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3.4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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This job was not for me personally. I loved being fast paced and communicating with the team closer to my age. More of the management not so much. I was not properly taught on how to do my job which lead to a lot of struggle.

Points positifs

Break time

Points négatifs

Not trained properly
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Toxic and stressful environment

The treatment of my co-workers and I gets worse every day. Managers treat us like children, they scold us in front of customers and other employees and they overwhelm us with nearly impossible tasks. The managers are inconsiderate and dont care for the employees at all. I would never reccomend working here. The only reason they got two stars is because of the $3.25 extra we get for having open availability.

Points positifs

Good pay with open availability, fair breaks, awesome co-workers

Points négatifs

Extremely inconsistent hours, hard to deal with management
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It was fast-pasted

You needed to learn the produce codes really quickly and be able to stand long hours during the day. You have to be aware of your surroundings and be able to have customer services skills.
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cashier and customer service working there really improved my interaction skill with individuals and help me learn what it is like to be apart of a team

Points positifs

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Great work environment

I started off knowing very little about my department that I was working in. I learned so much working in this department, from the department needs and other management duties. Great working environment.
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overload work

I only work for part time and only 4 hrs a day with maximum of 12 hrs a week for 6.00 /hr. There are no benefit for certain time and need to accumulate 500 hrs before they will give you benefits. But for 12 hours a week, it will take a long to got 500 hour.

Points positifs

enjoy learning new

Points négatifs

no time for break
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ok place to work

night shift was fun and made good friends. had great time learning all the deferent aspects of the job that people don't really get to see a kinda behind the scene look at things work and life balance was excellent
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Cooperative workers

I enjoyed working here because all my co-workers are friendly,bondable,kind and specially approachable.Everytime there's a new deals of the store the supervisors instructs you what to do.I have learned that evrytime you start to work you know already the job but its not, you need to ask sometimes around you like your supervisor.And the hardest thing is when done your job and leaving your co-workers.
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Very fast past, all employees were good to work with. The most enjoyable part about this job was I likes working with the public and meeting new people from day to day.
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Productive good company

Great benifits awesome hours flexable shifts managment is alright as long as you do your job and keep your nose clean

Points positifs

great benefits
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3.4Équilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
3.2Salaire / avantages sociaux
3.3Sécurité de l'emploi / évolution de carrière
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