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3.4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Made great friends, and loved my customers

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I loved being a cashier and would have made an excellent supervisor, but I was not as big of a "yes" person as they liked. Soon enough they found a reason to let me go.
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it's alright

Clock in Head to department Check in with day staff, Assist with needs Fill and rotate stock Help customers if needed. Clean and tidy work areas. organize back room
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Don’t bother

I would say, if you only want a few days a week this job is for you. They are always hiring and cutting hours. You have to do union. Plus side you get benefits after 6 months
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No steady hours, no real benefits they are hard to work for a company that only cares about how much they increase their sales, but won’t give you enough hours to live on
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decent place

i dont remember that was 3 years ago. so i cant really give much of a review. i enjoyed it while i was there though. great co-workers and experience for sure.

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good coworkers

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to hot
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It's a good place to work to get a better understanding in your field

If superstore gave enough hours I would still be working there today. Personally I liked the atmosphere superstore had, and working with customers as a sales representative in electronics has always been fun and a learning experience for myself.

Points positifs

20% discounts on groceries

Points négatifs

Not a lot of hours
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Only there for a short time.

Wasn't around long enough to see much. No complaints when I was an employee for superstore. They did offer fairly good benefits
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Good for your first job

Great for a first job, Good honest hard work to be had, the money isn't the greatest, but again if this is your first job it is pretty awesome.

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very flexible

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Didn't last long
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Productive and Fast paced Job at Superstore

A typical day at work would be coming in early the morning to cash in, once that is done I would tidy the area which includes sweeping. Once more customers would arrive I would try to assist and help them with their needs. I learned how to deal with all kinds of customers and how to work at the till. The management was great and I worked great with my co-workers by always helping each other out. The hardest part of the job was working in the back unpacking new arrivals and organizing the clothing for display. The most enjoyable part of the job was satisfying customers and to give them the best shopping experience at Superstore.
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Loved working with the public.

Putting through customers grocery orders. Some of the customers told me that they had never had such service from a cashier in their time of shopping at the Superstore. Greeting the customer with a smile, asking how their day is going and being fully aware that each customer should be treated the same was my priority. A returning customer had told me that they she didn't care how long my line up was, she wanted to be served by me. It was a very rewarding feeling to know that I was making a positive impression on people.

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Working with people to help them meet both their needs and wants.
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3.4Équilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
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