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3.4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Humbling work environment with Great benefits

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Working at superstore is a very rewarding experience for me the managers are organized and dedicated, personal availability can be discussed about and you feel a sense of job security. Overall if your a hard worker that's willing to work hard and attend every day id recommend superstore.
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Poor management and lack of proper training, and no food rotation

I was fired after just two weeks for not being fast enough. The supervisor bragged that he could empty three pallets in the chip aisle by the first break.If he is that fast then he does not need a crew. He can stock by himself. the local union was no help when I got let go but guess what? They had their greedy little hands on my paycheque for their monthly dues. UfCW local 401 are a bunch of lazy This company does not clean their shelves or rotate their food productsWade R

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No proper training
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Only robots need apply

1. Had to follow up a few times when I was hired to find out when my actual first day was - finally found someone who could provide this info. They didn't seem too interested in getting me started.2. Orientation was poor - a whirlwind of computer-based courses onsite while the Superstore representative disappears and is unavailable for questions / support.3. Want to get to know your co-workers and improve morale? Forget it. This is frowned upon.4. Clocked out a few minutes late because I needed to make sure my work station was clean - was reprimanded. I guess employee time entry was more important that public food safety.5. Was let go because I wasn't "fast enough" - even though I always reached my quota of what needed to get done. Up to that point there was no constructive feedback on how I could improve.

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Good benefits but only available after 6 months

Points négatifs

Management would rather criticize than give feedback on how to improve
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Great place to work if you're a student

I'm having/had a great time working at the Real Canadian Superstore in Spruce Grove Alberta. I've been at this location for almost 2 1/2 years I am still working at this location. They call you for lots of shifts and try to schedule your hours the best they can based on your availability. The pay is great and I get lots of variety throughout my job; meaning I'm a cashier, or a courtesy clerk, or even running self checkout. I met great and deep relationships with my fellow colleagues/ex colleagues. Kudos to all the staff at this location! The managers and supervisors all do a 10/10 job. I wish I could thank them all for their great work. Hopefully the store has student scholarships through their union, so being a student will be easier. To make things shorter than it should be. I would highly recommend working here to a friend because of the stores: Awesome benefits, great management, great people here, and you'll love your job :)
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I enjoyed this job a lot.

Working at Superstore was great. The management was good and they were very understanding about almost everything. I met many great people and built great relationships. I enjoyed working here a lot.
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Management and supervisors were awesome and the staff were pretty decent. We were often understaffed which made work stressful. The big guys pulling strings made it difficult to receive the pay increases promised. Because we were so understaffed I was not able to take my paid vacation.

Points positifs

really great benfits

Points négatifs

high turnover
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Cashier Job

It was okay. They promised me 12 hours a week I only got 8. They would schedule for shifts that didnt work with my availability. No room for advancement.
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hard and stressful during shifts

was very stressed during my time there,felt very pressured while working my shifts,hard to get help,management was very pressuring to get the jobs done fast

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multiple breaks

Points négatifs

long hours
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Good place to work.

Superstore was over-all a fantastic place to work. Management had tendency to micro-manage and didn't provide enough training and integration for the new hires. However, they did a great job with team building and working together to help one another. I was a night shift worker, 11pm-7:30 am. I learnt how to speak up for myself and let others know what was on my mind. Overall, I would recommend it as a good place to work. However, night shift workers often back-stabbed, and gossiped and judged which seemed rather junior-high like.

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Good benefits

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awful scheduling
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good store

i loved working for superstore but some rules mad it hard for me too understand the concept of the company but i enjoyed the 4 years that i worked there
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Fun but long hours

I am a part time worker here, and we have long hours. I have had to learn all of the Aisles. Each night I am placed into a different aisle. I have had to learn to adapt and go with it. The management could be better, but the crew is awesome.

Points positifs

Great crew, benefits

Points négatifs

Long hours, night shift
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A lot of work with very few people

You would collect 12 bins and put the product in the old bins in the ones and then wash the old bins. Grab new products and put in the back. Help all customers with all questions. Keep the floors clean.

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learn skills to talk to customers

Points négatifs

your on your own
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Good Place to Work

Friendly staff, caring managers, good wage. The hardest part of the job is the occasional upset customer getting mad at your for something that is not your fault. The most enjoyable part of the job is the people that i work with.
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This job was fun

I worked the night shift filling shelves it was very interesting and fun the hardest part off the job was getting used to the hours. I learned how to stock shelves.
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Do not wish to review Super store

Do not wish to review super store. Really not much say about making salads. I still work at Super Store please to not contact.

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Just not my type of work place. Very hard to move around to other positions within the store.
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good first job

wage good co-workers are nice very large company good opportunity for advancement management is not bad but not great
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Only retailer where part time employees can get benefits

Front end is a cashier position where I process customer orders and listen to and response to complaints.Get along well with most co-workers.Have problem with one supervisor who has attitude problems and takes out on cashiers.Always new things to learn each week. Willingness to learn is important at least to me.Sometimes it feels like too much is expected but I usually handle things well.I enjoy interacting with customers.

Points positifs

able to say when available

Points négatifs

shorter hours when i restricted my availability.
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