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The work is alright but availability for hours is ridiculous

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If you give anytime availability you’re guaranteed 20-28 hours per week, based on seniority. So depending on the department you can literally be scheduled at anytime which makes it basically impossible to get a second job. But if you change your availability from anytime you’re not guaranteed any hours. The pay starts at minimum wage but goes up based on hours. The job is unionized with benefits and a staff discount (after probation). I’m sure it also depends on the supervisor for the department but I almost always worked 4 hour shifts 5 days per week, some mornings, some afternoons, some evenings. Not much consistency week to week and the schedule is put out a few days before the next week so no way to plan ahead to make appointments without booking time off

Points positifs

Staff events in the break room, unionized, benefits for part time workers

Points négatifs

Inconsistent hours, not many hours guaranteed, difficult to plan life around work or get a second job while maintaining hours
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Its a great job

I like this job, my shift was night. Our night shift manager was very nice person and very helpful. Night shift co work are very helpful and fast working.
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always a challenge

Work to get done, can't not get done no matter what. Same drill every day with just enough staff to complete task with out any complications. Satisfying and frustrating

Points positifs

good money, days go by fast

Points négatifs

Long hours, un realistic productivity goals
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Stay away

I mean it. Especially for courtesy clerks intense labour and work command always. literally it's the same thing we have to do but the superiors and assistant managers are nosy, its kind of mental stress. Need to work in heavy storms if there's no lighting, winter times too are very difficult, managers get mad if the carts are not full, at the same time they want you inside. If you have some self-respect for yourself to stay away, I'm only doing it because there are no other jobs currently due to Covid-19. Working for almost 1 year there.
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I have learned how to work in a fast paced environment with a team

Superstore is a good place to work because everyone is so friendly there and also they all work in team. It was a all team efforts that runs the organization.
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wow amazing

Its so great I love it minimum wage is amazing wow ive never been so happy to work somewhere wow im so licky you be working at superstore ive never been happier
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Wage and hours

I was frustrated with the amount of hours they could only give me so I only worked part time as they couldn’t accommodate to my schedule. Also I have an Arts degree and the most they could pay me was 13.00 an hour. Very bad!
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I wouldn't recommend working as a overnight stocker if your a student very difficult to keep that balance. My first day on the job nobody taught me what to do just expected me to figure out where everything was and what to do.
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Job experience

Great place to work as my first, there are many things that I learned while working at superstore. Learned great customer services skills, how to be fast and productive without making mistakes, and how to handle difficult situations. My working environment was good as well, everyone was friendly and helpful if I needed help.
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management doesnt care about you

i didnt know i had dental coverage until 3 years into my job because a friend told me. i've been working my butt off there for 3 years and since the wage went up they gave me a 'raise' to $15 while 2 new girls who dont do anything get the same thing i work in pharm
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A good place to shop, but not a good place to shop.

The interview was easy, they just looked at my resume with years of volunteering experience and asked if I have any disabilities that prevent from stocking shelves and lifting heavy things. When I said yes to everything I was hired. There was barely any training and I was left clueless how to do the work. For only two shifts, they have a senior employee shadow you on different aspects of the work. After that you are off on your own with little to no supervision, no real way to ask questions if you don't know something unless you want to go all the way to the supervisor's office. For example, I had no idea how to lift heavy things, what to do when the shelves are already overstocked, and where things are in the store. The management had very high expectations and expected me to know everything and be fast even though I did not have the experience. After just three shifts, and one warning that I was too slow, I was fired with no notice at all. They just told me at the end of my shift that this is going to be my last shift. Store manager told me he will transfer me to front end cashier but it did not happen, I was just fired.

Points positifs

15% off on groceries after 6 months

Points négatifs

Barely any training, management doesn't give a chance
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Friendly Place to Work,Until You Get Down to the Actual Work

First of all, this is my first and only job so far, so I may be exaggerating some things that just may be qualities or a regular workplace. The shifts are not as flexible as often stated, and it IS retail, so you often have a high customer demand. Often they try to promote good workplace culture but rarely display this outside of employee meetings. However, there are decent benefits, and the other employees are generally very friendly.

Points positifs

Free cake once a month, raffles and many employee events, tries to rpomote good workplace culture.
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Work environment is very friendly

A typical day at work is usually slow until the weekend comes, there it becomes busy. I have learned a few things about working in superstore for the past 2 years like being patient and understanding where the customer is coming from in a certain dispute about price matching. Overall the management of superstore is outstanding, very very understanding and very friendly. I would say the hardest part of the pushing carts for the most part it is easy but due to weather it can get tough. I enjoy helping people out if they cant find anything in the store. Meeting new people and just the whole environment at superstore is just very friendly.

Points positifs

the benefits

Points négatifs

No cons
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enjoy job

i am doing iwipe desk, dust computer and check garbage and empty or if full. ather sweep and wash the floor and i cleaning all bathroom . i am happy.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

3 hours
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stock refill

I loved working here, but they do have some people that are totally rude and , not trying to sound racist. But the older east Indian men are rude and just not nice people. its not all of them, but was three men that i found rude and sexist.

Points positifs

flex able good people great supervisor

Points négatifs

some of the men need to be let go . need to teach them how to speak and respect others
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Hectic and Fast Paced

A typical day was pretty fast paced and hectic. Hardest part of the job was trying to manage picking groceries while also having to load groceries into customers cars. Most times it would be extremely difficult because I was the only employee working in the department. Workplace culture wasn't to bad however I didn't really like the whole hierarchy thing where if you're new you basically had to do everything.

Points positifs

good pay

Points négatifs

long hours, lack of team work, lack of proper training
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A great Place to work at.

I've learnt where to find products in order for me to stock new goods efficiently. Also it makes it easier for customers, when they ask. I've also picked up a few sales techniques, along with a bunch of other things i've learnt. All in all you tend to learn a lot when you've been working for an employer for many years. It was an amazing experience but the location is very far from where i currently reside.
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Productive and respectful yet chaotic and unsanitary

I love to work at superstore but the front end area is very loud and chaotic along with unsanitary. This is because the meat isn't packaged properly and blood leaks on the belt which isn't cleaned properly. The area is rarely cleaned and looked after. The cashiers cleanliness is all that is thought of rather than that of the products and equipment.

Points positifs

Free Lunch and Great staff

Points négatifs

Front end is very loud and unsanitary
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Not hard to shine

It's not hard to shine at Superstore as long as you show up for your shifts and follow the policies and procedures. It's extremely cliquey and a lot of employees are referrals from current employees. Union environment so don't expect extra hours. Discount after 6 months.

Points négatifs

Union, low wage, low hours
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Great first job.

Superstore is a great place to work if you're looking for a first job. They are always hiring and will take just about anyone. Management doesn't take work related problems seriously though.
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department quite cold not place for me

people where welcoming and interactive job wasn't too demanding only issue was department was cold and management don't allow hoodies. cold affect some health issues
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