means you are unable to work certain hours/days of the week. Unrestricted means you can work anytime of the week. When you are restricted, you are given 4-8 hours a week. 12 if you are SUPER lucky. This allows NO room for any responsibilities outside of work, if you're looking for anything more than two 4 hour shifts a week. Even if you have to give up a few hours on a sunday for religious purposes, this brings you from 24 hr/week down to 8 hr/week. Superstore sets an incredibly ridiculous expectation where, either you give ALL your time, or none of your time. Very unprofessional, and ignorant regarding peoples personal lives.Managers sometimes tell you "You dont sound sick" when you call in to let them know you arent able to work a certain day.Supervisors are a hit or miss. How a work day will go really depends on who's working. Either the day will be laid back and chill, or you'll be scolded for going to the bathroom, which speaks for itself. Often customers are more understanding and comforting than the supervisors.In summary, if you're a student, dont expect too much support here. The useless union fees take away over 10% of your paycheck (sometimes 20%, depending on how much they decide to take from you -_- ). Most of the fellow cashiers are very nice, but some of them clearly hate their jobs. Dont bother interacting with the grumpy ones.

Points positifs

Snacks in the break room (sometimes), coworkers can be cool

Points négatifs

Unfair restrictions, rude managers
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Always changing in the store

I found that the turnover of managers being so often doesn’t help to connect the employees to management very well There is a large division between management and employees Management relies solely on supervisors to convey their wishes Once your salary is up there because of union raises management makes ways to get you to quitThey prefer to hire min wage workers than keep long term employees

Points positifs

Open door policy is nice to have available

Points négatifs

Never enough hours
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Courtesy clerk

I was only at Superstore for 3 months and I hated my job since day one. Pushing carts, not fun. Inconvenient and inconsistent, long hours and lack of joy. Got in trouble one time for being 33 secs late once. 15 min breaks are NOT enough for 8 hour shifts, they make u get off on your break an minute early. I would start at either 1;30 or 6pm and then end at 10pm but then I have to get up the very next morning to be there by 9:30am and would finished at either 1:30pm or 6pm, depending on the schedule. Some customers were rude than others but I despite all of that, most of the customers there were very nice and kind and I did get hugs from 3 or 5 customers and even got $5 tip from a couple of customers just for just happily helping elderly people carry their groceries to their cars. Don't get me wrong, it’s been an okay learning experience overall, I guess but I will never want to work there for many years no matter how good the benefits are. My advice is don’t waste your time working in superstore and deeply regretting it and just go out and do what u loved best and what u were originally trained to do. Working at Superstore is not worth it at all!!!

Points positifs

Good benefits, few days off, nice people

Points négatifs

Inconsistent and inconvenient working hours and days, pushing carts in intense heat and cold weather, smoke, heavy rain and snow, lack of fun, some inconsiderate customers
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Customers and the work place in general

Working for Superstore is definitely not something I could do for the rest of my life. We are not given many hours to work, some of the people I work with are very moody and the training is not very great. I have been working for over a year and there are still things that I am not 100% sure on what to do. What makes my job the most tolerable are the customers that come by. The odd time you get a grumpy customer but Superstore for sure has some really nice people. They are patient with you when the machines are being slow or you need to replace an item of theirs. With my time working there I have definitely met some nice people.

Points positifs

Nice customers

Points négatifs

Not many working hours
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Good first job

Professional environment and good for a first job. The tasks get very tiring and boring but the managers are very nice and seem willing to help, the union also provides good job security. Not many hours.
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Constant movement

This job/company does well with hard work and constantly making progress in order to help satisfy customers by any means possible. I have found that it is good for younger workers to start a job off there in order to become knowledgable as what good work is.

Points positifs

10% off discount card(after 6 months), good workers, good break room.

Points négatifs

We were understaffed in my department and I got worked to the point of injury.
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Productive and bussy workplace

Bussy workplace I learned to memorize items by codes The hardest part of the job - to multitask during the bussy hours Good management, helping when necessary

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